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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Self-Recommendations, in which you recommend a fanfic you wrote yourself, will also be zapped. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

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    General Fics 

Ao3 Reader Madoka Timeflow by astrologia

  • Recommended by CDN
  • Status: Complete.
  • Pairing: None.
  • Synopsis:The one timeline where Kaname Madoka is an avid Ao 3 reader who makes a wish, and the consequences are the same but (darkly) hilariously out of proportion with the wish she made.
  • Comments: A lovely one shot that pokes fun of the (terrible and poor) tendency to mistags stories through satire humor.

Puella Magi McDonalds Magica by Smolflayn69

  • Recommended by: Shaymeme
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: The holy quintet goes to McDonald's and runs into Oriko and Kirika.

Demon's Madness, by Lila Gaela.

  • Recommended by LiaMerez
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Demon loved the Goddess, but the Goddess loved the world. The Goddess sacrificed herself to save the world, and the Demon sacrificed the world to save the Goddess.
  • Tags: Angst, Character Study, Introspective, Akuma Homura, Rebellion Story, PTSD, One-shot

Cacophony Quest by TheBleachDoctor

  • Recommended by dnzrx, MrLZRS
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Sufficient Velocity is now the very tiny voices that will drive Homura insane as she tries to get through her life in the first timeline after she is discharged from the hospital.
  • Comments: In this quest, Homura has all of the Sufficient Velocity players as little voices in her head that speak to her in a lot of crazy ways. The goal is to help her get through her life without getting her locked up in an mental institute. It is a funny as it sounds!

Decretum by oldfashionedhand

  • Recommended by checkreality
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Sometimes to be the hero, you have to play the villain. Kyoko attempts to save Sayaka by becoming the evil she's desperately looking for to fight against.

Demon Cleaners by FourthWall

  • Recommended by CheeseandCake
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Post-episode twelve, Sayaka and an avatar of Madoka reappear proclaiming themselves Demon Cleaners MIKI and KANAME in capital letters and dramatic fashion. But there's the little question of just who wished them back? Especially in Madoka's case. There also appears to be a Demon King of some kind hatching beneath the school.
  • Comments: It hasn't gotten too far along yet, but the writing's solid and the humor is certain to make you crack a grin.

The Disappearance of Miki Sayaka by Aku-dono

  • Recommended by ABadDriver and Psyga315
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Miki Sayaka's mysterious disappearance draws more than a few questions from her mother. Takes place after episode 12.
  • Comments: This fic really goes into the details and aftermath of what happened with Sayaka's parents, even deconstructing their efforts to find her. Be warned, it is very dark.
    • As in What A Human Can Do and As Time Diverges, this includes an investigation element, but this time the protagonist doesn't catch on at any point and never finds out about the World of the Puella Magi.

Fargo, by Bavitz

  • Recommended by Roepcke, Vyslanté, Syrika
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: [Post-Rebellion] In the frostbitten American Midwest, ragged Magical Girls vie for territory to survive the unforgiving landscape. One such girl is Sloan Redfearn, who wastes away in Fargo, North Dakota nursing a grudge and watching her hopes slowly die. But when Kyubey approaches with a unique opportunity, she becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that threatens to topple gods.
  • Comments: An immersive story and excellent writing make this fic worth checking out. The OCs are as fleshed out as the original cast, all having their own set of grudges, wounds, and skeletons in the closet. The interpersonal conflict, disturbing atmosphere, and inner turmoil give this fic the same feel as the original series, while the action is consistently fast-paced and gripping.

A History of Magic by Danny Barefoot

  • Recommended by biichan, enviroguy, the Ace Of Scarabs, Constantly Comic, Animenutcase, The Otaku Ninja
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The stories of Magical Girls throughout history who contracted with Kyubey, and their fates. Inspired by Kyubey's history lesson in ep 11.
  • Comments: Interesting, well-written historical fiction. Stories for Cleopatra, Cassandra, Eve, Sacagewea and Joan of Arc, along with several others, are up as of the writing of this rec, with more promised to follow.
    • Also some stories about such women as Alice Liddel and Nimue. All the chapters, regardless of subject matter, are believable, entertaining, and historically accurate.
    • A heads up, this fic was apparently removed from the site. This Troper asked the author, and he said he had them removed because he didn't think they were that good. It's a shame, but it's his choice after all..
      • More's the pity. I don't suppose anyone saved a copy?
      • You can find a pdf here
    • Has a work-in-progress trope page here
    • Switched out the link for a new one

Magia, Pacem, Bellum Terrarum by Elias Pedro

  • Recommended by Mentalityy, Ang Illustrado
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Homura's investigation into Walpurgisnacht brings her to look to World War II, the time that spawned the dreadnought witch. Working with Mami and protecting Madoka, Homura demands Kyuubey show her the past. However, Kyuubey seems to have a lot to hide.
  • Comments: A wonderful Madoka Magica backstory fic, this revolves around three girls who eventually gave birth to Walpurgisnacht. It is a very insightful and tragic take on the past of the most destructive witch in history, and ties everything in with the anime very well. Overall, it's an awesome, but sad fic that deserves to have a much larger audience.
  • Has a page under construction and has an ongoing sequel titled Magia, Pacem, Bellum Terrarum - Those Fallen.

Magia Revolution by /a/nonymous magica

  • Recommended by Malagasy Parrot, the Ace Of Scarabs, Psyga315, Armored Fury and IngaRasen
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Take Madoka Kaname from the main timeline of the anime, and hand control of her body to the anonymous folks at /a/. The same anonymous folks who have watched the show.
  • Comments: Basically a series of (now archived) Games from 4chan's /a/nime and m/a/nga board that raises an interesting question: What If? the mind of innocent little Madoka is swapped with that of /a/'s collective consciousness, turning her physical form into a Genre Savvy crusader who seeks to set things right? Uncontrollable plot points from the show remain present, but the actual plot diverges drastically as a result of game breaking decision making and abilities courtesy of Anonymous. This is not without complications; meddling of the timeline has led to, among others, the appearance of Oriko, Kirika and Yuma, increasingly unforeseeable events, and the consciousness of the real Madoka needing to be jettisoned...somewhere...whenever Anonymous takes control of her body. The series started out very lightheartedly (by lighthearted, we mean Anonymous-controlled Madoka being hilariously out of character on the first day) before drifting in and out of Serious Business territory. It doesn't hold back with the MadoHomu shipping either.
    • Now on it's fourth season, hosted over in Anon-kun.

Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella by The Moiderah of Writing

  • Recomended by dalekandrews, enviroguy, Brendan Rizzo
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A single wish. That's all it took. When Madoka's final wish changes everything, Homura's powers disappear, and apparently, the world is safe. However, the Witches still exist, and now, they're even more powerful than ever. Kyubey still lives, after all.
  • Comments: After Homura dies in the current timeline, Madoka decides to become a Puella Magi, wishing for a world where her friends would survive. Not only does this remove Homura's Time Travel powers (without diminishing her Badassery), it changes the whole setting. Now not only are witches and magical girls -now called Veneficus Puella- more powerful than before, now the Muggles are aware of the whole thing, making matters even more complicated for our heroines.

Magica Musical by angel0wonder

  • Recommended by F1zzyp0p
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Exactly as it says on the tin, it features lyrics to 4 different scenes in the show.
  • Comments: Just TRY to not crack a smirk after reading the first song and it's conclusion plus the ever so stoic Homura dropping a beat of all things...Hilarity Ensues.

Magical Girl Noir Quest by Deculture

  • Recommended by: Nana Bana, Arjac
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A previously drunk and slightly amnesiac magical girl smokes cigs and witches.
  • Comments: MG Noir Quest began as a quest on /tg/ and became one of the most popular quests on the board. A slight AU with an even Darker and Edgier take on the Madoka-verse with a noir flavor. The focus is on Homura, who is even crazier and darker than before, which can be said of almost all the characters (save for Mami). ESPECIALLY Madoka. Features a diverse cast from quite a few different series, including characters from The Idolmaster, A Certain Magical Index, and more. Early installments feature the GM's own illustrations, which add a nice flair to the mood. Among the dreary setting is some lighthearted humor, especially the MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. The archives' formatting takes a little getting used to (just look for the posts with Deculture's name), but the comments can be just as entertaining as the quest itself. Other alternatives to the /tg/ archives would be at, which compiles all of Deculture's posts and posts he replies to in one place, and has options to only show Deculture's posts and/or Pinkify certain posts. Another anon created an ebook version and usually updates the download link a day or so after each thread ends.
  • Warnings: Contains some violence and mildly suggestive content. Over 150 threads in, expect some archive panic.

Make a contract with me and become a magical girl! The Aisleventure by Brickman

  • Recommended by Canonier
  • Mostly Vanished from the internet. Please post a link to the full thing if found.
  • Synopsis: Apparently a Gamebook about a Puella Magi played by some posters on a forum dedicated to !!MS Paint Adventures ...?
    • Less a Gamebook and more a fusion between Madoka and the traditional "Jackass Genie" game, with most wishes resulting in humorous short stories and some vague continuity arising later on. Some even manage to get happy endings. -Brickman

Meow Quest by TheBleachDoctor

  • Recommended by MrLZRS, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Complete (As of November 14, 2017)
  • Synopsis: When Madoka dies at the hands of Walpurgisnact, a cat she saved from being run over, Amy, makes a contract to go back in time. Now known as Homura, the cat proceeds to go about life as a magical girl. And Mitakihara was never the same again.
  • Comments: In this quest, Homura is replaced by Amy who proceeds to do what cats always do best: Making a mess of things! This Quest is best described as "a vanilla PMMM quest with a cat as the crack." Despite the fact that it's full of Waff, its back story is pretty tragic; as stated by the First timeline. So all in all, it's a WAFF Fest for now but wait until the tragedy sets in. When it comes.
  • Now Has a Trope Page Under Construction

One More Arrow by Markus Ramikin

  • Recommended by strangess, Flairina
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: The last scene in Episode 12 has sparked much discussion and speculation. Here is a well written, very credible story explaining what happened between it and the second to last scene, and what happened afterward. What does a Goddess do after she ascends to heaven?
  • Comments:More to come, but the first block reads well as a story in its own right. A poignant look at Homura's experience and why hope is never a mistake. Sparse, elegant prose style. Manages to make for a happier conclusion to the series without violating any of the Urobuchi's premises or characterizations. Very solid grasp on Homura and distinguished on Mami and Madoka.

