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YMMV / The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

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  • Awesome Music: Kaidou's Judgement Knights of Thunder theme is pretty damn epic-sounding.
  • Broken Base: If Saiki x Teruhashi should be a ship made canon. Detractors of the ship point out that Saiki isn't interested in romance, or that the one thing that keeps Teruhashi sympathetic in the face of her godly luck and charisma is that Failure Is the Only Option for her in trying to win Saiki's feelings. On the other hand, a few artists have made well-received works featuring the two together. Supporters of the ship also point out that Teruhashi's crush on Saiki is what is responsible for her Character Development (actually caring about Saiki's unpopular friends, and the need to be true to herself) and that Saiki himself may be in denial about his true feelings (he admits his powers and Teruhashi's charisma make them unbeatable, and he refuses to let creeps fawn over her).
    • Also muddying the waters is if Saiki should be with Aiura. On one hand, Aiura's ego is nowhere near as large as Teruhashi's and her being a psychic also makes her more compatible with Saiki. She also has tagged Saiki as her soulmate, but detractors of the ship point out that predictions in the show are constantly proven changeable.
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  • Base-Breaking Character: Teruhashi. Either she's loved for being cute and her Bitch in Sheep's Clothing personality is hilarious, or she's hated for being a Clingy Jealous Girl to Saiki and subjected to Die for Our Ship.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Saiki's female form, Kusuko/Kuriko is surprisingly popular among the fans, despite only showing up in a few stories in short bursts. To put this in perspective, she ranked 7th in the cast for the first popularity poll. One spot behind Teruhashi, and ahead of Hairo, Saiki's parents, Chiyo, and Mera. She also shows up a lot in the tie-in gatcha game with rare variants.
  • Periphery Demographic:
    • Though the manga is published in a magazine aimed at pre-teen and teenage boys, it's more popular with older girls. Shueisha even had the author to create an original special chapter for publication in the Josei magazine Cocohana as a way for advertisement.
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    • The morning four minutes anime adaptation is aimed at an even younger crowd, but according a poll run by the Japanese site Charapedia it was the most highly anticipated Summer 2016 Anime between the female voters, ranking 3rd in the overall rank even though it was not even in the top 10 between male voters. The nightly broadcast of twenty minutes compilation episodes with a more serious opening theme is probably geared towards this public.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: To Kotoura-san, from the main character, to the issues they both face.


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