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    Episode 1 
  • It starts with a badass beginning, and Maou flees with his right hand man, he declares his intent to come back - and lands in Japan of all places.
  • Ashiya's attempts to use magic always fail. The first time he tries with the police that he and Maou meet, attempting to blast them, only for nothing to happen as a police officer and Maou watch silently; next scene he is in the police car with Maou. He tries again after leaving the police, and calls a taxi.
    Ashiya attempts to invoke a powerful magic attack, pointing his hand at the sky and yelling.
    A cab silently pulls up and opens its door.
    Ashiya: My lord, what just happened?
  • Then Maou getting information out of the police officer talking to him by using hypnosis, then going to find Ashiya. Who is eating Katsudon. They all just stare at each other, blank-faced, Ashiya with Katsudon in his mouth.
  • Maou trying to use Japanese, which is very broken. As Ashiya congratulates Maou, they have a very dramatic sounding talk in their demon language.
  • Maou considers trying to survive on fast food till his next paycheck, which causes Ashiya to break down, asking if this is Supersize Me.
  • Maou taking his job at MgRonalds way more seriously than the DEMON KING should.
  • "Is it ... human?"
    • Even funnier when Miki-T reveals she knows about Enta Isla and who the characters are. Therefore she might not be human.
    • "It spoke!"

    Episode 2 
  • At the beginning, Emilia pulls out a knife and Maou immediately asks her if she bought it at the crappy 100 yen store. Emi's flustered response pretty much confirms it.
  • When Emilia comes to Maou's house to confront him, Ashiya locks her out. As he and Maou explain the situation, you can hear Emilia yelling outside, banging on the walls and the door, threatening to break in, pretending to leave, and she eventually breaks down into sobbing.
  • When Emilia rings the doorbell and tells Ashiya who she is, she tells him to "Open the door and take your judgement like a man." Cue Ashiya locking the door, hooking up the security chain, and then freaking out. Not very manly, but hilarious nevertheless.
  • Emi makes fun of Maou's alias name Sadao, resulting in this line:
  • This exchange:
    (Emilia is in MgRonalds, staring angrily at Mao. Cheerful music is playing on the MgRonald's speakers.)
    (Maou maintains a cheerful smile despite Emilia's angry expression.)
    Maou: Welcome.
    Emi: May I have a moment?
    Maou: Are you ready to order some food, Miss?
    Emi: I need to speak with you outside.
    Maou: "To Go" order, then.
    Emi: As soon as you get off work, meet me at the intersection where we first met. And I'm not taking "no" for an answer.
    Maou: Would you like to make that a Meal?
    Emi: Come alone, or else.
    Maou: Okay, we can do that! Just the burger this time. Can I get 1 Big Mig, please? To Go!
    • And of course, Emi is seen walking out with the burger. And immediately after:
      Maou: (bright smile) Such a pain...

    Episode 3 
  • Emi and Ashiya stalk Maou and Chiho, who are on a date. This would be funny enough, but when Emi starts listing what Chiho has done to prepare for the date, we get this gem.
    Emi: Her dress is screaming "I'm young and available", and the form-fitting cut is there to emphasize her- damn, those are huge!
  • When Ashiya asks what she meant, she goes on a rant about how smaller ones mean cheaper armor and don't get in the way.
  • After Ashiya and Maou find that Emi returned the key, Ashiya mentions how heroic that was. So Maou asks him what he would have done with it, and Ashiya responds he would keep it, leading to this:
    Maou: That's demonic.
    Ashiya: Well, I am a demon. What about it?
  • While going clothes shopping for the date:
    Ashiya: I cannot allow you to go on a date wearing Unislo from head to toe.
    Maou: Y-you little ... Apologize to the world's #1 apparel chain and to me for that.
  • The fact that Maou and Ashiya listed Emi as their guarantor just because they can pisses Emi off. It also turns out that Emi faked her age but the real reason she's pissed off is because they apparently did it to cause trouble for her.
    Maou: Well we could've asked my boss but...
    Ashiya: You don't want to cause trouble for her, do you?
    Emi: But you would do for me!?
    Maou: Well duh. What kind of Overlord doesn't cause trouble for the Hero?
    • Even better? Emi actually agrees with his logic.
    • In the dub, Ashiya follows this up by saying, "Emi, relax, Heroes aren't supposed to have nervous breakdowns." It's the patronizing tone he uses that really sells it. And Emi's response: "Yeah? That's cuz they've never met you!"