Optimal Outcome by Michael Saniyan

  • Recommended by enviroguy, Grand Prince Paul II, and ABadDriver
  • Status: Complete
  • Shipping: One-sided (probably) Homura/Madoka, Kyouko/Sayaka, Mami/Madoka, Hitomi/Sayaka
  • Synopsis: Kyouko is a teacher with Homura as her closest friend. Madoka spends more time with Mami than with anyone else. Sayaka is neglecting normal life in general and Hitomi is struggling with a dead-end relationship. Witches aren't exactly top priority anymore.
  • Comments: Some spoilers for up to episode 10. Another timeline where Mami is not killed by Charlotte but taken out of commission, and Kyouko accepts a deal with Homura to teach Sayaka how to fight. Kyouko and Homura become better friends and pursue their respective love interests. All well and good, except that Charlotte defeating Mami involved breaking off a piece of her soul, driving her to depression and mental instability. This culminates in Mami deciding to kill Homura, largely out of jealousy, and more complications arise as the story progresses. An interesting premise and very well-written. Everyone's more-or-less in character and when they're not (Mami) it's justified by the events of the story. A number of good twists over the course of the story.

Perdendosi by Ember_Keelty

  • Recommended by greedling
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Or: Three people Sayaka loved and one she never managed to.
  • Comments: A oneshot exploring Sayaka's life and everything that led to her fall, from the moment she first heard Kyousuke play violin to the moment her soul shattered. It's very well-written and its prose is almost poetic. Perdendosi is a musical term meaning dying away.

Persephone's Waltz by SailorPtah

  • Recommended by 425599167, Vyslante
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After watching Madoka die so many times, Homura decides to kidnap her and lock her in a basement.
  • Comments: Told primarily from Madoka's perspective, Homura's stalker behavior and damaged psychological state are taken to their logical extreme in an extremely thorough kidnapping scenario. Madoka is understandably terrified and confused as the days drag on until Walpurgisnacht comes, and Homura's drastic change of tactics alters the timeline significantly.
  • Now has its own page.

Puella Magi Adfligo Systema by Firnagzen

  • Recommended by MrLZRS, Unclouded TJ, boonerunner
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A girl named Sabrina wakes up on the verge of death. Luckily, Kyubey is there to have her make a wish; unluckily, she has an entire thread from the forum of Sufficient Velocity in her head as well.
  • Comments: Basically, it's a Quest where you play as an embodiment of Sufficient Velocity as she tries to survive in the world of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and change the outcome of the anime. Her wish was given a lot of freedom by the GM and was eventually settled as "I wish to control grief! My own! That of others! The grief of the Witches! All of it!". Also as the embodiment of the thread she has access to all source material making butterflies everywhere.

Puella Magi Charlotte Magica by Uniko-Starre

  • Recommended by EmmaWoodhouse18
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Charlotte lays dying from cancer when a magical creature named Kyubey turns up. He offers her a new lease on life in exchange for her contracting as a magical girl. Charlotte loves her new, physically-fit body and feels like Sailor Moon, but not all is as it seems...
  • Comments: Considering that Charlotte is the witch who eats Mami, you probably have some idea of what's coming, but even knowing that: this story is really bleak. Like, possibly even worse than Sayaka's storyline in the original. So consider yourself warned. But it has great writing and character development, and will keep you on the edge of your seat, so it's strongly recommended if you can deal with the sadness. Also, it's quite impressive how the author manages to combine a bunch of the more popular Charlotte fanon theories into one really engrossing story.

Puella Magi Homura Magica by Lestaki

  • Recommended by deathcurse, ABadDriver, Grand Prince Paul II, enviroguy, asellus111, Mentalityy
  • Pairing: Homura/Kyoko
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Living in the world Madoka's sacrifice created, Homura, Mami and Kyouko uneasily coexist while fighting the demons of Mitakihara Town. But as the miasma thickens and the demons multiply, the fragile peace of their lives threatens to shatter once more.
  • Comments: It's a great Continuation Fic about Homura, Mami, Kyouko and Hitomi fighting demons as a team while new threats and new conflicts arise.
    • Several OCs are introduced over the course of the story, but they are fairly strong and likable characters in their own right.
      • The OCs can seem to overshadow the canon characters at times, however.
      • I didn't like the OCs. They, the villain in particular, ruined the story for me and I had to stop reading, which is a shame because it was good until that point.

Puella Magi Kiseki Magica by Grimgrendel

  • Recommended by Faust91x AKA Arthur091 AKA Art
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Kyubey: "It's you." Homura: "What do you mean?" Kyubey sounded fascinated. He continued, keeping his eyes on the duo of pink and purple, down in the city: "You were the Walpurgis night. And now Madoka changed you back as the girl you were before." Homura: "Wait, are you saying..." Kyubey: " Yes. Now, there are two Homura Akemi."
  • Comments: Take over the greatest Magnificent Bastards in history and combine them into a small furry critter and you got yourself one of the most despair inducing traumatizing stories ever. This story crosses the Despair Event Horizon so many times and in such a way that one just can't stop reading. Also it includes some of the Kazumi Magica cast and Oriko cameos as pawns on a cold war between Incubators. This author just outdid Urobuchi and in what way!

Puella Magi Mary Sue Magica by SiRenField

  • Recommended by Secret Fan 14
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: At first this version of the timeline seemed static like the others ,until the gang met Niji. A Magical Girl that claims to be Homura's twin sister and seems to be more powerful that what Kyubey is building Madoka up to be, seeing how she can take down witches with one shot. Who is this girl? How does she know about these events before they happen? What was even her wish?
  • Comments: This is one of the... weirder Madoka fanfics. Homura is trying to save Madoka for the ninety-somethingth time, but aside from the usual issues, she's being followed around by this crazy girl named Niji Akemi, who claims to be her "nee-san" and tries to thwart her efforts at every turn. Oh, and did I mention she speaks in weaboo? This is a very well-written Parody Sue fic and one of my favourite Madoka fics.
    • Well-written isn't exactly true. The sentence structure is...clunky. The author can't seem to settle on a tense, there's a lot of telling without much showing, and they make numerous grammatical errors besides. If you're bothered by poor grammar, then this story probably isn't for you.

A Quiet Toast by Chi no Kaori

  • Recommended by greedling
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: At home, Junko always drinks alone.
  • Comments: A well-written oneshot set on the third of October, an eternity and four years after Madoka makes her final wish, about one of the promises Madoka couldn't keep.

Refractions, by amado15.

  • Recommended by gale
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairing(s): None so far.
  • Synopsis: No matter how one would attempt to keep things the same as they used to be, the bending of a "law" would inevitable cause changes in the direction of their world, and that in turn would refract back to the their very lives, in ways that she never expected.
  • Comments: Set sometime after the Rebellion movie. Not much has happened at the moment yet, but the story seems to be focused on how the girls are now living in Homura's new world. What I like about this one compared to the others though, is that the author is really giving some time to expound on how the world is felt by the cast and presumably their adjustments, rather than instantly go to the part of changing it back. I also like how the author hasn't made a clear stance on whether Homura's world is good or bad.

Resonance Days by Taker Foxx (also has a spacebattles thread)

  • Recommended by MadanEccles19, Grand Prince Paul II, mysterius, yagitakeru, myrtenast3r
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Falling their mutual demise at each other's hands, Kyoko and Sayaka wake up in a strange world. Now, with Kyoko's soul gem missing and Sayaka's humanity and personality only partially restored, they must band together to survive.
  • Comments: The synop doesn't do this story justice, at only three chapters it's already looking to be a wild ride.
    • Fifth chapter's up, and it just gets better and better.
    • Oh, and it develops some shipping elements, but its not a main part of the story.
    • 21 chapters and 300K+ words so far, shaping up to be a novel.
    • After a three year hiatus, it came back strong in 2020. It's now at 600k+ words.

Roleplay Puella Game Madoka Magica by Person With Many Aliases

  • Recommended by TSB
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Alright guys, I think it's time you took a break from the doom and gloom and had something a little more lighthearted. "No!" She shouted back, frustrated, "Not yet! I just need a few more minutes! This raid won't last without my help!"
  • Comments: I found the writing a bit weak in places, but the overall concept is so hilarious that I was laughing anyway. All of the magical girls' personalities and quirks are translated brilliantly into gamer archetypes. I was sold on this fic when it described Madoka as the kind of girl who doesn't understand the difference between gaming and playing Bejeweled on her phone.

Salvation or Mercy?, by Skywalker_T65

  • Recommended by LSand91, Brendan Rizzo
  • Status: Dead, Author has begun a Rewrite
  • Synopsis: By all rights, it should have been impossible. Homura had never once seen something like this. Or some'one' like this. She didn't know how to react, when she discovered that Madoka was not...not Madoka. The monster in her body was something she should hate. And yet, she couldn't bring herself to pull the trigger...and nothing would ever be the same.
  • Comments: While far from the first story to involve a certain Witch, this one is an interesting take on the situation. Humanizing a Witch is an interesting premise all on its own. This takes it a step further, and seems to be developing multiple plots in different directions as well. Highly recommended, even if it is still early in the story.

Sayaka Quest by TheOneMoiderah

  • Recommended by: K9Thefirst1, Unclouded TJ, San Demon Max
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: You are in charge of Sayaka Miki. She is fated to die. Your job is to try and stop it for as long as you can. Good luck.
  • Comments: Much like Witch Quest, much fun, awesome shenanigans, and horrifying terror awaits as you try to save one of the most unfortunate characters in fiction from a horrible death.
    • It was completed in 2015, over a year after it first began, with some post-quest omakes (collectively titled “Sappy Bullshit”) posted along the final thread, with a final one on Christmas 2015.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics by TheEdwardz

  • Recommended by Animenutcase, IngaRasen
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Kyubey reflects on the universe and explains the circumstances behind the events of the original timeline. Some science stuff.

The Shrine, by Shadowheartdesigns

  • Recommended by FringeBenefits, hyperderpy
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The story of a simple shrine constructed to honor the Goddess, and its mysterious visitors.
  • Comments: This is a very short but incredibly awesome little story, and it presents an intriguing possibility that Madoka isn't quite as gone from the new world as you might think. It's very sad but very touching, and it gave this troper goosebumps.

