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Fanfic / Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights

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"It's all gone wrong..."

Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon. Sakura Kinomoto, the Cardcaptor. Nagisa Misumi, Cure Black. Nanoha Takamachi, the Ace of Aces. Madoka Kaname, the Law of Cycles.

Five legendary Magical Girls from five very different universes. None should know of the others' existence, for their worlds were never meant to meet. However, when a sinister figure wages a war against them all and threatens everything that ever was, is, will be, or could be, the five of them must unite against him and lead a combined multiversal team to have a chance of preventing the end of reality.

A war for existence itself has begun, and it's all gone wrong...

Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights is a Magical Girl Massive Multiplayer Crossover/Crisis Crossover fanfic written by BHS, crossing over Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Pretty Cure, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It began in October 2014 and is still ongoing.

The story begins with Joker, alive and aware inside Emperor Pierrot's body during that series' final battle, sharing his master's destruction at Smile Precure's hands. Utterly broken by the experience, Joker floats alone within the void... until he meets Chaos, the Sentient Cosmic Force that is the origin of evil in every universe. From it, Joker gains knowledge of The Multiverse and the other magical girls out there, and of a constant, eternal cycle of the forces of light battling the forces of darkness... in which the darkness always loses in the end. As Chaos prepares to absorb Joker's essence back into itself, Joker suggests a way that the cycle might not only be broken, but that their side could win... All Chaos has to do is spare him, rebel against its fate and function, and allow Joker return to life and wage war on all reality on its behalf.

Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights is cross-posted on Archive of Our Own (here), DeviantArt (here), and WattPad (here). The first fifty-eight chapters are archived on FanFiction.Net (here). Please reblog, share, read, and leave comments!

As of August 2018, the story has a Recursive Fanfiction of its own called Mirror Shards, written by Storyteller222, which can be found here.

A Spiritual Successor of sorts to Stars Above, the previous Magical Girl Crossover by the same author. Also see Respect.

Warning: all spoilers for up to the Battle of Azabu-Juuban Arc are now unmarked. In addition, it's highly recommended to be familiar with each of the five 'verses involved, as most of them take place post-series.

Has absolutely nothing to do with the fourth Ace Combat game.

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This story contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Alien Geometries: "Jamais Ville", a mysterious, empty city deep inside La Fin de Toute, Dead End's palace. The city is far larger than the asteroid that houses the palace, and people who stumble inside it are subjected to bizarre phenomena. Among other things, Chibi-Usa and Sakura see a row of houses, each with five sides, all at right angles.
  • Anatomy of the Soul: Viluy has all manner of soul-analogues from across the multiverse in her lab, including Pure Heart Crystals, Hostes, Dream Mirrors, Sailor Crystals, Star Seeds, Heart Flowers, and Linker Cores... and she's performing horrific experiments on all of them.
    • According to Joker, Viluy discovered an embodiment of the soul that's deeper and more pure than all of the above, called Seeds. Described as an "essence" (again by Joker), everything with a mind of its own is supposed to have either a good-aligned Cosmos Seed or an evil-aligned Chaos Seed. To his astonishment, Sakura's is a perfect balance of both.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Joker shatters Cure Marine's kneecap with a sledgehammer, which leads to Jamanen's fluid leaking into her marrow through the wound while she's in her civilian form. This eventually results in the Arthra's medics having to amputate her left leg.
  • Animalistic Abomination: The butterfly. Next to nothing is known about it, but it does weird things to the light around it and its backstory implies its The Heartless.
  • And I Must Scream:
    • Instead of dying when he merged with Pierrot at the end of Smile Pretty Cure!, Joker is alive and aware during the last battle with the Cures... and he feels it as they are both purified by the Miracle Rainbow Burst.
    • Cure Fortune briefly suffers this after being assimilated by Jamanen and transformed into a Slime Girl. Jamanen takes total control of her new body and forces her to attack Cure Black before completing her subjugation.
    • Also applies to the victims of Joker's Merry-Go-Round. They're subjected to unbearable levels of constant pain, and are linked together so that each one feels all the others' agony, with the sole purpose of making them all plead for it to stop.
