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Okay, I'll try to present myself.

I am an ordinarily abnormally mundane Singaporean, with a taste in lots of great old cartoons, anime/manga, video games, and I apparently collect Ear Worms on purpose (my MP 3 collection must be at least 45% capable of engraving itself in your memory).

My fictional avatar is a skillful mecha pilot who owns his own ride, the over-upgraded Iron Beetle that he spent most of his earnings on, as well as a customised suit of powered armor. He is almost suicidally audacious, except he makes sure he never picks fights he cannot win, and makes his own advantages come into play more than his opponents. While made legendary in the eyes of grunt pilots and amateurs, most commisioned officers mistrust him, criminal gangs and rival mercenaries dislike him, and many civilians fear him - he has only a few friends, but they are all reliable and trusted with his life (and wallet).

Here, have some samples of my ability to wield a pencil and colours. Also, Utsuho done in lineart, and Yamame with a nice new outfit. Also, also, ponyarts.

I am also able to craft Mock Soul Gems with some crystals and wire.

Photos from AFA 2011

Photos from Cosfest 2012

Screenshots from Gameloft's Pony app

Sleepy Pinkie :3 Luna bids thee good night and sweet dreams SOON. Very, very, VERY SOON. Spoiler Warning Could you do better? Hey guys what's going o- Facehat: when facepalm is not enough megusta.jpg Master of the Obvious Full of Pony Never the only one Facebook Nature is so Fascinating

Favourite cartoons:

Favourite anime/manga:

Favourite video/pc games:

Favourite Literature:

  • Pterry's Discworld
  • Notes From an even smaller Island / Scribbles from the Same Island / Final Notes from a Great Island, a trilogy by Neil Humphreys, an awesome Dagenham bloke who spent quite a few years on our happy little island.
    • It's great stuff, and the third book makes for a great travel guide to the lesser-known corners of my home country.
  • Erico's Mega Man X Fan Fiction
  • Magus523's Fanfiction, he does some decent novelisations

I embody some tropes myself: