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Shout Out / The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. contains many references to other works of fiction.

  • Chapter 5: Nendou prefers that the protagonists of Nisekoi and Pajama Na Kanojo end up with Onodera and Makura, respectively.
  • Chapter 6: The physical education teacher has the students play dodgeball because basketball, kendo and volleyball are already being played somewhere.
  • Chapter 12: Kaidou is unable to swim despite wearing a bunch of life preservers, to which Kusuo retorts, "What are you, did you eat the Devil's Fruit?"
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  • Chapter 17: When Kusuo explains his psychometry powers, he sees a vision of a customer reading an issue of Shonen Jump. The issue contains the chapter of Naruto that reveals Tobi's true identity.
  • Chapter 23: The moon that young Kusuo flies past has a huge chunk of it carved out, making it look like a permanent crescent. It looks exactly like the blown up moon from the first chapter of Assassination Classroom.
  • Chapter 27: Kusuo shudders at the thought of having to share his 48 cups of coffee jello with every member of AKB48.
  • Chapter 47: The café that Kusuo goes at times (and it's the place where his classmate, Mera, works) is called "Café Mami", a reference to Esper Mami.
  • Chapter 90: The song Takahashi is singing in the beginning is "Konayuki" by Remioromen, an insert song for the TV drama One Liter Of Tears. The boy that takes Saiki's parfait also sings it in Saiki's fantasy, as identified by "Konaaaaaa" and "Futaaaaaa".
  • Chapter 141:
    • One of Kaidou's lies to his classmates is that there are going to be sequels to Shenmue and the 1998 Saturn visual novel Cross Tantei Monogatari. 63 days after the cover date of the issue of Shonen Jump that chapter 141 was in, the Kickstarter for Shenmue III was announced at E3.
    • The omake after the chapter in Volume 14, released the month after the Kickstarter ended, pokes fun at how the lie somehow became reality.
  • Nendou later mentions that he heard about the announcement of Shenmue III in Chapter 156.
  • When Saiki prepares to get rid of Nendou's father, he first tried to destroy him with a Spirit Bomb, and then later asks the reader to recall a certain monster based fighting game when about to use a physical attack (Fighting) on a Ghost.
  • Kusuo's dad specifically asks for a mangaka he's editing for to bring him a manga "something like Naruto" when critiquing his work.
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  • During one of the school festival in the dub, Toritsuka refers to one of his classmstes' experience with drumming being limited to "that one rhythm game nobody plays anymore".
  • When Kaidou gets Saiki and Nendou lost on the way to the post-festival dinner, he assumes that it must be the work of an enemy Stand (complete with a pose and "Menacing" kanji).
  • The salesman that convinces Saiki to get a coffee maker mentions a person he bargained with. He doesn't name names, but it's obviously Ryotsu.
  • In the first episode of season 2, the Gintama anime is shown onscreen and pointed out. Saiki is annoyed that Gintama's characters have the audacity to plug their show during his airtime.
  • In the last episode of season 2, the first visual of Dr. Stone was parodied and then pointed out.
  • In the 100th installment, Kaido and Nendou give a shout out to Strawberry 100%, befitting the theme of the episode.
  • The fifteenth episode of season 2 helpfully informs the audience that Kochikame is ending.
  • When questioning people about whether or not Saiki has psychic powers, Akechi asks, if people die of heart attacks after Saiki writes their names in notebooks.
  • Kusuo's father accuses an aspiring mangaka of ripping off One Piece and Assassination Classroom.

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