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Takwin: a Texan bibliophile with slight mental disorders and a taste for overly strong coffee. Here to harass perfectly respectable, hard-working tropers with meticulousness and pedantry. Usually nests in the dark depths of tumblr. Nice to meet you!

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Obligatory vandalism section:

If you please, draw me a sheep? - Krrackknut.

You don't have to be rude to be a smartass, you tell 'em! Also, always happy to meet a Pink Floyd fan. -macroscopic

Repaying the favor. —Kinkajou

I'm just curious, any particular reason behind the all-caps "THANK YOU" over on the Captain Ersatz page? I provided that 500 Manga Creatures example and was curious, did you have some past experience with that book? - Count Dorku

  • I was just expressing my gratitude that somebody pointed it out. That book was frankly a plagaristic nightmare, and I remember physically cringing when I read it at a bookstore recently. I'm sorry, did I come off too strong in that edit? I suppose it was a little uncouth...
    • No, I'm grateful, it's just that all caps can give something of a Sarcasm Mode effect and I thought it was best to check. - Count Dorku

Keep on being funny and awesome! - Flanker 66

I must write in here since I'm apparently obligated to. Due to my lack of originality, I have nothing else to say Rainbow Dust

  • You're not obligated to write anything, I just felt I should make a designated area for people to deface my page.
    • It says "Obligatory Vandalism Section".
      • Yeah, I guess that's not very clear, is it?
        • *punch*
          • Oh wait, I think I see where this went wrong: it's obligatory to have a vandalism section, not to write in those sections. It appears we had a failure to communicate.

  • Hi! Thanks for being nice enough to add on my page! ~ Shadowgirl13Chaos

  • You only like 6 different music artists? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but just wait until you see my Troper page and tell me what you think of it. Plus, I'm always glad to find a fan of The Simpsons anywhere. - AlBundyFan365
    • I don't only like 6 artists. Those were just the ones I thought of at the time of writing. If I listed them all, this would take a while.
  • Well, I reject your reality and blow it up with C4! Game Spazzer
  • Hey, I like your blog. Having an interest in biology myself, I know quite a bit about the gross things that happen in nature, and you do a good job presenting it to the average person. - Tropers/Zennistrad