    Episode 4 

    Episode 5 
  • Maou chews Olba for having a cheesy line and that B-Movies are way better aside from calling him a baldy. Olba is ticked and in that anger, he asks Maou what's a B-Movie.
  • Emi deflecting a magic bullet, only for it to bounce off her gauntlet and smack Maou right in the face while he's holding up the falling bridge.
  • Ashiya showing up late to the fight because he went back home to get his cape.
  • And then it has Maou chewing Lucifer out for possibly making him late for work and missing out on his perfect attendance bonus pay.
  • Emi's companions limit the Idea Link to those who were constantly thinking of Maou. This includes Chiho, who blushes at the revelation and screams in shock when Maou and Ashiya get back to the apartment, causing them to scream as well.
  • Ashiya's dying words (if he died) is telling Maou to save money.
  • Ashiya being more pissed off that Maou was spending money to watch movies, instead of the fact Lucifer had betrayed them.
  • Maou decides not to go back to his world, as he has a lot of shifts this month.
  • Ashiya knocks Olba into a wall by throwing cars at him. Olba then chastises Emi for working with a demon...only for everyone to call him out for working with Lucifer.
    Lucifer: What's that supposed to mean?!
    Maou: You're one to talk, Baldy!
    • Just the fact that even Lucifer calls him out on it.
    • Also worth noting that all three of these statements are said at once.
  • Lucifer's face after the Megaton Punch.

    Episode 6 
  • First Lucifer is now living with Maou and Ashiya, and he is a NEET. He proves that he has gone native like Maou and Ashiya by hacking into Emi's computer at work. Emi's and Lucifer's faces when he does that is hilarious.
  • What's a power so great it was able to knock out Lucifer, Satan, and Alciel?... A photo of Miki in a swimsuit. The audience gets to see the lower-half.
    • Which Ashiya later tries to use as a weapon.
  • When Maou chides the others for being defeated by a photo, Lucifer dares him to look and Maou desperately tries to change the subject.
    Maou: Really, guys? What kind of demons freak out over a simple picture?
    Urushihara: FINE! You look at it, then!
    Maou: [after deciding not to look at the landlady's photo] Enough of this swimsuit business. Have you gathered info on this world's magic?
    Urushihara: Dude! No fair!
  • The entire plot of the episode was Lucifer tricking them into getting his Pasta(Vita) back for him. Their faces when they find out is gold.
  • Maou being completely oblivious to Chiho's feelings; even Ashiya looks amazed by this.
  • Emi chasing the group after they ditch her. They hide in the storage room, where Emi enters and attacks an anatomy model, with her sword.
    Ashiya: Brave Emilia: the only hero in the history of the universe ever to slice up an anatomical model with a sacred sword.
    Maou: Makes me question how well she'd do against an actual opponent.
  • Maou giving his barbecued meat a Breaking Speech.
  • Maou is afraid of haunted emails that'll take you to hell and freaks out when Lucifer calls him at that exact moment.
    • A Demon King who is afraid of being sent to HELL? And relaxing when he realizes the person on the other end of the line is LUCIFER, a Demon? It makes you wonder who would be on the other end of the line if the call was really meant to take Maou to hell.

