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Drinking Game / Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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Take a drink for every time...

  • Homura attempts to save Madoka.
  • A named Witch (Gertrud, Charlotte, Walpurgisnacht...) shows up.
  • Runes show up onscreen.
    • 2 drinks if you know what the runes say.
    • 3 drinks if you didn't have to look it up beforehand.
  • The words 'wish', 'magical girl' or 'contract' are mentioned.
  • Homura inexplicably shows up out of nowhere.
    • 2 drinks if she only appears to say something cryptic.
  • There is a close-up of a character's face.
    • 2 drinks if it's just a shot of their eyes.
    • 3 drinks if they're crying.
  • Kyubey tries to coerce Madoka into becoming a magical girl.
    • 2 drinks when he talks about her potential as a magical girl.
    • 3 drinks if Homura somehow intervenes to prevent her from becoming a magical girl.
  • Madoka or Sayaka contemplate what they should wish for.
  • Kyubey gets injured.
  • A Madoka Magica-related meme pops up (such as Mami's beheading).
    • Talking about said event, take a drink and pour one out for Mami.
  • Homura resets the timeline.
  • Homura flips her hair.
  • There is Les Yay.
  • Someone mentions Kyubey's 'cruelty'.
  • A soul gem is onscreen.
    • Down the glass if the soul gem is black or nearly black.
  • Take a gulp every time the phrase 'precious friend' is mentioned.
  • There's a flashback.
    • Down your glass at the start of episode 10.
  • A witch's world is shown.
  • Kyouko and Sayaka fight.
  • Somebody starts crying or screaming.
  • Kyouko eats something.
  • "Being meguca" is demonstrated to "be suffering".
  • Drink as needed and/or pour one out for Sayaka when she becomes a witch at the end of Episode 8.
  • You want to punch Kyubey.
    • Note: If you get so drunk that you actually punch the screen, Kyubey wins.
In the Dub:
  • Every time Sayaka says, "For realz?"
Rebellion Edition:
  • Bebe mentions cheese.
  • Homura breaks down crying.
  • There's an ominous close-up shot of Kyubey's eyes.
    • Two drinks if it's a singular eye.
  • Kyoko and Sayaka bicker Like an Old Married Couple.
  • We get a close-up of Mami's boobs, or she's otherwise shown in a Ms. Fanservice way.
  • A reference to ballet is made.
  • Drink as much as you need to when Homura becomes the devil.