Subsumption by Flairina

  • Recommended by hillo315
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: An unknown magical girl comes to what would seem to be the end of her journey, overflowing on grief and becoming a witch... only to quickly discover that she's somehow retained her sanity throughout the process. Freed from the burdens of her former life (and now highly concerned about whether or not her sanity is an isolated case), the newly-birthed Witch of Subsumption flees her home city in favor of a different one, hoping to find answers to her numerous questions, and just maybe find a way to reverse her newfound witchhood in the process. Unfortunately, the city she chooses to flee to is Mitakihara...
  • Comments: Told primarily from the perspective of Ashtaroth in the second person (styling itself as a fake forum quest), this is a serious, but not bleak take on what witches are and how they act, beyond the tragedies that resulted in their existence. Though often lighthearted, there also moments of tragedy, most commonly caused by the results of the numerous fights the protagonist ends up in (despite her best efforts to avoid such conflict). Still, the characters (generally) live on to learn and grow past their blunders... even if that means they will never be the same again. Ashtaroth's power and nature also compliment each other quite well, though the witch herself is often just annoyed with how it continues to cause problems for her. Comes with art for the original witches and magical girls involved in the storyline.

Times Like These by dear future

  • Recommended by obstinateRixatrix, Grand Prince Paul II, greedling
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Even in a world without magic, where there are no miracles to light the way out of the darkness of despair, everything balances itself out.
  • Comments: A oneshot taking a look at the lives of the Puella Magi girls if Kyubey didn't exist to screw them over. It is very much worth the read!

Tip Of The Spear by Thagguy, aka 2313021

  • Reccomended by Marston
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It is the easiest thing in the world to lie to yourself. It is also the hardest.
  • Comments: From the same author who brought us Red Soul, this fanfic is a short but very interesting one-shot fic that serves as a in-depth character study on Kyoko Sakura and goes in detail on both her former idealistic mindset and her current cynical and selfish one. Kyoko is perfectly in-character here, and the whole story feels like something that could have easily occurred in canon. Definately a must-read for any fans of her.

To The Stars by Hieronym

  • Recommended by Sackett, asellus111, greedling, mysterius, Rubberychicken, Unclouded TJ, Vyslant&eacute, Late Pocketwatch;
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Based on the glimpses of the new world we see in the last episode. Fast forward several hundred years and humanity has spread across the stars.
  • Comments: Incredible world building, and great to see Mami and Kyouko again. Mami is still being Mami, and Kyouko is preaching the good news. Homura is mysteriously absent...
  • Comments: As one of a very few distant future take on how the Puella Magi system might evolve, it is probably one of the best, with a setting that is both recognizably in the Madoka-verse, yet uniquely different.
    • I will be honest: This troper doesn't like this fic. It is incredibly well-written and designed. The best way I can explain it is that of you are looking for a decent sci-fi fic, look here. If you are looking for a Madoka fic, look elsewhere. The themes and characters are almost completely different from the anime.
    • In this troper's opinion, it depends on what you saw in Madoka. If you're looking for a story about magical girls in a realistic universe, where intelligence and exploitation of the rules is necessary to win, To The Stars is for you. If you're looking for beautiful character interaction, between believable OCs and the between the canon characters, To The Stars is for you. If you're looking for a dark pure-deconstruction magical girl fic, or a cosmic horror story, or even a story of sacrifice, To The Stars is probably not for you. (And if you don't like worldbuilding, To The Stars is definitely not for you.)
    • This fic is ambitious, but this troper would disagree with the notion that it sacrifices key aspects of the original material and say it is fully involved. How would the thematic concepts of 'hope' apply to a lopsided interstellar alien war, 'potential' to a post scarcity society, 'souls' to the existence of non-human sapient entities, and 'magic' that is yet to be reconciled with centuries of advances in physics (although implementation of automation and refinement advances)? All the main canon characters have complex characterizations, major prestige in story, and extensive roles in the plot and main character's life. 'Wish fulfillment' of this OC makes her life exactly as fun as expected in this franchise. The fic is as long as it is because all of that is contained in a cohesive narrative.
  • Has a page.

Solemnis by El Conservatore

  • Recommended by NG14916, mysterius
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A spin-off of the fanfic To the Stars (see above). This story takes place before the events of To the Stars and follows a British girl named Emma Sinclair who becomes a magical girl and takes part in the Samsara campaign.
  • Comments: This story doesn't have as much of a focus on world-building as To the Stars, but the characters are likable and the action and dialogue are well-written. If you liked To the Stars and want more, it can't hurt to give this story a try.

Veritable by AnonymousRabbit

  • Recommended by: kylina
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: You are Homura Akemi. You've suffered through the loops, seen Madoka wish for a better world and now you're living in this whole new world she made as best you can. Unfortunately, the Rebellion has begun and you've received a message.
  • Comments: Compelling storyline with very long and frequent updates, so much so that the playerbase has essentially begged for the Rabbit to slow down. Only just finished the tutorial level and what a ride it has been.Has a page

What A Human Can Do by Opt281

  • Recommended by Psyga315 and the Ace of Scarabs
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The story of a young man, a time loop, and the secret world that he discovers while trying to escape it.
  • Comments: The story is mostly about the young man investigating and slowly finding out about the secret world of the Magical Girl after noticing Mami had vanished and the ensuing hilarity and drama that comes from it. This is a great story that shows that Original Characters can be interesting when done right. I do warn that it does contain spoilers for up to episode ten. Also, there is some OCxYellow shipping.

Witch Quest by Chibi-Reaper

  • Recommended by: Aegeus, Shinji117, Makuta 9999, Flairina
  • Status: Last updated Dec 2013
  • Synopsis: "You are Rochelle. The witch of Regret. A damned huge spider, or something really close to it. You never really liked arachnids, so you kind of regret what you've become in more ways than one..." (Un)Fortunately, you're caught up in Homura's timeloops, so you have a chance to fix what you regret. Can you befriend the magical girls trying to kill you, or will you get napalm'd yet again? An ongoing quest on the forum.
  • Comments: It starts off a bit silly, but once the novelty of being a giant spider wears off, the forumgoers begin to earnestly try to get a good ending for everyone. However, between the mentally unstable magical girls, Kyubey trying to do mad science to her, and Homura, who responds to things that disrupt her carefully planned timeloops with napalm, it's a very difficult quest. And even time-looping won't get them out of everything...
    • Chibi-Reaper has described himself as a Healing-Type writer. It shows.
    • View just the story (and fanart) here.
    • Has a TV Tropes page here.

A Wish to Disappear by TripTwo

  • Recommended by Aegeus
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Lyudmila, the watching witch. Her nature is obfuscation. Those lured into her maze are tested for the worthiness to gaze at her true self. In order to defeat her, one must be prepared to separate truth from trickery.
  • Comments: Revolves around an OC (a magical girl named Violet), but it's got very good Original Flavor. Violet's powers of illusion and invisibility give her a unique viewpoint as she learns about witches and magical girls. You know it'll end in tears from the start, but it's how she gets there that's important. Eight chapters, complete.

Universal by Shadow's Forge

  • Recommended by PicardsDouble
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The universe has changed, as has the life of one Sayaka Miki. Follow her as she adjusts to her new life and rises to fit alongside friends new and old against horrors not even the Incubators have envisioned.
  • Comments: The author is pretty well known here for the Bleach fanfic Downfall (looking like a dead fic now, sadly). The story is told in the 1st person, Sayaka's perspective specifically. For those who think the parent series is a little too Darker and Edgier, seeing that things have actually turned out pretty nicely for all concerned. It's from before Rebellion, so bear that in mind. The more visible OC's are likeable enough. Felt that more could have been made with the main part of the final battle; yes it's Sayaka's story, but the real fight is were Madoka's at, and I felt we could have seen more of that. But on the whole, a touching Lighter and Softer story in contrast to the glut of dark fics that make up the majority. Just a word though, Saya x Kyo shippers will be disapponted...

[1], by Mana Merci

  • Recommended by Azaleon_Nights
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: She resets... only to find out she's not a magical girl anymore. Now, Akemi Homura's just a human girl with heart disease, bad eyesight, and serious mental issues. With such a cruel disadvantage this time around, can she still save Madoka from her fate?
  • Comments: A beautiful and immersive story, but that's not much to say is it. Not only is the hook interesting, the writer is a fantastic visual storyteller, and their writing cuts deep into the characters and their psyche, while still maintaining a riveting story and keeping up the pace so it never gets disinteresting. It's tense, ominous, and absolutely worth getting into.

    Shipping Fics 

How Not to be Scandalous (and other common college dilemmas) by BeanOtter

  • Recommended by CDN
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairing: Madoka/Homura,Sayaka/Kyoko
  • Synopsis: Madoka learns how to tango with college, life, sharing a dorm room with her best friend, and talking to that one mysterious stranger down the hall.
  • Comments:Just what you need to cope for whenever you've finished rewatching the main show. The characterization is on point for more matured megucas and it's pure fluff so far. I expect much shenanigans to be had in the future.

Throwing a Cross in Heresy by BeanOtter

  • Recommended by CDN
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairing: Madoka/Homura
  • Synopsis: Reverse Vampire AU Special
  • Note: Fic takes a place in the same universe of the authors' other vampire fic, but with different setting.
  • Comments:Fic is still in the first chapter, but it has left a strong (comedic) impression on me, that I must share it. There is nothing better than incompetent vampire Homura, and aggressive Madoka, in her noble pursuit to be bitten by said vampire.

Clutching a Cross in Prayer by BeanOtter

  • Recommended by CDN
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairing: Madoka/Homura, Kyoko/Mami
  • Synopsis: Two best friends whose lives get much more difficult after a pair of vampires take a liking to them. As if being Hunters in a world filled with supernatural creatures wasn't bad enough.
  • Tags: Aged-Up Characters, Violence, Explicit Sexual Content.
  • Comments: Always good to see aggressive Madoka. Plot is slowly but surely unfolding as the chapters go. The spice is nice and the lore is intriguing. Definitely favorite of mine.

