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One night in 2006, a call goes out to NHK and the Tokyo police, giving notice of a suicide jumper from the then-incomplete Tokyo Sky Tower. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be too unusual, except for one small detail: Akiko Yamaguchi, the suicide jumper, is a Magical Girl. She has fought a long, lonely war against Cults, a Circus of Fear, and the embodiments of fear itself for years and has reached her breaking point. She transforms on live television and takes the plunge. But before she becomes a wet crimson smear on the pavement, a black-clad angel swoops in to save her—Fate Testarossa, with Nanoha Takamachi flying in shortly after.

In response to the news that they aren't the only ones with magic in the world, Magical Girls and their support groups all around Earth come out of the woodwork and close ranks. In so doing, the magic which has kept The Masquerade in place since the fall of the Silver Millennium comes unravelled and The Magic Comes Back. The people of Earth must now come to terms with the extremely magical world they live in; the enemies of Earth must contend with public knowledge of their existence; and the defenders of Earth lock arms against the encroaching darkness.

Battle Fantasia Project (older links: [1] [2][3] [4][5] [6][7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] ) is a Super Robot Wars-style Magical Girl Mega Crossover. Hosted at the SpaceBattles Creative Writing Forum, it is a multi-author collaborative effort. At present the project is still mostly in the planning stages due to one author handling the entire first arc on his own, but numerous snippets of plot have been written by various authors and the thread broke the 100-page mark in just over a week. Feel free to drop by with your two cents.

Chapter One of the First Arc, Unity, was released on October 6th, 2011 on FanFiction.Net. Link. CURRENTLY, THE FIRST ARC IS UNDERGOING A PROCESS OF REVISION AND STREAMLINING. ONE HALF OF THE NEW VERSION CAN BE READ HERE.

The project has also created two Spinoffs:

Has a wiki, for easy record keeping of ideas.

Unfortunately, as of 2013, the project seems to have collapsed due to politics and infighting among the various contributors.

As of January 2014, a group of Italian fanwriters have resurrected the project here (Italian only, for now).

Not to be confused with either Battle Fantasia or the Magical Girl Real Trailer Fake Game movie clips from which the name is borrowed.

Battle Fantasia Project provides examples of:

The Italian remake of Battle Fantasia Project provides examples of