  • Apocalypse How: Courtesy of Joker's Time Reaper, Tomoeda is wiped off the map in a Class 0 event, with only a crater left behind. Sakura, Kero, Toya, and Yukito are the only known survivors, thanks to a mysterious little red-haired girl.
    • Carnaaji gets a Class X from the Arthra's Arc en Ciel.
    • And another class 0 for Cinq Lumieres.
    • Homura freezes time moments before a Class 6 in her universe, caused by Joker putting out the sun.
    • The function of the Merry-Go-Round is to induce a full-on Class Z Omniversal Metaphysical Negation using hundreds of magical girls as fuel.
      • Except, according to Joker, that's not what it does; it does something "far, far worse." The final product of the Merry-Go-Round, produced from a chrysalis in Chapter 43, is a single pure white butterfly which does impossible things to the light that falls on it... Joker almost immediately encases in an Isolation Field.
    • "The entity" causes multiple Class X-5s to the Precure universe, annihilating all of the post-Go Princess continuities and the futures of all the rest.
  • Arc Words: "It's all gone wrong..."
  • The Assimilator: Jamanen, as part of her upgraded power set. Her method of assimilation is not pleasant, given that she invades her enemies and transforms them inside-out into "drones" under her control.
  • Axis Mundi: "The Lighthouse" is the name given to a crystalline sanctuary that sits at the nexus of The Multiverse. Its five arms, arranged around its central spire in the shape of an immense star, each end in a point that dips into one of the story's five primary universes, or "Vertices".
  • Babies Make Everything Better: Maybe not everything, as all reality is still in danger, but the birth of Akemi Umino in Chapter 37 gives the heroes a desperately-needed morale boost.
  • The Berserker:
    • The Nothing Card in her brainwashed state, in contrast to Tomoyo and most of the other lost Clow / Sakura Cards.
    • Alph becomes one during her battle with Viluy in Chapter 29 after seeing Fate's eye inside Viluy's laboratory. Later played for tragedy after Viluy's psuedo-virus erodes her sanity.
  • Big Bad: Joker leads the conflict of the story against the forces of good.
  • Blob Monster:
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Dead End swells its numbers by brainwashing heroes from each world. To wit:
  • Brought Down to Badass: All of the Big Five, in one way or another. Usagi and Nagisa are both back to their original transformations, in the former's case because the Silver Crystal's components have been split up. Sakura is missing twenty of her Cards and her wand has reverted to its original form. Nanoha is still recovering from the Gadget Drone incident, and Madoka had her Goddess powers and memories stolen by Homura at the end of Rebellion and currently is working with only her original set of abilities.
    • Homura gets forcibly subjected to this by Fantine near the close of Act II. Her stolen godlike powers are siphoned away, leaving her with only the powers of her first Puella Magi form.
  • Cast Full of Gay: Per Word of God: "There's no such thing as a straight Magical Girl." Even the core castmembers in canon hetero relationships (i.e., Usagi with Mamoru and Sakura with Shaoran) are both bisexual.
  • Cast from Lifespan: Saturn's Amethyst Morendo, designed as a last-resort method to kill Joker if nothing else works, has this as its price of usage. It allows for a controlled vent of the power of destruction, guaranteeing the horrible, slow death of its target at the cost of one year of Saturn's lifespan per usage.
  • Chest Burster: In the Madoka chapters, Joker hijacks the Kyubeys' Hive Mind so that whenever his current body is killed, another one is reborn from a Kyubey in this fashion.
  • The Corruption: Tomoyo's Yandere episode was caused by Joker corrupting her Psyche.
    • Later developments reveal that Joker has found a method of shifting the alignments of Seeds, changing good-aligned Cosmos Seeds to evil-aligned Chaos Seeds.
  • Crack in the Sky: The titular phenomenon, which appears in worlds that are about to end.
  • Crisis Crossover: The crisis in question being the potential end of all existence.
