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Heartwarming / DNAČ

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  • Junta helping Kotomi with her problem with farts, his will to help her even keeping the Mega Playboy's tendency to try and screw all girls at bay (when he did show up, he just used his better way with words for a pep talk).
  • Kotomi encouraging Ami to stop hiding her feelings for Junta.
  • Tomoko's almost desperate love for Junta.
  • When Ryuuji gets powers and becomes worse than he was and Junta is willing to risk becoming Mega Playboy for good to defeat him, Yokomori decides that Karin has to return home anyway, as it's not their problem and they have already failed their mission. Karin decides to help anyway, just to save Junta from the risk of becoming Mega Playboy permanently.
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  • In episode 15, Junta's love for Karin giving him the strength to take back his body from the Mega Playboy and break through Mori's brainwashing, first temporarily and then for good.

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