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Hi! It's amazing that I've not known about this site-let alone just what a trope was-and already I know so much more about these things than many people I know in real life!!

I'm a fan of comics-DC Comics especially-cartoons, and I've recently been getting into Anime, many because of this site. However, I've always been shy to admit it in real life due to the obvious reasons and stereotypes attached.


I've been somewhat active on the Net for some time, since 2002 as I can tell, the main draws for me have been Fan Fiction and Fan Art, and as such, I have since gained a FF.Net and DevientArt page. And as you will see, I am-for better or worse-a die hard shipper, with such pairings as Brooklyn and Katana, Raven and Beast Boy-or Raveast, and in Avatar I go for Zutara and Taang. And unlike the usual shipper, I won't go crazy on fellow fans just because they disagree. All I ask is that I be treated with respect regardless.

In my fiction-and fan fiction-I like romance, humor and angst, often on my mood. However, I like it best when it comes slow, with subtlty and in a realistic fashon.

Articles I've started myself(In descending chronological order):

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