5 Kisses by Five Tailed Demon Dog

  • Recommended by SanDemonMax
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Madoka/Homura
  • Synopsis: Five times Homura and Madoka kissed.
  • Comments: A retelling of four moments from Episode 10, as well as a fifth moment during Ultimate Madoka's destruction of Kremhield Gretchen, if the girls were closer than best friends.

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Badly by ZipCode

  • Recommended by Comartemis, enviroguy, greedling, Mentalityy, ipod123432
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairing: Homura/Kyouko
  • Synopsis: Homura wakes up in a world where the only witch is the one in her head.
  • Comments: Kyubey, the Witches, and the Puella Magi are all gone. The good guys won, and everyone gets to live "normally" in a new timeline. Now What?? Everyone lives Happily Ever After? Turns out it's not quite that simple, especially not for Homura and Kyouko. Word of God says this one will have a happy ending. Eventually.
    • Rather dark, but very powerful. This story has a very believable take on how Homura would be affected by the repeated timelines and trials (in this fic, over 400 of them), and the trouble she would have adjusting to regular life afterwards. The characterization is great, with only one notable occurrence of Out of Character on Sayaka's part (which many considered justified or at least believable). Kyouko's life has been changed a lot in this world, but she still fits in rather well with canon characterization. And it's possible that magic was a factor ruining her life in this world too...

A Brand New Day by ShadowKittenMewFan

  • Recommended by enviroguy, Grand Prince Paul II, hyperderpy
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Homura/Sayaka, hints of Homura/Mami, Homura/Kyouko, Kyouko/Sayaka
  • Synopsis: Madoka's Wish changed the universe. Broke the system. Gave everyone a new chance. What will life hold for Homura in a world without Puellae Magi, or Witches ... or Incubators? A very AU story in an alternate post-series time-line.
  • Comments:
    • One of the best Homura/Sayaka multi-chapter fanfic on, and notable for actually making the pairing work believably and enjoyably with both in-character, despite all the canon evidence against this possibility. Very character-driven, and a nice look at how everyone would interact in a non-magical until the epilogue setting. Does get darker later on, though elaborating further would be too spoilery. The story's genre is Drama for a reason.

Broken Rose by Danny Barefoot

  • Recommended by enviroguy
  • Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
    • Backup found. Always check the Wayback Machine before declaring something lost. In this case, it was found by running a Wayback Machine search on the author's profile on
  • Pairings: Kyouko/Sayaka
  • Synopsis: Throughout many timelines, their distance remains the same.
  • Comments:
    • An excellent look at how Kyouko and Sayaka, as well as the other Puellae Magi, might have interacted over a dozen timelines. Places more evidence on Kyouko's past than most fics, and really plays up the Mirror Character dynamic between her and Sayaka, given all of the different scenarios they are placed in. Doesn't really get serious with the shipping until the last few chapters. All of the characters are portrayed very believably and in-character. Definitely worth a read, especially for fans of either character or the ship itself.

A Different Path by TwinCarcino

  • Recommended by Prometheus117
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Sayaka/Homura, Mami/Madoka
  • Synopsis: Homura was just trying to home after her first day at school when a blue haired classmate offered to help her find a safer route. What changes when she doesn't bear witness to the existence of magical girls and witches that fateful day? A lot.
  • Comments: An interesting What If? AU where Homura in the original timeline doesn't learn about magical girls and witches upon being rescued by Madoka, but instead is diverted away from the event all-together by Sayaka. From this choice the plot snowballs into an entirely different direction from canon while still maintaining some level of semblance to it, such as Walpurgist arriving in Mitakihara and Sayaka eventually making a contract, though for entirely different reasons. It gives a surprisingly believable reason for Homura falling for Sayaka that plays out gradually and realistically over the chapters with plenty of Character Development for all involved that pays off, such as Sayaka not going absolutely ballistic at Hitomi and Kyosuke going being together. Of course, being PMMM, it's not without tragedy, like Madoka and Mami dying against Walpurgis with Sayaka unable to say goodbye or even patch up their rocky relationship, but these give the story depth. A worthwhile read, even for those who probably wouldn't have considered Sayaka/Homura.

A Happy Dream by angel0wonder

  • Recommended by EpicFightingTroper, asellus111, Ultimate Chimera, enviroguy, Sachiko, TakerFoxx, ryanson209, Mentalityy
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairing: Kyouko/Sayaka
  • Synopsis: A AU Fic where where the Magical Girl system does not exist, but our two lead's problems still do. The homeless Kyouko moves in with the more well-off Sayaka and becomes Vitriolic Best Buds with her... and maybe something more.
  • Comments: Hands down, if you are in any way a fan of the KyouSaya pairing, you just HAVE to read this. It's cute, funny, heartwarming, with a side order of tease and a whole lotta heart. All the character's personalities are perfectly nailed down here (No OOC here, ladies and gentlemen!), and the interactions between the two leads are absolutely hilarious. A MUST READ.
    • Sachiko: It is also full of Shout Outs to the original series, some of them incredibly funny, some awe-inspiring. They all just fit in a way that can be even frightening. And seeing Kyoko and Sayaka's personalities clash one moment, then open to each other little by little at another moment can bring one to tears. If Madoka Magica was turned into a slice of life, I'm sure it would look at least a bit like this fic, so if you like that kind of stories and liked Madoka Magica, you must read it, no excuses.

Have Your Death And Eat Cake Too by SailorPtah

  • Recommended by fishsicles, mysterius
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Madoka/Homura, Kyouko/Sayaka, Madoka/Harem, a bit of Mami/Charlotte
  • Synopsis: An examination of the "heaven" created by Madokami at the end of the series. Written from the prompt "Madoka(mi?)'s magical girl harem".
  • Comments:
    • fishsicles: Well-written and entertaining, even if you are not that much of a shipper. One of the best among the many fics that aim to turn the (arguable) Esoteric Happy Ending into a genuine one, and by my estimation succeeds.

Heaven Is A Zombie Apocalypse by ZipCode

  • Recommended by Comartemis, enviroguy, greedling
  • Status: Dead
  • Pairing: Kyouko/Sayaka
  • Synopsis: Kyouko and Sayaka wake up alive and in one piece. The question is how, why, and why the heck has Mitakihara become a Ghost Town?
  • Comments: Starts off with fluff and shipping goodness, gains a touch of psychological horror later on.

The Lakeside by ghikiJ

  • Recommended by Flairina
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It is said that loneliness is the poison of happiness and that it can be a fate worse than death. But perhaps all it takes is a stranger's kindness and arbitrary words to null the curse and lift the spirit up enough that even Witches can find solidarity and a sense of belonging, maybe even a bond that can challenge the laws of fate and turn a curse into a blessing. AU. Oneshot.
  • Comments: A heartbreaking little fanfic that accomplishes everything the show did in terms of feeling in only 10000 words. Centering around Oktavia and Ophelia, the witches are brought in to a new light that makes them all the more tragic in not only their inevitable "function", but as characters in and of themselves. Semi Sayaka/Kyoko shipping, but not exactly.

The Only Constant by Raiyo

  • Recommended by Robotic Skies
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Slight Homura/Madoka
  • Synopsis: Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed. Homura as she tries to keep her world from falling apart again and again. Spoilers. Character death.
  • Comments: This is a story written very early into the fandom before ending or many plot related episodes had aired and, as such, is no longer canon. However, I really love the emotion displayed in this piece and find it to be done quite well.

Pure Pink Pretty Lovers, by Triple R.

The Persistence of Memory by BobBQ

  • Recommended by tsotap
  • Status: Dormant. Slow updates
  • Synopsis: [Post-Rebellion] To strike down a devil is no small feat, but to help her stand up again is greater still. Stormclouds gather on Mitakihara's horizon as those who rule above and below maintain an uneasy peace, dispatching loyal servants into a troubled world. When one story ends and another begins, the only way forward is together.
  • Pairings: Kyosaya, Mami/Nagisa, slight Homura/Madoka.

The Sword of Justice and the Shield of Time by StormFarron185

  • Recommended by Prometheus117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Tags: Romance/Drama
  • Pairings: Sayaka/Homura
  • Synopsis: Homura Akemi was alone when she started her journey to save Madoka Kaname. That was how she believed it would always be. Timeline after timeline. Failure after failure, she finds herself an unexpected partner in her mission.
  • Comments: A What If? diverging where Sayaka first learns the truth about Magical Girls from Kyubey, when, upon learning that Homura was the one to retrieve her Soul Gem when Madoka threw it, also learns the truth of the circumstances of Mami's death from Madoka as well and reluctantly thanking Homura. This spirals into Sayaka training to become strong enough to fight Walpurgis and slowly learning the truth about Homura's time-looping as well as inadvertently getting sent back to the start of the loop with her while trying to come to terms with her own budding feelings for her new teacher and a girl she used to hate with a passion. Things start getting much more complicated with Sayaka accidentally gaining access to some of Oktavia's powers upon just barely averting transforming into a Witch and the arrival of Oriko and Kirika in the next loop to kill Madoka (along with hinting at a future threat even greater than Walpurgis). A well-done read filled with action and drama.
  • Now with a page of its own.

Walpurgis Nights by Takerfoxx.

  • Recommended by robinb
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairings: Madoka/Homura, Kyouko/Sayaka, Charlotte/Mami
  • Synopsis: As they lay with their broken bodies bleeding out and their soul gems slowly giving into corruption, they thought that it would be the end for them, that they were doomed to become monsters. What they didn't know was that there was a second chance waiting for them and all others like them: a second chance to live, a second chance to love, a second chance to heal. And all it would cost them was everything.
  • Comments: It's about all the characters in the afterlife as witches, ignoring the third movie. It's an interesting take on the afterlife, and the world building is superb. As a note, Charlotte is a different character from the movie and is aged up.