  • Crossover Villain-in-Chief: Chaos is the force behind Dead End, but as it can't take physical form, it uses Joker as its Heavy and public face.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Viluy's second, final death at the hands of Alph. She has her throat torn out by Alph in her wolf form.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The TSAB versus Unison!Will. The entire Dimensional Navy gets disabled before they can fire a shot, and the Will slaughters them all.
    • Cure Black is totally unable to put up a fight against Drone Fortune either time that they fight, because Fortune has become a Nigh-Invulnerable Rubber Man Blob Monster and because Black feels personally responsible for Fortune ending up that way in the first place.
  • Depower: Mixed with Brought Down to Badass. After Homura's rescue of the Operation Batman team threatens to expose the Lighthouse, Fantine siphons Homura's stolen power away, putting her back on the level of her first Puella Magi form.
  • Defector from Decadence: Sailor Iron Mouse claims that she wants to defect from Joker's side after seeing that what Joker did is much worse than what Sailor Galaxia did in Sailor Stars. As of now, Fusion!Mars and Twinkle are still not sure whether she genuinely wanted to defect or she's attempting to do a Fake Defector on behalf of Joker.
  • Did Not Think This Through: Viluy makes this mistake twice that would lead to her second death. First is that the Anti Magilink Field that she installed inside her laboratory will only work on one universe's characters (in this case, it only affects Alph), which allows Cure Marine to use Marine Dynamite at full force to blow up the laboratory. The second is failing to calculate the possibilities of Alph turning into her wolf form into her data, which allows an already-enraged Alph to maul Viluy to death.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: Yes, yes Joker did. And the Cthulhu figure, the source of all evil in this case, was impressed enough to spare the one who mocked him... and form an alliance.
  • Dimensional Traveler: Technically all the main characters fit the bill, but the Stranger fits the definition of the trope to the letter, traversing the five universes to rescue the survivors from each one.
  • Dismantled Macguffin: The Silver Crystal has been split into the seven Rainbow Crystals from the first Sailor Moon anime. One of the seven was implanted inside Mami, leading to her transformation into a Great Youma, but she was healed and the Crystal was recovered by the Morning Lights. Joker did this deliberately to keep the Silver Crystal's power out of Usagi's hands.
  • Doppelmerger: The manga and 90s anime incarnations of Rei Hino fuse into one being when anime!Rei takes a near-fatal wound and manga!Rei takes her hand. The resulting fusion has incredible power but is very unstable, causing Rei to "flicker" if she loses control. She also has red pupils, red glowing streaks in her hair that occasionally smoke and shed live embers, and grows flaming wings when she transforms.
  • Driven to Suicide: After Madoka finally learns the truth about the theft of her powers, Homura lapses into complete hopelessness and comes damned close to killing herself. She’s snapped out of it by Hotaru.
  • Eldritch Abomination: "The entity", summoned by Joker, is an enormous monstrosity from beyond time that devours existence. It's description impliesSPOILERS it's the Time Devourer.
  • Eternal Recurrence: According to Chaos, the war between good and evil has been fought an infinite number of times in an infinite number of universes, with every Big Bad there's ever been being an aspect of itself. It's Chaos's fate to lose the fight every time, and it's tired of it all...
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Sailor Iron Mouse, from what she claims, says that what Joker's forces did was worse than everything that she endures with Galaxia.
  • Eye Scream: Viluy paralyzes Fate with her Nanomachines and rips out one of her eyes. Alph slashes out her eye in turn in their battle in the lab.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Sayaka Miki, upon regaining her memories of Rebellion, is so infuriated by Homura's betrayal of Madoka that she joins Dead End willingly.
  • Face–Monster Turn: Sailor Jupiter is transformed into a Pseudo-Witch, Mami and Kyoko are corrupted into Hybrid-Witches by Joker, and Jamanen assimilates and transforms Cure Fortune into a Slime Girl like herself.
    • Mami gets temporarily turned into a Great Youma when Rubeus removes the Rainbow Crystal that Joker planted inside her. Sailor Moon heals her back to normal.
    • The Time Reaper is revealed to be a brainwashed Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto.