    Episode 7 
  • Begins with Maou's expression when he takes the box of Udon from Suzuno and finding it MUCH heavier than it looks, especially when Suzuno, who is a head shorter than him, lifts it up with no trouble.
  • It is then quickly followed by Maou's and Ashiya's reaction as Suzuno tries to pull out the letter she got with the same photo from last episode. In slow motion.
  • Emi finally realizing that she looks like someone whose stalking Ashiya and Maou.
  • Emi falling down the stairs. Twice.
    • The first time Maou catches her in a Bridal Carry, causing her to freak out and attack him... making him drop her on her head.
    • She catches herself the second time though.
  • Chiho's reaction to the double-decker bento Maou gets from Suzuno.
    • Which only escalates when she sees the heart design on top of the rice.
    • And the end of the episode has Chiho calling Emi in a panic over it - finding out what "Mr. Maou" had done elicits a Flat "What" in the dub.
  • The masked assailant who attacks Emi near the end of the episode. When they first meet, he rushes at her...only to then slam into the glass door of the convenience store.
    • In the fight that proceeds from there, the assailant uses some mystery moves that manages to give him a huge advantage over Emi, and he eventually was able to pin her down... only to be ambushed by the the convenience store clerk, who is armed with... paintballs. Which managed to cause him to get up and utterly flee the scene.
    • Made even funnier when the identity of the masked man is revealed: it's Sariel. That's right, the archangel Sariel fell for a closed glass door and then was chased off by paintballs.
  • Maou introducing Urushihara to Suzuno. Especially for those who know Japanese, since it either is or highly resembles Boke and Tsukkomi Routine (only without the paper fan).
    Urushihara: I'm Urushihara. Nice to meet you. / Urushihara desu. Yoroshiku.
    Maou: (mimics Urushihara) And I'm a lazy bum. / Hikikomori desu.
  • Even funnier was Urushihara's attempt at a Lame Comeback.
    Urushihara: Well, that's not my choice, is it?!
    Maou: And why is that exactly?
    Uruushihara: 'Cause... you... shut up.
  • "Holy Vitamin B".
  • Suzuno teaching Urushihara how to clean and cook when Ashiya falls ill. Of course, the fallen angel can't help but throw in some snide remarks.
    Suzuno: Go on. Grate some ginger. Surely you can handle a simple grater.
    Urushihara: Don't call me Shirley.

    Episode 8 
  • Chiho's reaction when she's greeted by Suzuno in Maou's apartment.
  • Wasn't there some fried chicken?
  • Suzuno's reaction to technology.
  • Also the identical looks on Urushihara, Emi and Ashiya's faces when Maou suggested that Suzuno work at MgRonalds.
    • Urushihara also silently snarks in the background.
  • Suzuno copying Emi in spilling the creamer, and even giving a small fist pump when she does it.
  • Kisaki, the MgRonalds manager, telling Maou about how one of her colleagues got reassigned to Greenland after losing sales to a rival chain. Maou's reaction after Kisaki threatened him with the same if he screwed up against Sentucky is priceless.

    Episode 9 
  • Ashiya accepting Emi's offer in Sentucky immediately without batting an eyelid.
  • Ashiya's "explanation" to Rika about he and Maou's relationship with Emi. He transforms the story of a deadly war between demons and humans in a magical realm into a story of corporate warfare on Earth where he and Maou were founders of an up-and-coming company (Maou Inc.) and were forced into bankruptcy by their rival company where Emi was its star employee.
  • In typical fashion, Maou considers his position as Shift Manager to be more stressful than commanding a Demonic army.
  • This exchange:
    Ashiya: They evidently serve organic coffee.
    Maou: Coffee made from ogres?!
    Ashiya: Organic. It means grown with natural pesticides.
    Maou: Naturally pestilent ogres, huh?
  • Maou giving Ashiya permission to smack Urushihara if he complains about the food.
  • During the visit to MgRonald's:
    Rika: Look, I'm gonna be straight with you. I wanna see you work your magic. So get to it!
    Maou: You have serious daddy issues, don't you?