    Crossover Fics 

Aimhrialtacht, by Bloom_Farella

  • Recommended by Lia Merez
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover: Winx Club
  • Synopsis: Aimhrialtacht is the Irish word for "anomaly". A magi who countlessly repeats the same month is definitely an irregularity, but a pair of "magis" with wings is an anomaly. Or it'd be if they weren't two (young) fairies, Daphne and Roxy, trying to fix the abhorrent ordeal Kyubey has set on Earth and its girls.
  • Comments: As a huge fan of both franchises, PMMM and Winx, I'm wordless before how well-thought this fic is. Both Daphne and Roxy (from Winx Club) meet the Holy Quintet during one of the infinite timelines Homura has looped. Like Homura, Daphne has suffered a lot and was just resurrected after 20 years as a ghost. And, Roxy, the former last fairy on Earth and its brand new crown princess, has the duty to solve the magical girls/witches issue which is throwing away the magical equilibrium.
  • Tags: Angst, fairies, Hurt/Comfort, PTSD, not Bloom-centered, Pre-Rebellion, Being meguca is suffering

Grief Science by Cornet Hummy Also on FFN and Tumblr

  • Recommended by: Odafangirl, RN452
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossing over with: Portal Two, but in an AU way.
  • Synopsis: "You can have whatever you want if you just wish for it." It's a tempting proposition, but it comes with consequences. Chell knows them well, but she may be the last hope of a divergent timeline. Portal/Madoka fusion AU. Humanized cores and GLaDOS, for a given measure of "human." Mild, slow-burn Chelley with a few other potential pairings, but not very romance-heavy.
  • Comments: This fic takes a pretty simple premise and just runs off with it. A lot of thought has been put into this, with even relatively simple characters like the Adventure and Fact Cores being given very human motivations and backstories. Chell and GLaDOS are wonderfully represented and the take on Wheatley is inspired; his slow descent into anger and despair is truly a thing to behold. This is very much a Madoka story; mystery and secrets, pushing characters until they break, and a lot of mounting tension. Also witches. If you like witches you'll like this story. While the story takes place in one of Homura's "failed" loops this actually reinforces its existentialist messages, that you don't need to fix everything, but take life as it is.

As Time Diverges: The Mitakihara Case by NaXyld

  • Recommended by: TheNerfGuy and Psyga315
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossing over with: Death Note
  • Synopsis: SPOILERS! Within The time loop... a small detail changed. This small detail caused two young men, who might have been mortal enemies, to instead become allies. And the key to the truth of the Incubator might not be a Puella Magi or a witch... it could be them.
  • Comments: This story has the potential to be very good. Well written, suspenseful, catches the themes of both fandoms. The author is providing the right warnings too. The only thing that could ruin it is the lone continuity error and even that might not do much against the fic.
    • It also provides the same "mystery" element from What A Human Can Do and contains a good L/Light relationship in which they are working together, rather than against each other.

Clockwork Tarantella By Anonymous writer. (Note that the site itself is NSFW but the page and fic are safe. )

  • Recommended by Elkian.
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Dave Strider/Homura Akemi....sort of.
  • Crosses over with: Homestuck/MS Paint Adventures
  • Synopsis: Dave gets hit with an unusual attack and suddenly ends up back on Earth - Japan, to be specific. He makes friends with the other resident time-traveler.
  • Warning - this will almost definitely make you cry.

Five Times Sburb Almost Broke Sakura Kyouko (And One Time She Helped Break It) By Ember_Keelty

  • Recommended by Miragician
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Kyoko/Sayaka
  • Crosses over with: Homestuck/MS Paint Adventures
  • Synopsis: Kyoko Sakura decides to play a game of Sburb with her friends. Things quickly get complicated, not to mention that Kyoko has a dream predicting her death at the hands of Sayaka...

Crimson to Your Azure Sapphire by Ryouko Akizakura

  • Recommended by: Love Psycho
  • Status: Dormant
  • Crosses over with: Blue Exorcist
  • Pairings: Rin/Kyoko
  • Synopsis: Kyoko is sent to Assiah on Kyubey's recommendation to help with a problem - for some reason, Witches are appearing and causing chaos there. At the same time, she is asked to look after the "Son of Satan": not that she is told who that is. Meanwhile, she finds a strange attraction to one of her fellow "classmates" - Okumura Rin.
  • Comments: Honestly...strange, but done very well. Done from Kyoko's POV and honestly well written. Slow to develop and well thought out character interactions - and at times very funny. Kyoko enjoys tormenting Rin and it shows. There are some AU elements on both sides - Rin hasn't been revealed as the Son of Satan yet, Paku is still in Cram School and despite Madoka having ascended, the Witches and such still exist. If you like both PMMM and Blue Exorcist, you will probably like this.

God, by linkhyrule5

  • Recommended by Comartemis, enviroguy
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with: Touhou Project
  • Synopsis: Madoka was prepared to spend eternity fighting witches. She was somewhat less prepared for what being a sentient concept actually entailed. The good news is, there's people who can show her the ropes for that sort of thing. The somewhat-less good news is, the one she's got is everyone's favorite boundary manipulator. And Reimu's already getting a headache from this one.
  • Comments: Takes place post-series, obviously. LH5 has some interesting ways of visualizing Madoka's existence as a sentient concept, the downside to which is that you need to follow along rather closely at first or risk suffering a Mind Screw.

A Hero by Bioweapon 155

  • Recommended by dalekandrews, Comartemis, ABadDriver, Robinton
  • Status: Dead, by Wordof God
  • Crossing over with: Doctor Who
  • Synopsis: Heroes can come from the most unlikely of places. And what is more unlikely than a Dalek trying to resurrect his dead race?
  • Coments: Dalek Sec inexplicably survives his death in "Daleks in Manhattan" (somehow negating the whole Half-Human Hybrid thing along the way), and ends up tracking Homura's shield through Mitakihara.
    • Comartemis: There is nothing in the world that is quite as sweet as a Dalek talking morals with an Incubator, declaring their methods to be repulsive, and meaning it without a trace of irony. If you despise the Incubators and would love to see QB's Omniscient Morality License shoved back down his throat, I guarantee you that Sec is going to be your new best friend.
    • WARNING: This story will make you root for the Daleks. You have been warned.

IrregularS, by Sergio Turbo

  • Recommended by desdendelle
  • Status: Complete
  • Crosses over with: Lyrical Nanoha, set at the time of the first chapter of the manga (between A's and StrikerS).
  • Synopsis: What would happen if Madoka made a different wish and failed to change the universe? Homura would keep on fighting, obviously. However, things are different in this timeline. For example, she's the White Devil's cousin...
  • Comments: This is, obviously, an AU. It is Lighter and Softer compared to PMMM. Also, it's a good idea to watch the entire series before reading this.

Lyrical Chronicles by velsper56

  • Recommended by: dalekandrews
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossing over with: Lyrical Nanoha, Magic Knight Rayearth and some Super Robot Wars.
  • Synopsis: Precia Testarossa's use of the Jewel Seeds causes more damage to the dimensional walls surrounding Earth than anyone could've expected. Now magical girls from across time and space have gathered. Forging new allegiances and battling new foes. Set up. Go!
  • Coments: A supposedly dead Mami Tomoe and Homura Akemi End up in the Nanohaverse's Earth after the whole Jewel Seed crisis happens. Mami's soul merges with Alisa Bannings. Nanoha blows up witches. Homura becomes a different sort of magical girl through a Journey to the Center of the Mind. Both of them become even more badass.

Madoka X Nanoha by MASULAO MAXIMUM.

  • Recommended by Andyzero
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A Lyrical Nanoha / Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover. In the face of the Walpurgisnacht; the Puella Magi are aided by another group of girls with magical powers that do not come from Kyuubey. Their faith in friendship is strong; and their magic is world-cracking. But can The Power of Friendship and More Dakka alone defeat the conglomeration of the dark side of the wishes of mankind?

The Many Lives Of Mami Tomoe, by Sheo Darren

  • Recommended by R Bomber, Brendan Rizzo
  • Status: Dormant
  • Crossover with: Ghost Rider, Fate/stay night, Is This A Zombie?, Guyver, Stardust Witch Meruru, Takamachi Nanoha of 2814, Lyrical Nanoha (yes, the original), Ultimate Girls, Alan Scott's Green Lantern.
  • Synopsis: Kyubey is not the only entity out there that can grant a second shot at life. What if someone else beat him to Mami? Everything turns upside down, that's what.
  • Comments: A What If? story, when Mami Tomoe receiving power from another entities other than Kyubey. An utter Crack Fic, featuring different world every single chapter. Sheo Darren aware of this wiki, so expect Shout-Out, a lot of them. Also incorporates some other series (which isn't listed here, since they usually only Shout-Out). If you want a good laugh, or just too depressed after watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica, this is a good read. Oh yeah, last chapter was kinda long and more serious than other chapters, so you've been warned. But it is also had good stories.

Paved with the best intentions by Zipcode

  • Recommended by: dalekandrews
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossing over with: Lyrical Nanoha.
  • Synopsis: None.
  • Comments: A very weird welding of both Nanoha and Puella Magi canon. Written by Zipcode, so it's well worth the read.

Puella Magi Amelia Magica by Melengro

  • Recommended by biichan, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossing over with: Doctor Who
  • Synopsis: In which Incubator gets his paws on Amy. Because Eleven didn’t come back…
  • Comments: Is it wrong to rec something you convinced someone to write? Because this is really good. It takes a depressing premise, turns it into something absolutely heartbreaking, and the last line is the wham ending to end all wham endings. Plus, we get witch card text for Amy's witch.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica In by ZipCode

Ripple Effect by andyjay18

  • Recommended by FringeBenefits/BHS, foxmccloud4387, hyperderpy
  • Status: Complete
  • Crosses over with: Back to the Future
  • Synopsis: Space-time is like Jenga; you pull one block out, and the rest come tumbling down.
  • Comments: It's astonishing just how well this works. This is, in all honesty, one of the best-written, best thought-out fics I've ever read. The author clearly understands the intricacies of both universes well enough to make everything fit together. There are so many brilliant little touches: the connections that are drawn between important events, the little nods to other anime and sci-fi properties, the way events from the BttF movies are presented in a very, very different light... It's a very short read at only three chapters, but it's absolutely 100% worth it. As a fellow author of an equally preposterous Crossover fic, I earnestly recommend giving Ripple Effect a chance.

Spindle by Nardaviel

  • Recommended by Vash Ti
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crosses over with: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!!
  • Synopsis: There's nothing too special about Kinshirou and Atsushi, but En will do anything to save them.
  • Comments: This is a novel-style retelling of the Madoka plot, but using the Boueibu characters. If you found yourself wishing for a magical boy anime that was just darker and more like Madoka, you might want to give this a spin. It's fantastically written and thoughtful, with great characterisation, and still has the potential to surprise you; and while it's centred on the En/Kinshirou/Atsushi triad, most characters are involved at some point. Read it just to learn how to get Yufuin En off his ass, tbh.

