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Trivia / The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

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  • Creator's Favorite: Chiho Sasaki, at least in the anime version. Naoto Hosoda, who directed the anime, has openly declared his love for the character, to the extent that the ending sequence for each episode includes Naoto's own fanart of her.
  • Deleted Scene: For Volume 7 (which is basically a short story collection), Wagahari repurposed a lengthy chapter he wrote for the first book and then excised. It describes—in great detail—Chiho's school life and her decision to get a job at MgRonald's to pay for archery equipment, hence the cryptic reference to her archery ranking on her resume. If you're wondering why she just sorta appears mid-chapter in the finished version, it's because her debut chapter was axed.
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  • Fan Nickname: Mitsuke Sarue tends to get called James.
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: HataMaou
  • Relationship Voice Actor: The anime marks a reunion for the seiyuu for Chiho, Lucifer, and Suzuno, after their stint as students at Maijima Academy.
  • Sleeper Hit: Before airing, no one was really looking forward to this series. The first episode's great humor changed everyone's mind. As the series continued, everyone enjoyed the humor, action and characters. It was popular enough to get 9th in Newtype's most popular anime for the year of 2013.
  • Star-Making Role:
    • In the Japanese version Maou was this for Ryota Ohsaka. Before voicing Maou, Ohsaka had voiced minor characters in many other anime before but this was the first time he voiced a lead character in a widely popular anime.
    • In the English dub Emi was this for Felecia Angelle. Felecia had already appeared in a good number of Funimation dubs before hand as supporting characters but her role as Emi marked one of the first times she voiced a leading character in a popular anime.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Hataraku Maou-sama Wiki.


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