    Episode 10 
  • Emi's reaction to Chiho's assets followed by Suzuno's first "swimsuit." Made even better because the sight of them is accompanied by bass drums.
  • There is just something really funny that a highly trained warrior and an assassin were both terrified of a haunted house at a theme park.
  • When both Emi and Chiho express their dislikes for reptiles, their respective imagine spots are hilariously different - Chiho was freaked out by a small, normal lizard while Emi was desperately trying to hold off in combat against a basilisk (note the petrified warriors).
    • Also, Suzuno's description of lizard dishes which she tried during her time in the South in Ente Isla.
  • Urushihara going on an online shopping spree while Ashiya was confined to the toilet after a bad case of food poisoning.
  • Sadao feeling uncomfortable at the comments everyone gave about Sadao the monkey, much to Emi's amusement.
  • Urushihara tries to get his package but gets a leg cramp.
  • And the subsequent exchange when Maou receives the package instead of Urushihara:
    Ashiya: Jungle...
    Urushihara: Uh, you see... this is...
    (Ashiya approaching Urushihara closer and closer while the latter begins to murmur "too close" repeatedly)
    Ashiya: What the hell is this? Just go ahead and say it. What did you do while I was living in the toile-
    (Ashiya turns pale as his stomach acts up again, and the next scene cuts directly to him in the toilet)
  • Chiho trying to show off her bathing suit to Maou and getting annoyed at him not paying attention.
    • It gets so bad that Emi gets annoyed on Chiho's behalf.

    Episode 11 
  • Ashiya is still sick.
  • Urushihara tries to snark at Emi, who was looking at a large bikini top:
    Urushihara: There'd be room to fit two of... (gets hit with a doll)
    Emi: SHUT UP, NEET!!
  • Urushihara explodes in anger at not getting a decent cup of guava juice.
    Emi: You could just drink some water.
    Chiho: Or you can use a Sugiya bucket.
    Urushihara: DAMMIT! GIMME A BREAK! What is wrong with you?! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS?! THIS ISN'T FAIR!
  • "Being a NEET, I'm not supposed to go outside and all that, so..."
  • In the English dub, Urushira's comment when they get the letter from Miki-T to sell the stuff she sent.
    Urushira: One. Two. Three. Not it.

    Episode 12: 
  • Ashiya, while in hospital, worrying about whether an IV drip is covered by the National Health Insurance.
  • Maou being more concerned about the fact that the Dullahan is crushed beyond repair than the fact that Suzuno is attacking him.
  • Maou fights the entire climactic battle against Sariel in just his boxers because he doesn't want to damage his MgRonald's uniform.
    • Or rather he wouldn't be able to pay for the damages.
    • He actually had an undershirt as well, but the first of Suzuno's attacks got rid of it. After which she accused him of being indecent.
    • Also, Maou commenting on the reason why his pants don't get destroyed when he transforms.
      Maou: This underwear is made with cutting-edge material that can handle anything.
      Emi: Just how much do you trust your damn underwear?
  • Emi interrupting Maou's hammy speech to Sariel about his impending doom, causing Maou to finish his speech in monotone.
    • And her interruption was his fault, because he angered her earlier by commenting that her clothes were undone after saving her.
  • "Being a NEET is the best!"
  • Ashiya is shown returning to his asskicking demon form in the hospital... but he arrives to the scene way too late again after the battle's already finished because he went back home to retrieve his cape again.
    • And he gets told that he needn't even bother if he was going to be so late.
    • And then he breaks down and cries.
  • At one point Urushihara takes some food (which Suzuno made) from the fridge, smells it, and comments that it "reeks of divine power, but food is food" as if saying "Yeah it's poisonous, but food is food". In the dub, he takes a whiff, and goes "reeks of divine power, but hey, YOLO."
  • Chiho and Emi calling Sariel a pervert multiple times. He then gets angry at the Panty Thief comment and vehemently exclaims "I DIDN'T DO THAT" with Dramatic Thunder in the background.
  • Urushihara wanting Emi's bag back, because he believes she would kill him if he didn't give it back.
  • Maou catches Emi in another Bridal Carry after she's flung off the building during the fight, resulting in this exchange from the dub.
    Maou: Any permanent damage?
    Emi: (exhausted) You're my hero, Satan.
    Maou: So yes.
  • Maou calls Emi flat after she dismisses his rescue of her and as always she's furious at this. Suzuno tries to change the topic, then she becomes a target of Emi's wrath. Then Maou remembers his uniform and freaks out because he's missed out on work.
    Maou: Whatever... tiny tits.
    Emi: Y-Your... tits are... small!
  • Maou revealing that he's been aware the Suzuno was from Ente Isla the entire time.
    Maou: A sweet young girl moves next door to an all-male household, wiggles her way in and starts cooking and doting on them? That just doesn't happen!
    (cut to Urushihara at home)
    Urushihara: We still have some leftovers from Suzuno. It seems a little Celestial Force-y but hey, YOLO.
  • And Ashiya recovered, arriving to help... late, once again, because he had to go fetch his cape first.
  • Sariel's Famous Last Words at the end of his fight with Maou. In the original, he begs God to save him. In the dub, he asks God's forgiveness for being "such a complete and utter tool."