Stars Above, by BHS and Forzare

  • Recommended by hyperderpy, Mentalityy
  • Status: Complete.
  • Crossover with: Lucky Star
  • Pairings: Kagami/Homura, Tsukasa/Miyuki, sort of
  • Synopsis: Homura crosses timelines to transfer into Kagami's class in Ryouou High, in order to protect the Hiiragi sisters from a multidimensional threat... one that's already destroyed one universe.
  • Comments: Revising my earlier comments: This is much, much more than a mere "shipping fic". What's being done in Stars Above is a real, honest-to-God epic crossover. The authors clearly understand the important themes of both series, and care deeply about both sets of characters. They're doing a great job of contrasting the two worlds, and playing the differences in interesting ways. Special mention also goes to the fight scenes, which are awesomely epic and creepy in the same way the Witch battles were in Madoka. Highly recommended!

Manly Magi Kamina Magica! by Nintendoman58

  • Recommended by: Perion123, Brendan Rizzo
  • Crossover with: Gurren Lagann
  • Status: All but the Epilogue have been posted, however, it's been several years since the last update.
  • Synopsis: A man's soul does not disappear after death. No, it only goes where it is needed next. Now Kamina, once the proud leader of the invincible team Dai-Gurren must now do everything in his power to make five magical girls grab hold of their own paths!
  • Comments: What happens when you put the manliest of men in a magic girl deconstruction? This, apparently. Happy endings for all, Kamina's characterization is great, and Sayaka pilots Lagann. Go. Now.
  • Pairing(s): None
  • Tags: Fantasy/sci-fi

Time and a Word by Extra Savoir Faire

  • Recommended by Link On Scepter
  • Crossover with: Video Devil May Cry
  • Status: Hiatus (?)/Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Homura Akemi has made countless attempts to defeat the witch Walpurgisnacht, turning back time every time she fails, repeating the same month over and over, with no one even being aware of it. After one such repeat, she meets a man in a stylish red coat, claiming to be aware of time looping. Will the presence of this man be enough to change her fate?
    • Comments: The second fanfic to get me interested in the PMM Universe, Time and a Word is one of the few DMC Fanfics that out there that I actually enjoy. Set after the ending of DMC 5, Dante and Vergil have returned to the human world...only to discover that not much time had passed since they left. Eventually, Dante realizes that it's because of Homura's Time Loop and (after fucking around a bit) decides to help the girl out to end it (since he remembers the loops thanks to his Time Manipulation powers/abilities). What follows is Dante being his typical self while fucking around with the Magical Girls. It's one of the few fics that I can honestly say gets Dante's personality right, actually shows off how he fights, and keeps things interesting. Best of all: No Shipping!
    • Unfortunately, the Author takes a LONG time to write Chapters. Thus the fic might as well be on hiatus at this point. In addition, it follows in the footsteps of many PMM Crossover Fics. Where the fic focuses more on the Magical Girls and their lives, while the Crossover character mostly remains on the sidelines doing very little. Save for killing a few witches. Still though, I think it has potential to be great...if the author continues it.

Walk With Me by Starcrossed Sky. (Main site NSFW, page and thread safe)

  • Recommended by Elkian.
  • Status: Complete
  • Crosses over with: Homestuck/MSPA
  • Synopsis: Homura and the other magical girls end up playing Sburb. Dave lends a hand.
  • Comments: From the same prompt as the previous fic (requesting Dave and Homura meeting) but a different author. (Again, link to a site with NSFW content, but the page given is safe.)

The Xth Loop: Sword/Stilled Time by ItsaRandomUsername

  • Recommended by StevetheCornMuffin
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairings: *Possible in the future...*
  • Crosses over with: Fate/stay night, post-5th War
  • Synopsis: In this Madoka Magica/Type-MOON fusion-crossover through a series of traumatizing, dangerous events Homura Akemi accidentally ends up Contracted with a certain Counter Guardian who was trying to kill her moments before as she re-enters her newest timeloop. The presence of this red mantled, vaguely untrustworthy man of steel will irrevocably alter the events of the series. But in this uneasy alliance the zinger question is who will get saved first: Madoka Kaname, or the world?
  • Put simply, this is a team-up between the resident badasses of Fate/stay night and Madoka Magica. What could end up as a simple curbstomp battle through and through as a result of a Homura/Archer tagteam is not so, because the Contract between the two is far from perfect, leaving valuable prana supplies necessary for Noble Phantasm spamming from Archer in precarious supply. This theme of urgency and seriousness is palpable throughout the fic. Not only does it stay true to the spirit of Nasu and Urobichi's works, Archer's interactions with the rest of the girls, and the glimpses into his mysterious, dark past are certainly the highlights of the story.

Ragazza Magica Renza Veneti by Mr CJ

  • Recommended by spacemonkey37, mysterius
  • Status: Dormant
  • Crosses over with: Lyrical Nanoha
  • Synopsis: Puella Magi fight across all time and space, and on the Aligned World of Caglica, one Renza Veneti is about to get thrown into an extremely difficult game of secrecy, Judiciary, Mafiosi and Incubators. In a world where magic is known and understood, fighting in secret as a magical girl is both an easier and trickier thing...
  • Comments: A post-Madoka story that explores the life of a magical girl on another world. Aside from Kyuubey, the cast is thus far composed entirely of original characters.

Unite the Two Angels by Shiue Evelyn Fha

  • Recommended by TheNerfGuy
  • Status: Complete
  • Crosses over with: Ojamajo Doremi
  • Synopsis: Used the Alternative Timeline for Puella Magi and the Alternative Reality for Ojamajo Doremi. It's revealed later that Kyuubey actually wants to destroy Majokai by recruiting the girls into Puella Magi, but when they realize their fault, they also find a relationship between Madoka and Doremi! What's the relationship? Is it can save Majokai from Kyuubey's actual plan?
  • Comments: An AU fic on both fronts. A very interesting read to say the least.

Mado Nano Crossover by Bun150 (translated by Life4Kaoru)

Puella Stellae Madoka Magica by Snowflames

  • Recommended by: iowaforever
  • Status: Dormant
  • Crossover: Warhammer 40,000
  • Synopsis: Witnessing the atrocities of the universe, the Emperor of Mankind despairs. That is, until he turns his gaze upon a gem of a world, and manifests his holy spirit unto one Homura Akemi, bidding the fate of the Imperium and the future of the universe on one Madoka Kaname.
  • Comments: If you ever wanted to see a crossover where things get worse for both ends of the crossover, then this is the one. And the top thing on this list? BLOODTHIRSTER SAYAKA.

All For You by InvertedNuke

  • Recommended by: RN 452
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover: Future Diary
  • Synopsis: "Yuno Gasai is at the brink of despair again. But this time, a magical creature comes to entice her with the possibility of making a wish. It only requires making a contract."
  • Comments: It happens after both series' endings, so there will be spoilers, but it answers a common question: what if Queen of Yanderes, Yuno Gasai, were a Puella Magi? The result is a plot in which Mami and Kyouko have to deal with someone with thinking out of their league. Well described battles and good dealing of the characters, recommended!
    • This troper has a different opinion. Fanfiction is more than just about writing characters and battle scenes, it's also about pouring the writer's feelings, ideas and impressions of certain things. Regardless of your opinions about Future Diary, you will enjoy this fanfiction if you like Madoka Magica Rebellion movie. If you hate Rebellion movie, then don't bother reading this fanfiction, as it will only reopen the old wound.

Unforeseen Consequences ( version) by Midnak

You Are Not Alone by lalunaticscribe

  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover: Transformers
  • Synopsis: The Autobots, Sam, Mikaela, and their military allies decide to marathon the Madoka series. The show resonates with them all.
  • Comments: This rather short story shows that some emotions like hope are universal.

Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms by Ford1114

  • Recommended by Saint River
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: On December 25th, 2012, Japan's heroes are wiped out by an violent outbreak called, Lost Christmas. It is now 2022, a lone high school student becomes involved with a resistance group, along side five magical girls, to regain the country's independence.
  • Crossover with: Guilty Crown, YuYuGiDigiMoon
  • Comments: This is the first Guilty Crown mega crossover as a retelling, but it averts typical crossover tropes use and delves a deeper experience of Shu's interactions with his development. The magical girls are an interesting touch, and the story becomes more enjoyable as it goes on.
  • Has a trope page.

Shatter by Kazuki Naruse

  • Recommended by Ford 1114
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Guilty Crown
  • Synopsis: Kyubey needs a new set of magical girls, and he just so happened to wander into a universe full of unfulfilled wishes.
  • Comments: This one-shot is decent enough for the Guilty Crown girls to become magical girls with disastrous results and a sad ending.

Fate, Future, and Gravity by FoxOnPie FF.Net link

  • Recommended by RutherfordDingo
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Pairing(s): Madoka/Homura, Oriko/Kirika, Kyoko/Mami
  • Synopsis: Our actions are determined by fate. Our lives outline the future. However, everything in this world, even our fate and future, is ultimately controlled by one thing: gravity. The overwhelming despair of Puella Magi Madoka Magica meets the overwhelming fabulousness of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!
  • Comments: The author has greatly improved since his last story. Characterization is solid, action is well-written, and the two worlds mesh without one overshadowing the other. It's truly a fantastic read.

Soul Gem is Unbreakable by beefskellington

  • Recommended by CountTheMedals (Dead link; the story had been removed from the site)
  • Status: Complete
    • Please post a link if found.
  • Crossover: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Synopsis: What happens when a group of magical girls meet a group of fabulous stand users? A bizarre adventure happens! When Kyoko Sakura meets a man with strange powers and even stranger hair, the town of Mitakihara gets targeted by forces that threaten to destroy humanity. *Potential spoilers for both series*
  • Comments: Taking place a little bit after JBA's Part 4 (hence the title), Josuke ends up in Mitakihara, and soon enough, the dark atmosphere of the Madoka world is overtaken by the fabulousness that is JBA...and it is glorious. For those who loved the mind game tactical battles of JBA, this one is for you

As N Approaches Infinity by Corisanna

  • Recommended by: eoin, The Otaku Ninja, nitewind, jaelin910
  • Crossover with Bleach
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Despairing as yet another timeline goes horribly wrong, Homura wanders into Karakura. There she discovers that while the spiritually-aware people of Karakura were distracted by Ichigo Kurosaki and Xcution, Kyubey contracted the Kurosaki sisters as magical girls. Drawing the attention of the shinigami could be just the advantage Homura needs.
  • Comments: Now has a spin-off, Smoke and Mirrorless Flowers
  • Comments: Both series mesh together surprisingly well, and the story is full of twists and turns. Add in a number of interesting Witch concepts, and this is a story worth reading. However, it's a rather long story that might take a while to read.

