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Oh, Grief Seeds are salty enough and the corpses of other Incubators are tasty and all, but sometimes you just need something deep-fried.
Even for a magical girl anime that's darker than all others, there are still a few laugh-out-loud moments.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

1 - As If I Met Her in My Dream...
  • Madoka's guaranteed method of waking up her mom: open the blinds and rip off the sheets! It's the overly-dramatic way she enters the room and does it that sells the scene, not to mention how Junko's reaction to the sun is to scream and thrash around like a vampire.
  • After Madoka tells Sayaka and Hitomi about Homura's vague warning, Sayaka theorizes that Homura sees it as fetish appeal.
    Sayaka: I hope she doesn't think acting like a weird transfer student is cool! That's so moe, it makes me sick! [Head Table]
  • It's more Black Comedy, but when the first witch manifests itself, Homura gives an annoyed glance as if to say "Seriously? Now?" She even voices her thoughts a few moments later.
    Homura: (Annoyed) Why is this happening now?

2 - That Would Be Truly Wonderful

  • Hitomi misinterpreting what Madoka and Sayaka were doing together so late early in the series, and why they're suddenly so good at Facial Dialogue (actually telepathy).
  • Sayaka brings a baseball bat to shadow Mami on her Witch hunt, while Madoka sheepishly produces concept sketches for her magical girl outfit.
    • As Sayaka produces said bat, for a split-second, Kyubey can be seen sitting in Madoka's lap, eating some fries with a hilariously derpy expression (pictured above).
  • The end card for Episode 2 features, alongside the girls, none other than Lord Humungus from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. It's such an absurd, nonsensical juxtaposition, you can't help but laugh.

4 - Miracles and Magic Are Real

  • While the scene in question is undoubtedly terrifying, there is something funny about how Hitomi counters Madoka's attempts to bring her back to reality (if you think about it): she slugs Madoka in the stomach. That's right, Hitomi just gave Madoka what the viewers have been experiencing for the past 20-25 minutes: A gut punch.

6 - This Just Can't Be Right

  • Kyubey points out that Kyoko was strong because she had a lot of Grief Seeds. Then:
    Sayaka: But what about Mami? She didn't have tons of Grief Seeds to keep her Soul Gem clean. She didn't seem to have any trouble fighting. Why is that? Is it because she was better at it than me?
    Kyubey: Oh! She was much more talented!
  • This line from Junko: "Sometimes being an adult can really suck. That's why we're allowed to drink alcohol!"
  • Every interaction with Kyoko and Homura in this episode.
    • Homura offering a partnership with Kyoko to defeat Walpurgisnacht. While Kyoko is playing a DanceDanceRevolution-style game, which is playing the opening music. After she finishes and accepts Homura's offer, Kyoko turns around with the best shit-eating grin, and... offers a Rockynote .
    • The Bland-Name Product is Dog Drug Reinforcement. Just plain bad Engrish, or a Stealth Insult?
    • Kyoko's reactions to Homura popping up behind her.
    • The Challenge.
      Homura: I'll take her on then, but you stay out of it, understand?
      Kyoko: You've got till I've finished eating thisnote , then it's on.
      Homura: That's plenty of time.
      • Then Sayaka gets pissed because they were ignoring her.

7 - Can You Face Your True Feelings?

  • At one point in the black and white silhouetted battle at the episode's end, Sayaka momentarily strikes a pose with a grin eerily reminiscent of Flandre Scarlet in a certain music video.

8 - I Was Stupid... So Stupid

  • The way Kyubey is abruptly riddled with bullet holes while never changing its :3 face is darkly hilarious.
    • Also the way it scarfs its old body down and then rolls around on its back like a playful cat - while delivering an insanely creepy monologue.

9 - I'll Never Allow That

  • Homura wants to leave the classroom so she asks if she can go to the nurse's office. Upon realizing that Madoka, the nurse's aid, isn't there, the teacher says the class rep can take Homura to the nurse... only for Homura to completely ignore everything he said and walk out of the room while everyone stares in shock.

10 - I Won't Rely on Anyone Anymore

  • Homura chooses the worst time to tell Madoka that she is a Magical Girl like her: in front of their whole class. Madoka's face here is priceless. And this is made funnier because in the previous timeline, Madoka asked Homura not to tell anyone about her and Mami's powers.
  • Followed by Homura practicing her Time Stop powers for the first time by using them to rather clumsily beat up a garbage can in midair with a golf club which is rather amusing considering we've spent nine episodes seeing her as The Stoic badass.


