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Heartwarming / Dirty Pair

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  • When Yuri receives a message from a childhood friend and learns that he's been kidnapped, Chief Gooley informs her that 3WA, not being the police, but a business, can't stage a rescue without a contract. As soon as he says that, the phone rings with an contract for the rescue. It was Kei who made the call, of course.
    • Even more heartwarming, Yuri had, just some moments before, expressed her desire to retire after that mission and settle down with her childhood friend. Even if the plot of course wouldn't allow that, Kei still believed that by saving him she was basically letting her best friend go. Yet, she did.
      • Doubles as a funny moment: lacking the needed funds, she gingerly confessed having used Yuri's money.
  • In one episode, Kei and Yuri are tricked into believing a millionaire's son was kidnapped by a woman, when the woman, Lilis Joanca, is actually the son's girlfriend and fiancee and rescued him from being forced into marriage to someone else. When the girls find out they've been played, the millionaire reveals he hates Joanca because she's a trans woman, and in his words, "She used to be a man!" This receives the following responses:
    • The son already knew and doesn't care.
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    • Kei and Yuri don't see what the big deal is, calling the millionaire's thinking outdated and pointing out at least ten percent of the galactic population is transgender.
    • When the millionaire sends Joanca on a rocket ship which, to Joanca the voyage will last a day while it will really be fifty years long, the son gets into another rocket so he won't have to wait another five decades to be with her again. The father, suffering a My God, What Have I Done? moment, launches himself on the last available rocket; the Angels wonder who'll have to deal with the three of them in fifty years.

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