Speaking of Divine Intervention... by ImmortalsBlade

  • Recommended by nitewind
  • Status: Dead, last update on August 1, 2016
  • Crossover with: Ōkami
  • Synopsis: Having a designer dog is all the rage amongst the youth of Mitakihara Town, everyone wants their own pet to show off. For Madoka Kaname however Ammy is a dream come true, even if she wasn't expecting to suddenly own a giant white wolf. But after a series of bizarre events and her friend Sayaka getting involved in a fishy situation she can't help but wonder; is Ammy really just a wolf? Or is there something far more special about the dopey canine?
  • Comments: A wonderful and hilarious fic were Madoka gets a rather unusual pet.
  • Spacebattles link

Twist of Fate by SkywalkerT-65

  • Recommended by LSand91, nitewind
  • Status: Dormant
  • Crossover with: Lyrical Nanoha
  • Synopsis: It is not an understatement to say that Nanoha, Fate and Homura have been through many dangerous experiences. However, none have been quite like this. For when Homura's attempt at resetting the timeline goes further and merges two worlds that should never have met...the situation can never be the same.
  • Taking a different twist on the typical Nano/Mado scenario, this fic merges the universes- quite literally -and is already focusing heavily on the character interactions.

Shinnen:New Year by Ford1114 and Kanius

  • Recommended by tikum31
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Years have pass since he wielded the Guilty Crown. The young man, his wife, and their other friend meet new people to have a New Year Nightfest, alongside many sub-plots in a playground that is Manhattan. However, when an ancient conspiracy makes its reemergence, the heroes and villains put aside their differences to stop them, while the young man must reunite his Guilty World.
  • Crossover with: Guilty Crown, Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms, YuYuGiDigiMoon, Digimon Fusion Kai, Kanius Production Abridged, various anime and fictional works in popular culture
  • Comments: This is a Guilty Crown mega crossover taking place after the anime. At times it’s hard to follow with so many characters, but the plot and concepts are interesting enough for readers to keep going, and focuses on Shu’s main perspective in getting involved to confront his past demons. The Puella Magical Girls have major roles in helping the Guilty Crown cast, both the Lost Kingdoms and canon selves.
  • Has a trope page.

Broken CyclesbyDocMui

  • Recommended by Doctor05
  • Status: Completed
  • Comments:This is story of 10th Doctor and his companion Donna Nobole encountering Puella Magi cast- It may sound like typical throw X into a world of PMMM but the writer does good job of mashing these two worlds together without making either world sound weird or out of place. Later on there are additional casts from worlds like Sailor Moon/PWBY/fate/kaleid liner prisma☆illya appearing as a Puella Magis- It also helps that these casts all attain their characters and none of casts in this fic is OOC. And the ending is satisfying. Be aware though- despite being only 8 chapter, each chapter is long-one being more than 40,00 words.

Wishes of a Different Sort by Homura Bakura

  • Recommended by: Rob 140892
  • Status : Completed
  • Crossover with: Dragon Ball Z
  • Synopsis : At the request of Madoka, Homura enters a strange world to defend it from an unknown entity. Faced with beings that far outstrip her in power, she will have to use every trick at her disposal to find the truth of the shadow that looms over Namek, and decipher the puzzle of her own existence in Madoka's new universe.
  • Comments: Take place during Namek Saga (DBZ) and the aftermath of Episode 12 (Puella Magi). Despite many people thought that Puella Magi and Dragon Ball act as the antithesis toward each other, the author wrote something incredibly fitting with the spirits of both shows. Interactions between characters are believable, the pacing is steady and things are getting more intense as the story progress, especially the moment when Ultimate Gretchen and Ultimate Madoka decided to take direct approach in the finale. Just like in Puella Magi anime, expect a lot of Wham Line and Wham Shot while reading this.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica:Reconnect by monkeycyborgninja

  • Recommended by Orion Gold
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Kingdom Hearts
  • Tags: Between KH 2 and Re:coded, Post-PMMM: Rebellion, PMMM: Rebellion Spoilers
  • Synopsis: "I've been having some weird thoughts lately... like, is any of this real, or not?" A year has passed since Madoka returned to Japan, and when she begins to question her own memories, she sets out on a journey to find the one person she believes has the answers, all with the help of a key-shaped sword.

A Fortiori by nishikis

  • Recommended by: Rob 140892
  • Status: Completed
  • Crossover with: Steins;Gate
  • Synopsis: Because Kyubey never lies, stretches the convoluted, painful truth maybe, but never lies. crossover, one-shot.
  • Comment : If you're thinking that Steins;Gate and Madoka Magica crossover would always mean Okabe and Homura working together with their time loop shenanigans, you are mistaken. In this story, Mayuri takes the main stage as a Puella Magi. She will prove all her detractors that she can be strong and independent given the chance, strong enough to not suffer the same fate as Sayaka Miki despite their similar one-sided love conditions.

MagicaTale By Pep Pizza

  • Recommended by: danianime
  • Crossover with: Undertale
  • Status: Dormant (last updated August 2017)
  • Synopsis: In this AU, the Undertale characters are put into the world of Madoka Magica! Will Papyrus save Mettaton? Will Frisk make her wish? Will Sans save her from making it? Is Flowey really such an innocent little creature, or an incubator in disguise?
  • Comments: If you love Madoka Magica and Undertale, I recommend this. The author are really legit placing the role of undertale character as a madoka magica character.

Keys to the Contract By Dragonexx

  • Recommended by Ouranos
  • Crossover with: Kingdom Hearts
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: That which is caged yearns to be free. That which is broken yearns to be whole. For all things, there is a key. After one such key comes to Madoka, it sets her on the path to discovering the truth.
  • Comments: This story takes place some time after Rebellion. Madoka starts having strange dreams that eventually lead to her obtaining a Keyblade. The characterization of the cast is spot on and their interactions are engaging, and the fight scenes are well written and tense. The author does a good job of blending the elements of each franchise together. Definately worth a read.
  • Now has its own Tropes page!

Fate: Desiderantes Affectibus by Rowan Seven

  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Crossover with Fate/Zero
  • Status: Dormant; last updated January 2021
  • Synopsis: Kariya summons Sayaka Miki as Berserker. With a more sane Servant by his side, can he survive and even win?

A Story Where Love And Courage Win by A Hopeful One

  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Crossover with Fate/Zero
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Matou Kariya summons Miki Sayaka for the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War, in the hopes of changing the fate of a single girl. Featuring: divine intervention, Sayaka having a crush on King bloody Arthur, and Kariya getting some sense slapped into him. Pre-Rebellion.
  • Comments: Sayaka has all of her Character Development and puts it to good use in getting Kariya to think about what is really important and to go about his mission rationally.

Happily Ever After by MirandaTam

  • Recommended by Lyra_Dhani
  • Crossover with Sailor Moon
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It’s a nice life, Madoka decides. Being reincarnated, that is. She has a calm, normal life, no aliens coming down and offering her a wish for her soul. (Madoka refuses to use the word ‘boring.’ Sayaka uses it at least once a day.)

Superman Magica by UltraRider

  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Crossover with Superman
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Kal-El's spaceship landed in Mitakihara. He was adopted by Junko and Tomohisa Kaname, named Kenta, and raised as Madoka and Tatsuya's older brother. As Kenta discovers his powers and decides to protect the people as a secret superhero, he stumbles upon the conflict between Magical Girls and Witches. Meanwhile, Homura Akemi is shocked because he had never existed before in her timeloop and Kyubey plots to either do away with or exploit this unknown variable.

Pursuit of the Lost by Antimatter625

  • Recommended by: Will 108
  • Crossover with: Touhou Project
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Mami Tomoe struggles in Madoka's new world, guided by Kyubey and a mysterious creature.


Busou Shoujo Madoka Mafia by okuba (as mekira)

  • Recommended by Two Gun Angel
  • Synopsis: An ongoing Mafia AU doujin with Madoka as the boss of a mafia in Mitakihara Town.
  • Comments: This doujin is hilarious, adorable, and at times utterly badass. Madoka is the epitome of Badass Adorable, and the other girls aren't too bad either. There's another pool called "Mafia Cafe" which has the crew showcasing more badassery.
  • Warning: Link is to a Danbooru pool, so the usual warnings about NSFW ads apply.

The Happy Ending I Made Up by kuragemodoki

  • Recommended by JakeWasHere
  • Synopsis: Six years after the end of the series, Kaname Tatsuya is becoming curious about his neighbors Homura and Kyuubey, and the sister that they say he once had.
  • Comments: Starts off slow, with a few yonkoma gags about Tatsuya's friendship with Homura, but takes off in a completely different direction once it's revealed that he knows Kyuubey and still hasn't forgotten Madoka. In the process, it manages to tie up a number of loose ends from the series and plug a bunch of Plot Holes that I didn't even realize existed until Madokami took advantage of them. The last four pages or so are the comic's Moment of Awesome — completely heartwarming and very true to the characters. (NSFW warning: Hosted by Danbooru)

HomuHomu's Grand Strategy by norabako8

  • Recommended by Gunbazca, ipod123432, and ABadDriver
  • Synopsis: After n iterations, Homura starts to think on how to win from Walpurgisnacht.
  • Comments: Presents an amusing take on Homura's strategy to beat Walpurgisnacht without resorting to Madoka's intervention. Starting with eliminating Sayaka from the game, but it doesn't change a thing. Ends with if you can't fight the system, roll with it and recruit more mages. Also a Pixiv 1000.
  • It's hosted in danbooru so watch out for those NSFW ads!

