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Welcome to my page. I’ve been a troper for several years, but I’ve been perusing and not heavily editing or reviewing, mostly just correcting any grammar/spelling/markup mistakes I come across. I’m starting to post more reviews, specifically for Dystopian fiction, either literature or film.

Other info about me:

-I’m American.

-I’m an aspie.

-Outside of Dystopian fiction my interests include geography, international cultures, travel, photography, food, and writing (usually non-fiction).


-I have a bachelor’s degree in religious studies and my work is primarily in areas related to religion, theology, and interfaith dialogue. My approach is grounded in the social sciences, specifically in sociology and psychology. I am currently in graduate school for my master’s.

Vandalize here if motivated

You're pretty cool to talk to, and a very interesting person. — Bonsai Forest

Thanks for visiting my page! - FringeBenefits

Thank you for visiting my page, Aspie sister. Aspie

Thank you for the vandalism. My page was so lonely without it.... *sniff* Hammerhead

More Aspies!! I don't feel so lonely here as an Aspie. Can I hug you or do you Hate To Be Touched? Hey, it's a spectrum, I know. — Indigo12ash


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