    Episode 13 
  • In Emi's dream, she dreams that Maou has regained his powers and taken over Hatagaya. He then states he'll take over Greenland.
    • Beyond the random factor, the thing that makes this joke even funnier is that Maou was in danger of being sent to Greenland if he lost that fast food battle against the SFC.
  • Ashiya chiding Urushihara for planting a tracking device on Suzuno, not because he respects her privacy, but because he's worried about the cost of the device!
  • Maou chucks Sariel into the Gate and he winds up in the MgRonalds freezer.
    • The casual way he throws Sariel only makes it funnier.
  • Mitsuki falling for Mayumi and creeping her out with his usual antics.
  • Urushihara snarking at jealous Chiho, only for her to tell him to shut up.
  • Maou's reaction to discovering Urushihara fell for a purchasing scam.
    • Also, Urushihara's pathetic attempt at hiding the boxes.
    • The very fact that it was Urushihara (you know, Lucifer, a demon) who got scammed is funny in itself.
    • When Ashiya finds out he's working for the scam company, he angsts over what he's done. Emi reminds him he was a demon general.
  • After they got out of the scam, Maou's face at the guy who tried to scam them is hilarious.
    • Maou then wonders if he can convert Emi (after helping them) to his side.
  • "Two khatsu-dum please!"

    Maou's resume 
  • He (and Ashiya) both face the wrong side in their photos.
  • He has a lot of suprisingly official-sounding qualifications, ranging from "Level 1 Architect (Demon Realm)", to "Dullahan Chariot Driver's License (Standard)" to "Certified Demonic Accountant License," and "Consultant (Small- to Mid-level Imp Hordes)".
  • Ashiya listed himself as Maou's guardian.
  • Notably, unlike Emi and Ashiya, his only personal goal is that he wants to eat better.

    Emi's resume 
  • Her Date of Birth is listed as "Autumn". Maou just tells her to think of something, despite himself having simply written "Never thought about it".
  • Under "Skills and Hobbies" she wrote Devil King Destroying.
    Maou: "That's your hobby?!"
    Emi: "No, it's my skill."
  • Her personal goals are to defeat Maou... and also get a bigger bath.
  • She put her Muggle Best Friend as her Guardian.

    Ashiya's Resume 
  • He states his phone number is "Unecessary", which prompts Maou to tell him to get a phone already.
  • Like Maou, he has a large number of official-sounding qualifications relating to his life as Demon General.
  • His personal goals are of course, to return to Ente Isla and conquer it. Also he'd like a better stove.
  • He actually does a Badass Boast about how "A House Husband begins work from the moment he awakens."
  • He claims "I am the guardian here!" in response to the question about his legal guardian. Maou of course, takes offense to the implications.