  • Festering Fungus: While her shields are down, Chibi-Moon gets blanketed in spores released by the giant mushrooms in the centipede Witch's Labyrinth. She quickly finds out that the spores rapidly grow fungal tissue on anything they touch, including her skin and the insides of her mouth, throat, and lungs. She nearly suffocates before Saturn and Madoka kill the Witch and the spores along with it.
  • Fighting from the Inside: Vita resists the Book of Darkness's programming long enough to try to warn Nanoha and Fate of what's coming. Sailor Uranus manages to slip from Joker's control for a moment a few chapters later.
    • When Cure Fortune is first transformed into Jamanen's Drone, she retains her free will even in her Slime Girl form... but Jamanen has complete control of her body, and forces her to fight Cure Black with all her strength. She makes an effort to resist, but in the end, she can only beg Black to run before the Droid assumes control of her mind.
  • For Science!: Viluy's motivation. She doesn't care what happens to anyone's world, so long as she can get data out of it.
  • God of Evil: Chaos, the source of all evil and despair in every universe, and stated as much to be the originating force for every villain the various magical girls have ever faced.
  • Gratuitous French: Joker peppers his speech with French, which is deliberate Translation Convention for his use of Gratuitous English in his parent series.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Chaos, on a multiversal scale, is the source of all evil. Whenever powerful evils are destroyed, they simply return to Chaos and are absorbed into it.
  • The Grim Reaper: Joker's Time Reaper is obviously invoking this, Black Cloak, Sinister Scythe, Skull for a Head, In the Hood and all.
  • Handicapped Badass: Nanoha's story picks up between Reinforce's destruction in the final episode of A's and the post-credits epilogue, when she is still recovering from the near-fatal Gadget Drone attack mentioned in Strikers and the A's manga. She has been confined to a hospital bed to a year, has to use a mobility chair, and is fussed over by Fate, much to Nanoha's chagrin.
    • Later applies to Erika/Cure Marine, after losing her leg.
  • Happily Married: Well, engaged. Usagi and Mamoru are living together as fiancees when the story catches up with them. Naru and Umino are married and expecting a baby, who is safely delivered aboard the Arthra in Chapter 37.
  • Hate Plague: Viluy's pseudo-virus, concocted specifically for Alph to simulate the effects of "Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, transmissible spongiform encephalopathynote , canine distemper, the effects of methamphetamine abuse, and Rabies lyssavirus." At first it seems like Alph shakes off the effects by transforming into her wolf form, but it only slows down the virus's progression. By the time Homura pulls her back to the Arthra, she has become The Berserker, unable to recognize anyone except Fate, her master... and eventually, even that recognition fades.
  • Heinz Hybrid: The Youma-Jikochuu hybrid created by Joker is one of these. Later in the story, Mami and Kyoko are turned into Hybrid-Witches, but are turned back to normal via Sailor Chibi-Moon using her own variant of Moon Healing Escalation.
  • Heroic BSoD:
    • Admiral Lindy has one upon seeing that the one responsible for blowing a hole in the side of her ship and killing over a dozen people is none other than the Will of the Book of Darkness, resurrected once again.
    • Cure Lemonade goes into one after witnessing the death of Milky Rose. She's so paralyzed with shock that she can't even move as the Daimon absorb her.
    • Cure Peace suffers an extended and painful one in Chapter 12 after the DD Girls appear to have killed her friends one by one, in a scenario deliberately engineered to mimic their fight with the Sailor Senshi in Sailor Moon.
    • Everyone taking part in Operation Batman goes through one at the hands of Joker's Insecurity System, which gives them incredibly realistic hallucinations of their deepest fears and insecurities. Sailor Neptune manages to shake it off and save the others.
    • Cure Black can't bring herself to fight Drone Fortune either time that they face off, feeling at fault for letting her be assimilated. Both times, this results in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • "Hey, You!" Haymaker: To Joker, courtesy of Toya and Yukito. You do not mess with Toya's little sister.
  • Home Base: The Lighthouse and TSAB L-Class Inspection Cruiser Arthra becomes this for the uncaptured/surviving heroes. For the villains, it's La Fin de Toutenote , which used to be Sailor Galaxia's palace.