I'm working at a mahou shoujo recruitment company, but I think I may be at my limit by Momiji Mao

  • Recommended by Two Gun Angel, ABadDriver, and Psyga315
  • Synopsis: Kyubey is a mahou shoujo recruiter who is seriously down on his luck, such that his boss is threatening him with termination if he continues to drag down the company. With no one but his wife and his friend in the company supporting him, Kyubey may be at his limit...
  • Comments: This twenty-page doujin, one of the Pixiv 1000 collection, is one of the few fics that manage to humanize Kyubey (as humanizing as you can get for a Starfish Alien, anyway) and even get us to root for him. What at first looks like a Slice of Life office fic soon turns into a superb Start of Darkness for our little Weasel Mascot. Note that it also has the dubious honor of having Kyubey look for a "quota" before it's actually revealed that's what he wants in the show.
  • Warning: This doujin is on Danbooru, meaning the usual warnings about NSFW ads apply.

MadoMagi Panic by Colonel Aki

  • Recommended by Sachiko
  • Synopsis: The author of Touhou 4koma Long Runner Life of Maid tackles Madoka Magica. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Comments: This series of 4komas follows the storyline of the anime, but with a hilarious, slapstick comedy twist. It's short, but seeing the shenanigans of Madoka and company will keep you entertained for a while. Oh, and Kyubey is a masochist.

Never Ending by hirotasyou

  • Recommended by kwsn, totlmstr, foxmccloud4387, bobJohnson
  • Synopsis: Homura finally manages to defeat Walpurgisnacht, but something isn't right...
  • Comments: The biggest witch of all time is dead. However, Homura finds out exactly what her contract, and more importantly her wish, entails.
  • It's hosted in danbooru so NSFW ads! Also spoilers for the last few eps. And, finally, it's very dark. Consider yourself warned.

Reckless Girl Sayaka Sowaka by abua

  • Recommended by Gunbazca
  • Synopsis: Sayaka discovers that she can morph her soul gem into a mini-me. Hilarity Ensues from there.
  • Comments: Where to start? This manga is a gag manga, dealing with some episodes of the original work in a different tangent. Highlights include Mini-Sayaka, dead bodies in front of Kyosuke's door, misunderstandings, general absurdity, multiple Sayaka, and President Barack Homura near the end. I wish I'm joking. However, some pages are not fully translated. Also, this is danbooru-hosted so watch those NSFW ads!

Thanks Kyubey by Gakubuchi Aiko

  • Recommended by SonicGTR, ABadDriver, Unclouded TJ
  • Synopsis: Kyubey uses the honey over vinegar approach to carry out his mission by being completely honest with the girls and being a pretty nice Weasel Mascot. Girls' Love.
    • Or: In a world where Kyubey is completely honest, forthcoming with information, and friendly...
  • Comments: The story mostly follows the series and was finished before Episode 10 which is why there is nothing regarding Homura's previous time loops. While it is a Lighter and Softer take on the series and ends on a high note, there's still room for tragedy. Look out for the Art Shift.
  • Warning: This doujin is on Danbooru, meaning the usual warnings about NSFW ads apply.

Alea Jacta Est/MadoHomu Manga Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry/KyouSaya Manga, Feels Like We Met Each Other In A Past Life/MamiyaCharlotte Manga, The World Is Waiting For Sunrise/QB Personification Manga, A Colorless Crow/ Older Tatsuya Manga by kurono yuu

  • Recommended by Gunbazca, Ultimate Chimera, meme-asaurus
  • Pairing: male!Madoka/Homura, male!Kyouko/Sayaka, non-romantic male!Mami/male!Charlotte
  • Synopsis: If half the cast were male, what would change? A male Madoka confesses to Homura as she kills him in Timeline 3, an ironically-named male Kyouko is able to get through to a berserking Oktavia/Sayaka, and a male Mami and male Charlotte chat about how they impact each others lives in the afterlife. But what's happened to our favorite Incubator, now in human guise, after everyone left and they reached their quota...? And what about Tatsuya, growing up able to see a brother that nobody else knows exists?
  • Comments: Heavy Alternate Universe, but stays relatively faithful to the original. The first comic between Madoka and Homura is arguably more heartwrenching than the original, as the two confess their love as Homura pulls the trigger. In the second comic, Kyouko is now named Kyousuke, and Oktavia can take on Sayaka's face and mind, even if only temporarily. Makes a bit of 'the other Kyousuke' joke near the beginning, but gets more and more heartwarming towards the end. The third comic features "Mamiya" and "Char" showing that even if they forget each other, brotherly love can transcend lifetimes. The fourth comic tells us the story of Kyubey leaving Earth, only for flashes of a person who never existed to come into his memories. The fifth takes place some years after the anime's finale, with Tatsuya as an isolated middle school student due to his ability to still see Madoka. The art style is fantastic, and even if you're not a fan of genderbends or these sort of pairings, it's well worth a read. If you doubt these comics' quality, it's worth knowing that these manga are currently Pixiv 1000, meaning it's bookmarked by over 1000 Pixiv members.
  • It's hosted in danbooru so watch out for those NSFW ads!

Good night, Homura-chan by hijikini

  • Recommended by Andyzero
  • Pairing: Madoka/Homura
  • Synopsis: Homura walked a long road to protect what Madoka left to her. Like all paths, it has an end.
  • Comments: A danbooru doujinshi. It takes place with full spoilers of the last episode. NSFW ads warning.

If Only She were A Little Closer by kamereon

  • Recommended by Gunbazca, RN 452
  • Pairing: Kyousuke/Sayaka
  • Synopsis: Hitomi did confessed something to Kyousuke, but it's a little different...
  • Comments: Not a long one, but it does paint a better picture of Kyousuke, and turns out that he's not so bull-headed after all. Quite a heartwarming moment at the end, too... and what is more satisfying than to spite Kyubey while we're at it?
  • It's hosted in danbooru so watch out for those NSFW ads!zz

Last Episode of KyouSaya by Kodou Mikoto

  • Recommended by Andyzero
  • Pairing: Kyouko/Sayaka
  • Synopsis: Goddess Madoka comes for all magical girls in the end.
  • Comments: A danbooru doujinshi so watch out for the NSFW ads.

Mami-san Manga by usakiyo

  • Recommended by Gunbazca, Secret Fan 14
  • Pairing: Mami/Homura
  • Synopsis: Homura managed to recover Mami's Soul Gem, which turns out to be undamaged by Mami Mogu Mogu. Mami recovers, but Homura asks a favor out of her.
  • Comments: Another Alternate Universe piece, which is similar to something I remember reading in the WMG here somewhere first. Very short, but contains quite a lot of text; I'm not sure if there's really any Homu/Mami shipping involved, but Mami does flirt with Homura a bit. Another Pixiv 1000 entry, so don't worry about the quality.
  • It's hosted in danbooru so watch out for those NSFW ads!

The Last Story by DIE___

  • Recommended by Grahav, Guessmyname, Secret Fan 14
  • Pairing: Kyouko/Mami
  • Synopsis: It is a battle between personifications of the witches Ophelia (Kyouko) and Candeloro (Mami).
  • Comments: An action focused doujin which also have tender scenes. A must read to those who enjoyed "A Different Story" or the "Farewell Story". Fans of the PSP game will also enjoy this.
  • As anything hosted in danbooru, watch out for those NSFW ads!

I've Managed to Save Mami-san by nemo (nameless920).

There's Nothing to Be Afraid Of
We Live On As One
Let's Go, My Friends by rokudena-shi

  • Recommended by: Darth
  • Crossing over with: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • Synopsis: A trio of comics by Pixiv artist rokudena-shi parodying three of Gurren Lagann's most iconic scenes.
  • Comments: Have recently become quite pertinent in light of Madoka Magica's final episode. They have been translated into English for the most part, but the panels that haven't aren't all that hard to understand anyway. Fans of both series are sure to get a good kick out of them.
  • Warning: Some site ads are NSFW.
    • Comartemis: If you despised the suffocating cynicism and the Downer Ending of the canon series, then all three of these comics are an absolute must-read. Row row fight the powah, girls.

Mami x Touma + Charlotte by Kosshii-san (Precaution: The page this fancomic is in contains NSFW ads.)

Knight In Shining Armor by Kosshii-san (Precaution: The page this fancomic is in contains NSFW ads.)

  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Crosses over with: A Certain Magical Index
  • Synopsis: Touma comes to Mami's aid when she is cornered by bullies.

Lonely Girl by Kosshii-san (Precaution: The page this fancomic is in contains NSFW ads.)

  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Crosses over with: A Certain Magical Index
  • Synopsis: Touma shows up during Kyouko's hopeless battle with Oktavia von Seckendorff.

restart (Originally named "Walpurgisnacht)" by Kosshii-san (Precaution: The page this fancomic is in contains NSFW ads.)

  • Recommended by ultimomant
  • Crosses over with: A Certain Magical Index
  • Synopsis: Accelerator shows up during Homura's hopeless battle with Walpurgisnacht.

You can't catch me☆Like a Star Blooming in Darkness by Izumi Bell (Bell's Brand)

  • Recommended by 404waffles
  • Synopsis: Takes place after Rebellion. Kyouko feels something strange about the world she's in, so she confronts Homura about it.
  • Comments: This doujin really feels like a sequel to Rebellion, especially with its focus on Homura and her relationship with Madoka. Oh, and the art is absolutely gorgeous. It's worth reading just for the art.


Charlotte's Life Before She Turns Into A Witch

  • Recommended by Teslashark
  • Synopsis: A girl with cancer met QB in hospital...
  • Comments: Filled with Tearjerker, comerades. This work suggests that the "Minnie Worm" that ate Mami is made of cancerous cells, and Charlotte is innocent.
  • Note: This video has no translation whatsoever.

Walpurgisnacht by TeSh

  • Recommended by: IngaRasen, greedling, and Secret Fan 14
  • Synopsis: In an alternate timeline, Homura attempts to befriend the other Magical Girls instead of being antagonistic towards them.
  • Comments: Although an anime music video, the scenes are edited together impeccably well in order to tell a completely original story, instead of just being a montage of shots recapping the plot. Despite being relatively short, the story manages to get quite a bit across, and still has a lot of emotion behind it, even without having any vocals or captions to help it out. And thanks to a combination of filtering effects and the hauntingly beautiful song that plays throughout the length of the video, it carries a heavy and melancholy atmosphere that manages to last from start to finish, and accurately captures the tone of the show as a whole. Quite impressive for something that's not even four minutes long.