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Funny / Weathering With You

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  • The running gag of Hodaka getting caught and teased for looking at Natsumi or Hina's breasts and body.
  • Hodaka and Natsumi interviews a fortune teller and she explains about the sunshine and rain girls, their associated fox and dragon gods, personality traits and warnings of controlling nature. Natsumi is completely absorbed in her story and believes she may be both at once. In contrast Hodaka's expression looks like he considers this a waste of time and is bewildered at Natsumi taking this seriously.
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  • Right after he knocks on the door of Hina's house, he suddenly panics upon realizing he's about to enter a girl's house for the first time. Then scrambles to give her the bag of food and snacks he brought.
  • While designing the ad for the 100% Sunshine Girl job, Hina draws something that Hodaka guesses is a hippo. She corrects him that it's supposed to be a frog.
  • Hodaka and Hina's panic upon getting a request as soon as the ad is uploaded.
  • To not make Hina's abilities public, Hodaka prepared an umbrella with 16 Teru teru bōzus hanging from it. Hina quietly stares at it for a few seconds and is not impressed by it. Then as plan B Nagi shows up in a giant Teru teru bōzus costume. Hina again isn't impressed and Nagi angrily throws down the mask.
  • After Hina clears the sky for fireworks, she tells Hodaka that she might not not not not not not not have found her purpose in life. Hodaka tries to count that and Hina laughs at him for taking that too seriously.
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  • Hodaka asks around for advice on Hina's birthday present. Yahoo replies gave him: sleep with her, 5+ digit cash, a house, don't ask online. Natsumi told him she wants "Hugs and Kisses. Money. A decent boyfriend. And a job."
  • Hodaka's embarrassment for thinking that Suga and Natsumi were lovers this whole time, instead of uncle and niece.
  • It is mentioned in the light novel that Hodaka hid some adult videos that were in the love hotel.
  • While Natsumi scolds Suga for kicking out Hodaka, she picks up Ame and talks like a cat. While it has an uninterested face.
  • While Natsumi helps Hodaka run from the police on her motorcycle, she exclaims that a speed cop would be the right job for her. Hodaka comments that they are definitely not ever hiring her now.
  • After Hodaka's graduation, some girls catch up to him and one is nervously about to ask him a question. He gets nervous about being confessed to, but she asks him instead about being wanted by the police back in Tokyo.