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Fringe Benefits, also known variously as BHS, bhsdesk, and Socko the Happy Turtle (only on Tuesdays), is a geek, Nightmare Fetishist, and Japanese culture enthusiast with a weird sense of humor who lives somewhere in Virginia. TVTropes has ruined his life on more than one occasion. He's an absolutely hopeless Serial Tweaker, for one thing. He created the pages Tasakeru, That One Achievement, Stars Above, Nil, My Little Unicorn, Respect, HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!, The Changeling of the Guard, and Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights.

In Fall 2011, he entered the wonderful and terrifying world of Fan Fiction (*DRAMATIC CHORD*) with his first serious effort, Stars Above. Co-written by fellow Onioneer and co-conspirator Forzare and loosely based on a long-running RP hosted on the TV Tropes forums, Stars Above is a Madoka Magica / Lucky Star Crossover fic, the first of its kind, and is fucking awesome, in his totally unbiased opinion. He also wrote another Crossover called Respect, and a third called Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, currently in progress. His page can be found here, while his AO3 page is here.

He wants to make this perfectly clear, with no possibility of misunderstanding: BHS loves Precure. BHS has been a devoted follower of the franchise for over a decade, has an extensive collection of Precure merchandise, and eagerly watches new episodes every week. What happens to Precure in BHS's stories happens because of the Rule of Drama, not because of a personal vendetta.

In 2017, he began a YouTube review series called Silent InvenTOYry, covering Japanese action figures, model kits, and collectables. As its title implies, the series is completely dialogue-free, and the reviews are done via captions, music, sound effects, and snark. The series lasted slightly over two years.

He finally got tired of the many ridiculous things he wrote about himself in previous edits of this page, and decided to make it slightly more coherent.

His interests also encompass multiple sci-fi, fantasy, and comedy series, and writing about himself in third person.

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Various Stuff That I Find Awesome

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    Anime and Manga 


    Literature and Poetry 

    Live-Action TV 


    Video Games 

    Western Animation 

    Other Stuff I Like 
  • Writing (fantasy, humor/satire, poetry, short stories, and fanfic)
  • Collecting Magical Girl action figures
  • Photographing said action figures
  • Gathering and retaining of utterly useless trivia

Vandalism Section, because everyone else has one

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  • Holy fuck, thanks, Fringe! I guess I should try some of your stuff too. Oh, it'll take 2 days before I can publish it on Fiction Press. ARSE> -Sen
    • Right, I've published it. Can I still blame you for getting me into this if it goes wrong? hahahaha -Sen
  • I find the picture outstandingly appropriate. Rainbow Dust
  • Alright, another fan of The Beatles. They're the greatest band ever, am I right? I also think the picture (of you, I'm guessing) on your page is really great. I think that with the right hairstyle, you (again, I'm guessing) could look just like Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown from the Back To The Future trilogy. Feel free to visit my Troper page and PLEASE try to leave a nice comment about it for me OK? Life is better with friends, not enemies. - AlBundyFan365
  • *gasp* Dr. Horrible! :D - MsieurLapin
  • I haven't spoken to you through this manner for a while, but I wanted to tell you about something I found to be really great. If you like watching Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in Star Trek (2009), then I recommend watching him in Unstoppable. I saw it in the movie theater and I think Chris Pine did well as one of the main characters. Of course, Denzel Washington was fantastic, too. Overall, I thought the film had been very intense most of the time and the action made my blood pulse rise up. If you do manage to watch this film, please inform me on my Contributor page if you liked anything about it. (8^) - AlBundyFan365
    • You misspelled Unstoppable as "Unbreakable" on my page but that's okay. I know what you meant to say so I fixed it. (8^) - AlBundyFan365
  • Since you vandalized my page, I feel obligated to vandalize back. I am insanely jealous of your awesome goggles. - Serenity Squid
      • I'm going to steal them while you sleep. - Sango Of The Dead
      • You can have my goggles when you pry them out of my cold, dead hands!
  • You are the only person to ever cosplay that immeadiately made me say "That is AWESOME". - Tropers/OOZE
  • I am watching your every move, also cookies. - Rareitor
      • Goddammit Pinky.
  • Huge goggles: one of the first signals of a mad scientist in making. - Amused Troper Guy
  • Did you hear about what Gregg Williams did from 2009-2011 when he was with the New Orleans Saints? I don't like what he did at all. - AlBundyFan365
    • Uh, no. I don't follow sports. Like, at all.
  • Hi! I got rid of the obsolete index markup at the bottom of your page. Hello, again. -Indigo12ash