  • Hope Spot:
    • Sakura and Shaoran manage to save Tomoyo and return her Psyche... only for Joker to dissolve her and seal her in a card.
    • Milky Rose's Heroic Sacrifice buys time for the rest of Precure 5 to escape... but they all are absorbed by Daimon minutes later.
    • The Operation Batman team (minus one, plus one defector and three escaped prisoners) are all pulled from Joker's clutches at the last minute thanks to Homura, which saves all reality... but Fantine, fearing that the Lighthouse will be exposed by Homura's actions, Depowers her back to her first Puella Magi form. Immediately after, Joker summons "the entity", which exposes Homura's betrayal to the entire multiverse, causes a massive Time Crash that does irreparable damage to the Precure universe, and ultimately leads to Madoka learning the truth and the destruction of her trust in Homura.
  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The Time Reaper's appearance in Nanairogaoka deliberately invokes the imagery of the Horseman of Death, riding a pale horse into battle. Cure Peace recognizes the resemblance.
  • Human Resources: Viluy makes her clones using organic material extracted from Dead End's prisoners. These clones are destroyed by a combination of Cure Marine's Marine Dynamite and Alph's plasma charge explosions after they find themselves inside Viluy's laboratory.
  • Inn Between the Worlds: What The Lighthouse's main function is for the surviving heroes, though Fantine describes it as a "fallout shelter".
  • In Place of an Eye: Crippled and close to death after self-destructing her own cybernetic-enhanced arm in battle, Tellu undergoes a Fusion Dance with a Xenian Flower she's cultivated and bonded with, and transforms into a hideous Botanical Abomination which has the Xenian rooted in her formerly-empty eye socket. Directly inspired by Zero.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Viluy gets vaporized by Nanoha's Starlight Breaker in Chapter 7... but this is averted when she comes Back from the Dead in Chapter 23. She is later revealed to have uploaded her consciousness into a cloned body, generated using organic material from Dead End's prisoners. She was killed again in Chapter 29 by a completely enraged Alph, for good this time, as the rest of her clones are destroyed by a combination of Cure Marine's Marine Dynamite and Alph's plasma charge explosions, rendering her Out of Continues.
    • On the heroes' side, Milky Rose is killed in battle with a horde of Daimon in Chapter 9, and Candy is turned to dust by the Time Reaper in Chapter 12. Mars's familiars, Phobos and Deimos, are killed by a Brainwashed Sailor Uranus before she destroys the command center.
    • The Will of the Book of Darkness self-destructs both herself and the Book, both of which are then consumed by a massive time-storm in the wake of the attack by "the entity", to ensure that their powers can never be misused again.
    • Alph's sanity deteriorates entirely by Chapter 37 due to the effects of Viluy's pseudo-virus, and she is mercy killed by Fate to spare her any more suffering.
  • Legion of Doom: Dead End. They are comprised of various enemies from the big five, and many good guys get enslaved to them, too.
  • The Lonely Door: In this Magical Girl Crisis Crossover, the Stranger uses seemingly ordinary wooden doors to take people to "The Lighthouse", which appear in random places, disconnected to anything else. The Lighthouse is a sanctuary for survivors of the five magical girl universes who have lost their worlds.
  • Magical Girl: Featuring characters from the whole spectrum of the genre, from the classical-style Sakura to Magical Girl Warrior Sailor Moon to the brutal Deconstruction of Madoka Magica.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Chaos, on a multiversal scale. It is behind every evil in every universe.
  • Mercy Kill: Alph is effectively euthanized by Fate in Chapter 37, to release her from the agony of the pseudo-virus.
  • Motive Rant: Joker's monologue to Sakura in Chapter 4.
    "Have you ever lost everything? ... Don't mistake me, I don't mean just the people or places or things you care about, but also your purpose… the reason you exist, what you were created for. Imagine knowing, with utter certainty, what you were meant to do with your life, and having that snatched away from you. And dying horribly in the process, but that's another matter. That happened to me, mademoiselle. My purpose wasn't merely taken away, it was betrayed… betrayed by the very being that gave me birth. And it happened because of your kind, you and others like you. You made me lose everything. Can you imagine that? ... Oh, wait. Never mind, you don't have to imagine. You're about to live through it. You and everyone, everywhere, everywhen else."