  • In the part of the opening where there's different shots of Madoka in bed, the last one is her sleepily falling on top of Kyubey.
    • Another is her apparently having goofed up her magic and gave herself a giant afro. A few seconds later, she shows up later in a similar shot, now with an even bigger afro.
    • There's also the bit where she presumably messed up a summoning spell, and summoned an Eldritch Abomination. Which sent Sayaka and Mami into an Oh, Crap!, doubly funny because you can see it from their hair.
  • The second Drama CD Sunny Day Life is full of these:
    • The five protagonists arguing like mundane schoolgirls.
    • Madoka getting low scores on her English test and she's worried about it. Sayaka, on the other hand flunked most of her tests, and acts like its not a big deal.
      • In a case of Hypocritical Humor, Sayaka thought Homura used her time stop powers to get high scores on exams, and suggests that she uses it to get the answer sheet for the make up test. Apparently she's the only one to have this (brilliant) idea. Near the end of the story Homura offers to use her powers so Madoka can pass her exam.
    • Everyone insulting and bullying Kyubey.
    • The whole "Panties' Theft", with the shocking discovery that Kyoko is a Chaste Hero and Sayaka is a Covert Pervert.
    • Kyoko making fun of Mami's "Tiro Finale" even if the third Drama CD Farewell Story makes it less funny.
    • Homura flat-out telling Madoka that she should be spending her time studying instead of brainstorming cool names for her special attacks, since all her ideas are lame.
    • Mami's theme continuing to play even if the target that she is aiming at is actually a cat.
    • The final scene with Madoka and Kyubey in the bath.
    • One darkly hilarious moment in this track at 16:34 is from a doujin that, while depicting Sayaka saying "I'm such an idiot-", shows her expression when saying the line in the show immediately before transforming into a witch.
  • Mami's English voice actress Carrie Keranen re-enacting her reaction to the end of Episode 3.
    • The English dub bloopers.
      • One that stands out is Homura in Shrinking Violet mode telling Madoka "I think you have a great ass..."; you could imagine her thinking it, but she, as she is at the moment, is perhaps the last character you would expect to say it out loud.
      • Another gem from Cristina Valenzuela:
        Homura: Two weeks from today, a witch called DER WIENERSCHNITZEL will come.
      • Christine Marie Cabanos demonstrates her sense of comic timing in this outtake:
        Kyubey: So, if you ever feel like dying for the sake of the universe, call me. I'll be waiting. (fades away)
        Madoka: (sobbing) I'm so unfriending that f*cker!
      • There's also this lovely one:
        Kyubey: We never imagined there could be a world where each individual had their own set of emotions, yet still manage to coexist with one another.
        Madoka: (deadpan) Really? (beat) Then I guess you've never visited a chat room, have you?
      • After Mami tells Madoka that if she can't make up her mind, she'll have to wish for cake, what's Madoka's response?
      • Sarah Anne Williams, voice actor of Sayaka, seems to have an interesting sense of humor...
        Kyosuke: Why are you taking me up to the roof?
        Sayaka: Paraplegic BASE jumping!
      • Marin Miller messed up in the most hilarious way possible.
        Kyosuke: Wait. I don't think I've ever seen you walking home this way...(gibberish) F**k... F**king... (gibberish) I hate your face, I hate your face!
      • Kyle Hebert riffs on mild-mannered Nice Guy Tomohisa secretly being a sexist jerk:
        (to Madoka) "But you know what? That's the thing I really love about your mom. I respect the way she lives her life... and she's got a great rack!
  • Meduka Meguca is the best parody ever.
  • In an interview with Urobuchi and Shinbo on the English-language volume 2, they suggest they'd like to do a spinoff about Madoka's mother learning the art of manipulation from Kyubey and using it to hijack her company.
  • In the first Drama CD, Sayaka gives Madoka and Shrinking Violet Homura some well-written math notes to help them out... only to immediately reveal that she stole them from Hitomi.
  • During the sponsors roll at the end of the second episode, a bunch of Anthonies and other of Gertrud's familiar are seen freaking out over a picture of Mami as a background like they did when she attacked Gertrud's roses.
  • There was a petition to name nebula NGC 6357 to the Madokami Nebula because a pink-tinted photo made it resemble Ultimate Madoka.
  • Sayaka's fortissimo hairpin; not even the hairpin can save her from being a Butt-Monkey in-and-out universe.
  • This Tumblr image features Gen Urobuchi along with several characters he's developed. One of them is Mami, with her head, appropriately, cleaved off.