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Funny / The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

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  • Saiki any time he appears in someones Imagine Spot.
  • In the US dub whenever Kuniharu overreacts, his voice actor sounds just like Emperor Pilaf.
  • Chapter 2: Everything involving Takahashi's illness.
  • Chapter 3: Everything involving the "Murder BeDragon Snake", especially Kusuo's remarks.
    Kusuo: That Murder BeDragon Snake is weak.
    • Judgment Night of Thunder!
  • Chapter 4: Kusuo's evolution chart includes Nendou between the modern man and the neolithic one.
  • Chapter 6: The epic dodgeball game.
    • The game has barely begun and Hairo's already sweating and gasping.
    • Hairo "sacrifices" himself to keep Kusuo in the game, tripping and skinning his knee. Hairo coughs blood and declares that it is it for him. Then he thrusts the ball to Kusuo, saying it carries the spirit of everyone's blood, sweat and tears. Cue Manly Tears from rest of the team. Kusuo acts completely nonchalant about all this.
  • Chapter 10: Saiki's ability essentially makes the world a Cloud Cuckoo Land giving rise to familiar tropes such as:
  • Chapter 13: Suddenly, Nendou does a 180° head flip.
  • Chapter 73: Announcing the results of the first popularity contest doesn't seem like particularly funny, but it's Saiki wakes up to find out everyone has become as popular as their rank in the contest.
    • He wakes and notices a badge saying Popularity Poll, 1st place Saiki Kusuo. He checks outside and discovers. there is a massive crowd outside his room. His mom enters (9th place) and tells him breakfast is ready and Saiki notices his dad (14th place) cooking, and his mom starting without him. With dessert coming up next, his dad says he no right to have coffee jelly, because it is ranked 10th place.
    • On the way to school he notices Teruhashi's brother (18th place) and Chouno Uryoku (8th place) has become a third rate actor and a super star respectively. After being found again he turns invisible and heads to school.
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    • After arriving at school, he notices Hairo (13th place), Yumehara (12th place) and Teruhashi (6th place) haven't changed much, he thinks that things haven't changed much only to come across Kaido (2nd place), who now is a leader of "Ocean Wisteria" a group of followers dedicated to destroying Dark Reunion. He then comes across Nendou (3rd place) who is signing fangirls autographs. After wondering who was fourth, he finds out it was Toritsuka, who is surronded by a legion of fangirls, who can see Saiki, and causes him to turn visible. Kaido and Nandou appear, and the four are surrounded by fans.
    • Saiki later appears in the girls bathroom, having shifted into his female form, only to realize his female form is 7th place. A male Saiki, who tells the original Saiki (who tells the new one to change his textboxes) that now that the original shifted genders, he could reappear, and tells Saiki that he was in a world where he didn't save the dog in Chapter 1, which spurred his to start helping people, which ended up changing the world accordingly. Saiki ends up travelling to his original world, feeling glad he saved the dog.
  • After Saiki's dad throws out his back, he tries to convince him to take his place as Santa delivering gifts to the neighborhood children, only for Saiki to ignore his pleas. However his mom resolving to not let the kids down, while wearing a Sexy Santa Dress is enough to make Saiki do it, rather than let his mom go out like that.

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