  • The Multiverse: Integral to the premise. The five "vertices" of the multiverse are the Sailorverse (90s anime and manga/Crystal continuities), the Cardcaptorverse, all of the Precure continuities up through Go! Princess (at first), the Nanohaverse, and the Madokaverse.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: Eas is part of Dead End not out of loyalty for Joker, but out of loyalty for her homeworld, Labyrinth. It was Lord Moebius's will that Labyrinth and Dead End join forces, and even after Moebius's death, Eas wishes to carry on that will in his place. this is enough to make Sayaka, now Dead End's commissar, suspicious of her.
  • Mysterious Waif: The same thing happens as every world is attacked: the survivors are approached by a silent stranger from a different universe, who leads them through a simple white wooden door to a place called "The Lighthouse". All these strangers (Chibi-Chibi, Cure Echo, Alicia Testarossa, and Nagisa Momoe) are later revealed to be the same being wearing alternating forms, an "embodiment of those erased from the normal flow of time". As of Chapter 41, Nagisa has split off from the Stranger, and has been restored to normal.
  • Nanomachines: Viluy's secret weapon against the TSAB mages' Magitek.
  • Neutral No Longer: Fantine's initial plan is to keep the survivors inside the Lighthouse and prevent them from fighting, explaining that they can wait it out and rebuild the multiverse after Dead End's war on reality is over. Despite her phenomenal powers, she refuses to use them against Dead End out of fatalism and fear of being discovered. When Joker unleashes "the entity", the carnage is bad enough that she throws neutrality to the curb, sacrificing all but a fraction of her powers to banish it back to where it came... and afterward, she tells the Big Five that she can no longer afford to stay out of the conflict.
  • No Saving Throw: Sailor Saturn's Amethyst Morendo attack. Once it hits its target, the target will die, slowly and in unbearable agony, as their body devours itself molecule by molecule... and there's absolutely nothing that can be done to stop it.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Used several times masterfully, mostly regarding just how low Joker and the rest of the cadre of Sadists and sociopaths that is his organization of Death End are willing to sink to for the sake of victory or For the Evulz. What did Joker do to the Bad End Precure, specially Kanna? What does the butterfly do, exactly, if it isn't meant to cause an Apocalypse How?
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Chibi-Usa says this when she realizes that her alarm is broken (again) and she's going to be Late for School.
    • And again later, in a far more dire situation, when Sailor Saturn suddenly reawakens.
    • This pretty much sums up Neptune, Marine, and Alph's reactions when they find themselves inside Viluy's lab and see all of the experimentation that she did.
    • Viluy gets one when she failed to calculate the possibilities of Alph transforming into her wolf form to break free of the virus Viluy injected into her brain... temporarily.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Joker, after his Villainous Breakdown, reveals that he intends to destroy all of reality to bring about the worst ending to the multiverse.
  • Orifice Invasion: Jamanen forces herself down Cure Fortune's throat, allowing her to assimilate and turn the Precure into her drone. Word of God confirms this is a Shout-Out to an infamous scene from Batman Beyond.
  • Perky Female Minion: Kanna Kise/Bad End Peace II, for Joker. She's an Alternate Self of Yayoi, stolen from a timeline where she never met her teammates or became a Precure. Joker utterly broke her mind to mold her into the new Bad End Peace, his self-described "masterpiece", and she demonstrates the trope by being a simultaneously cheerful and Ax-Crazy Psycho Electro, having No Sense of Personal Space, developing horrifying fetishes and discussing them with no filter, and being at least partly aware of the fourth wall.
  • Place Beyond Time: The Lighthouse, overlapping with Portal Crossroad World. It's an intertemporal and interdimensional sanctuary intended to shelter the survivors of Dead End's rampage through the multiverse. It has connections to each of the five Vertices, but it's detached from the regular flow of time for any of them.