    Chiho's Resume 
  • Being the Muggle, most of her resume is written in properly, although her listed personal goal is simply to work the same shift as Maou

    Suzuno's resumes 
  • She has two, one for her Earthling persona and one for her Ente Isla identity, the former of which has "Resume" crossed out and "Fake Resume" written in its place. Maou calls her out for lying as a church cleric while laughing his ass off.
  • She also fudges her age on the fake resume to be younger than she actually is, earning a second laugh and call-out from Maou.
  • For her phone number, she writes that she doesn't have one. Emi takes the opportunity to shill for the phone company she works for.
  • For "Family/Dependents", Lucifer comments that her writing "All of mankind is a family" is a bunch of BS. Suzuno retorts that he doesn't count.
  • Her Guardians are labelled Suzuo and Suzuko Kamazuki.
  • On her "real" resume, she leaves her current job blank. Maou rubs it in by writing in "Jobless", and Suzuno tells him to at least write "Searching for work."

    Lucifer's resume 
  • He misspells many words.
  • Ashiya is shocked to find out he has a phone number.
  • Gets called a NEET. Thrice, by his fellow Ente Isla natives. And the worst once by Chiho.
  • His guardian's name is "Maou Sadao". Below it is a "I officially protest" comment from Maou himself.
  • His birth date is rather amusing as well. Especially since he should have had a fake birth date that he could use here.

    Volume 0 
  • Olba's plan to stop a horde of giant lizards from destroying a city: hold a giant BBQ party! There's a good reason for this, of coursenote , but seeing Emilia being exasperated by this (since she's involved in the mass killing and grilling operation), then scarred by the experience, is quite hilarious.
  • There's also Crestia's surprising interest in lizard cuisine.
  • Right after that, it's discovered that the Dragonicks horde completely trampled multiple demons. The whole party is terrified by this.

    Volume 3 
  • Alas Ramus naming Satan as her papa. When Maou desperately asks her who her mother is to try and prove his innocence, she points at Emi. Right in front of the entire cast. Predictable hilarity ensues.
    • The events that lead up to this are also hilarious: Suzuno tries to start a bonfire in the apartment complex's tiny backyard in a misinterpretation of Japanese customs. Ashiya tells her how to make a smaller fire for under 300 yen. A giant apple falls out of a gate onto the ashes of the fire. Maou uses the apple to defend himself from Emi after a comment about a sports bra. A pair of hands come out of the apple and catch her sword. The apple chases Emi around the yard. And finally, the apple opens up to reveal Alas Ramus, leading to the event mentioned above.
  • Ashiya being so impressed with Chiho being able to change diapers that he invites her to become a general of the demon army.
  • Gabriel tried to do the Weapon Across the Shoulder pose with Durandal, only for him to get cut by it.
    • There's also the running gag of him being bothered by the fact that everything he does makes him seem like the bad guy.

    Volume 5 
  • In the last volume, Maou obtains a Cool Sword made from the horn Emilia broke in a jeweled sheath. In this volume, he reveals that he pried some jewels out and pawned them for petty cash.

    Volume 9 

    Volume 10 
  • Maou (who for certain reasons could not assume his demon form) needs to break through some soldiers in Ente Isla. What does he do? He smashes through them on a motorcycle, using diversionary tactics such as throwing firecrackers at them, honking the motorcycle's horn loudly at their face, flashing the motorcycle's high beam at them, spraying insect repellant at their mounts' nose, and throwing homemade (kind of) molotov cocktails at them.

    Volume 11 

    Volume 13 
  • After massive suspicion by the cast about why Laila is very reluctant to take them to her home, they thought she goes back to her secretive self again or trying to lie about her living and working in Japan. They finally visit her apartment, and what they saw...Amane and Gabriel really hope that Laila and Nord don't get divorce over that. Even Emeralda, whose room is very messy herself, has some words for Laila.
  • Just before the above, Nord's complete and utter shock at Acieth Alla and Erone's method of comsuming curries.

    Volume 18 
  • The sheer awkwardnes of Libicocco being MgRonalds worker, from the interview to actually being the worker (and being a subordiante to Chiho).


  • Felecia has a tweet that she ships Maou and Dullahan together.

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