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Heartwarming / The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

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Although The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is about a cynical young man trying to avoid and putting up with a bunch of weirdos that want to be friends with him, this series is too about how he overcomes a bit of that cynicism and learns to respect and appreciate the people around him despite their quirks, actually becoming their friend (if he will admit it or not). Expect heartwarming moments at unexpected points.


  • Chapter 1:
    • Over learning about his powers, instead lending him to scientific research or trying to exploit him for fame and money, Kusuo's parents kept secret about it and tried to give him a happy and normal childhood. That he apparently had before his powers become too strong.
  • Chapter 4:
    • Kusuo spends the entire chapter trying to ditch Kaidou and Nendou while repeating to himself that they would never be his friends because he is too different to normal people. Then a little girl casually mentions that her dog is her best friend, leaving Kusuo without any reply. One wonders if he internally wanted to be their friend all along and was just trying to make excuses to himself.
  • Chapter 11:
    • Someone from another class starts to enable Kaidou's chuunibyou as a way to scam favors and money out of him. Kusuo learns about it and secretly drives the scammer out, while mentally referring to himself as Kaidou's friend.
  • Chapter 23:
    • After collapsing during the Sports Festival, Kusuo decides to leave earlier and thinks he will have to endure mockery from Nendou and a pep talk about determination from Hairo because that. Instead, both of them plus their entire class are concerned about his health and want him togo home earlier.
  • Chapter 28:
    • A fake fortune teller tries to sell Kaidou a expensive charm necklace that supposedly will bring him 100 friends. He accepts it under the promise that Kusuo will to be one of them.
    • Kusuo, who was watching the conversation while invisible, scares the crap out the fortune teller and forces her to give back Kaidou his money and to admit the necklace is fake.
  • Chapter 37:
    • After receiving a prank letter with a false love confession from a student, teacher Matsuzaki spends two hours, remaining even after the sunset, waiting to meet the supposed girl who wrote it. Even though he suspected it was just a prank, he waited anyway because he didn't want to trample the feelings of a student on the off chance the letter was actually real.
  • Chapter 38:
    • The girl Kaidou saved from the snake attack back in the Chapter 3 gives him chocolate during the Valentine's day.
  • Chapter 42:
    • Despite his constant bickering with Nendou, Kaidou considers switching his answer book with Nendou's to help him not being held back a year.
    • Even without understanding why, the ghost of Nendou's father keeps watching over his son.
  • Chapter 61:
    • After dealing with all the outrageous hijinks that occurred before and during the school trip, Kusuo just wants to spend his last day of the trip enjoying a limited sale dessert... only to find out that the dessert was already sold out to his group membersnote . However, his group members, in True Companions fashion, willingly share a portion of their desserts with Kusuo, and he ends up having the largest portion.
  • Chapter 196:
    • When Saiki's parent try to compete over who loves the other more using Saiki's affection meter, it turns out that they both surpass its limit by a full three digits and love each other the same amount. Later, when Kurumi tries measuring their respective affection for Saiki instead, it becomes a CMOH when it's revealed to the reader that not only do they both love Saiki the same amount, but their love for him surpasses their love for each other by a full 600 points.
  • Chapter 242:
    • Teruhashi has taken the time to memorize everything about the students at her school from their haircut to their smell to their blood type and birthday. This impresses even Saiki.
    • Unfortunately the above caused her to get so exhausted she fainted but Saiki quickly catches her and delivers a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to call out her hoard of fanboys before taking her to the nurse's office.
    Saiki: None of you were paying attention. Teruhashi noticed a lot of things about all of you... But not a single one of you was able to notice the fact that Teruhashi was exhausted.
  • In episode 6 of the anime, Saiki spends the first story helping a young boy reclaim his lost baseball after Saiki had used his powers to knock it into the sky when it was about to strike his deluxe coffee jelly. In the end, Saiki uses his powers to reclaim the ball, giving up his prized jelly in exchange for making it appear once he realizes how much the ball means to the kid. In the end? the young boy and his older sister drop off 3 of those deluxe coffee jellies for Saiki to enjoy as a thank you. Saiki's happy expression indicates that the jelly really did taste amazing, and he admits it's good to help people.
  • The ending of the anime's first season, where, after an entire episode of Kusuo's dad taking his son's place (through hypnosis) at what his friends believe is his birthday party, tells his son, in a rare bit of sage advice that they care deeply about him, and that deep down, so does he. All Kusuo can say is...
    Kusuo: (sarcastically) Who are you?
    Kuniharu: I'm your dad.
    • And when he does go down, he contemplates whether or not he'll even be welcome due to his reserved nature, only to overhear that they felt like he was acting strange earlier (it was actually his dad, made to look like him) because he was unnaturally happy, and that they'd prefer Kusuo just be honest with them. Kusuo gives an incredibly genuine smile and...
    Kusuo: Alright, normal Kusuo Saiki it is.

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