  • Portal Crossroad World: The Lighthouse connects to each of the five universes.
  • Psycho Electro: Kanna fits this to a tee. One of her lines in her first battle is wondering out loud how much electricity it would take to turn Sailor Iron Mouse into a Pikachu.
  • Psychological Torment Zone: The Insecurity System that guards the entrance to Dead End's headquarters. It causes each member of the rescue team to experience vivid hallucinations of their deepest fears and personal demons. To wit: Sailor Mars sees her Playing with Fire abilities rage out of control as a result of her Fusion Dance; Cure Marine experiences the failure of her dream to be a fashion designer, the pity of her older sister, and a physical and mental regression to the age of a toddler; Cure Black flashes back to a nightmarish alternate outcome of Episode 42 of her original series, falls into hopeless despair, and rots to pieces; Cure Fortune arrives just seconds to late to save her sister from being violently crushed to death; Cure Twinkle sees Towa transformed back into Twilight, who takes a serrated knife to her face; Sailor Chibi-Moon turns back into Black Lady and is trapped within her, unable to look away as she destroys the universe; Sakura is given a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech by Clow Reed; Alph sees Fate reduced to a vegetative state by Precia's abuse; and Sailor Neptune sees Sailor Uranus killing herself over and over, more horribly each time. Eventually, everyone was able to get free from the effects of Insecurity System after Neptune realizes that what they're experiencing is only a trick and uses her Deep Aqua Mirror to get rid of the illusions created by the System.
  • Rage Breaking Point:
    • For Shaoran, Kero, Toya, and Yuki, it's making Sakura cry.
    • For Nanoha (and later Alph), it's Viluy ripping out Fate's eye. Alph gets this again when she's humiliated in front of Joker, her teammates, and an army of Dead End soldiers... with disastrous results.
    • For Nagisa/Cure Black, it's when the Soujus take Honoka from her.
    • For Sayaka, it's regaining her memories of Homura's Face–Heel Turn at the end of Rebellion.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: The Nothing's eyes turn from blue to blood red when she sees Sakura. Many other corrupted characters are described with red eyes as well.
  • Reset Button: Most of the big changes that happen at the end of any given Magical Girl series drawn into this crossover (most notably, the Nothing becoming the Hope) are undone by a wave of "static".
  • Ret-Gone: Happens to Hikari and Hikaru Kujou, and Pollun and Lulun. No one save for Nagisa and Honoka seem to remember they existed. Also happens to the other Nagisa, due to her Witch form falling into a tear in time. This is later reversed when what's left of Nagisa splits off from the Stranger, restoring her to normal. Later, it happens to the Maho Girls Pretty Cure!, KiraKira★Pretty Cure à la Mode, and HuGtto! Pretty Cure continuities, and every Precure continuity after them, when Joker unleashes "the entity".
  • Screw Destiny: Joker talks Chaos into rebelling against its natural function and its fate to lose every time, convincing it to spare his existence so that he can wage war on reality and end the Eternal Recurrence for good.
  • Sentient Cosmic Force: Chaos. In Fantine's words, it's not a living thing that can be killed or an organization that can be defeated, it's the concept of the absence of being, a fundamental force of the universe, and it's decided to rebel against its role. Hence, the reason she has no intention of letting the heroes try to fight it... that is, until Joker does something so horrible that she can't afford to stay neutral any longer.
  • Sharing a Body: Fusion!Rei, see Fusion Dance above. The merged Rei has elements of both Reis' personalities, but the balance between them tends to shift.
  • Slime Girl: Jamanen, who appears in Act II with considerable upgrades that put her past the threat level of an ordinary Monster of the Week. By the end of her debut chapter, she's turned Cure Fortune into a "drone" slime girl like herself, subservient to her will.
  • Space Time Eater: Joker's secret weapon, summoned with the artifact, is "the entity", an Eldritch Abomination from far beyond the five primary universes which devours the Mahou Tsukai, A La Mode, and Hugtto Precure continuities, all the continuities that will come after them, and the futures of the first ten Facets of the Precure universe.
