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Awesome / The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

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  • The entire plot of the Live-Action Adaptation movie turned out to be the brainchild of a single character who managed to make everyone to dance to their tune. Even Saiki didn't figure it until the last minute. Kokomi Teruhashi recruited her many admirers to get Saiki's friends out of the picture for a day during the school festival by actively Exploiting their characters' quirks with several Batman Gambits running in parallel: She got a group of them play "Dark Reunion" to appeal to Kaidou's Chuunibyou delusions and had him tied up in an inane Fetch Quest involving Seven Bowling Balls. She sent matching letters of challenge to Kobayashi and Japanese Delinquents from other schools to cause a brawl. She pulled strings to have a 10k marathon in the cultural festival (by having "the right to stare at Kokomi Teruhashi for 10 minutes" as the first-place prize, not less) because she knew Hairo would be all for an athletic competition and drag Nendou with him. Finally, her Instant Fan Club pestered Saiki after seeing her with him, starting a chase (well, she grabbed his hand and dragged him with her) that ended with them hiding inside the gym equipment storage room whose door was sealed from the outside the moment they entered. That's right, Teruhashi's entire objective with all this was to invoke a Locked in a Room scenario straight out of a Shoujo series in order to get Saiki to act embarrassed around her and thought (rather correctly) that she needed to get rid of the usual Moment Killers first. The only clear clue of this is when Saiki unexpectedly walked into the storage room after losing his glasses when she was doing some prep work in there and her thoughts mentioned something about a plan getting ruined, but Saiki missed it because he was concerned with his gaze turning her into stone if she didn't leave.
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  • Akechi managing to corner Saiki into revealing himself as a psychic. While Saiki was aware of the times that Akechi was shadowing him and managed to foil him every time by teleporting a distraction (a sumo wrestler, a sniper, and a magician), Saiki didn't take into account that Akechi would ask the people he teleported. You can practically feel Saiki's Oh, Crap! when he realizes that he's been cornered.
    Akechi: and now we arrive at the last curious event.
    Akechi: I wasn't shadowing you when I found them and it was no easy task either. All I had to go off was my memory after all. I followed up on the sumo wrestler, sniper, and magician I came across while shadowing you. When I asked them about that day, they all gave the same answer. I suddenly found myself in an unknown place and then I was back.
    Saiki: ...


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