  • Star Killing: Joker uses Incubator technology to put out the sun in Madoka's universe, forcing Homura to freeze time and cut and run before everything on Earth dies.
  • Story-Breaker Power: The reason the likes of of the Symphogears aren't in the fic, aside from the author having only just recently gotten into it, is because they would be too powerful for the setting. They do make a cameo in the second Crack Chapter, though, where they confirm as much personally.
  • Super-Fun Happy Thing of Doom: The Merry-Go-Round, an immense, nightmarish techno-organic tower to which captured magical girls are not bound, but grafted. Its purpose is to cause an Omniversal Metaphysical Negation event using all of Dead End's prisoners as fuel... allegedly. Joker claims that what it does is even worse.
  • Tempting Fate: Viluy tempts her own fate after injecting Alph with her pseudo-virus and thinking that she had successfully stopped her, even going as far as saying that the virus is a masterpiece. Too bad she didn't think the possibilities of Alph turning into her wolf form and breaking free from the virus' effects. Tragically subverted a few chapters later, when it's revealed that the pseudo-virus did work, but much slower than she anticipated.
  • Time Crash: One mother of a Time Crash happens to the Precure-verse after Joker unleashes "the entity", eliminating every possible future from every Facet, and annihilating the three post-Go Princess continuities along with all that come after them.
  • Time Skip: The Cardcaptor Sakura universe picks up the story five years after the events of The Sealed Card. Similarly, the Nanohaverse picks up around three years after the final Book of Darkness incident, and Usagi's story picks up five years after the battle with Galaxia and Chaos. Madoka's story takes place an indeterminate amount of time after Rebellion... Homura, being the Devil, has long since stopped keeping track of how long it's been.
  • Two Beings, One Body: Fusion!Rei. Aspects of both her component personalities tend to leak through on occasion.
  • Tranquil Fury: When Viluy gouges out Fate's eye, Nanoha enters this state. She then proceeds to calmly, coldly, outright incinerate Viluy. It's as chilling as it sounds.
  • Unexplained Recovery: At the end of Chapter 28, Jamanen successfully assimilated Cure Fortune into her drone. By the end of Chapter 29, it seems that Fortune successfully escapes from Jamanen's control but we don't get an explanation on how. The only explanation given was that Cure Black mentioned that she and Fortune had found the Merry-Go-Round during their communication call with Cure Marine.
    • Ultimately subverted. The "Cure Black" that called Marine was Jamanen, shapeshifted into Black's form and using her voice to lure the rest of the team into a trap.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When he realizes that his faith in Pierrot was misplaced and that all his efforts were for nothing, Joker doesn't take it well...
    • Viluy has one upon seeing an enraged Alph shift into her wolf form, having apparently shaken off the effects of her Hate Plague.
  • Villainous Harlequin: Joker, though in terms of behavior and threat level he's far more along the lines of a Monster Clown. Kefka Palazzo was an inspiration.
  • Villain Reveals the Secret: At the climax of Act II, Joker unleashes the entity and piggybacks a specific memory with it as it attacks, broadcasting it as a psychic signal which ensures that everyone in every universe learns of Homura's betrayal of Madoka and theft of her powers at the end of Rebellion. "Everyone" includes Madoka herself, who had purposefully been Locked Out of the Loop, and it leads to the truth coming out and the destruction of her trust in Homura.
  • Void Between the Worlds: Homura takes Madoka to the space between universes as a last-ditch effort to keep her safe from Joker, after being thoroughly spooked by his putting out of the sun. Luckily, they're found by Lindy and the Arthra, thanks to a tip from Fantine.
  • Wham Line: From Chapter 60: "That's the thing: I'm not betraying you. I can't, because I was never on your side in the first place." Said by Sayaka as she reveals she was a Fake Defector.
  • The World as Myth: Sailor Moon is an anime series in the facets of the Precure universe. Which gives Cure Black a hell of a shock when she meets Usagi for real... Yayoi has a different reaction.
  • Yandere: Tomoyo goes yandere for Sakura, to the degree that she wants to kill Shaoran for "stealing" her...

Alternative Title(s): Shattered Skies