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Knights of Time and Space will be used in an upcoming episode.
Because it's to Epic-Awesome for those two to not use. Listen! Episode Six is supposed to deal with Derpy and the Doctor arguing and their friendship being strained to the breaking point. Having this song at the very end would be the perfect way to end the episode and show their restored and stronger than ever friendship at the same time in an And the Adventure Continues sort of way.
  • Confirmed.

Ditzy's selective immunity to the Psychic Paper will become a plot point.
Episode 5 revealed that the Psychic paper only works on one eye at a time. It would be perfectly befitting both source materials by setting up a future plot point as a seemingly one-off gag. Clearly The Master will show up with the same item and the only pony who either believes The Doctor or sees through the ruse will be Ditzy, because she's partially immune to it.

Ditzy's voice will change at some point.
It's got to, what with The Last Roundup and all.

The Blue Unicorn that the Doctor talked to is his future incarnation
He knows quite a lot about electrical surges…especially since they don't exist in Equestria.
  • He'll be pretty happy about it, since he seems to have some obsession with unicorns.
  • The unicorn parting comments point more toward the master.

Derpy has romantic feelings for the Doctor
Considering the fact Bald Dumbo Rat (Voice of Derpy)runs a tumblr ask-blog called "Doctor Obsessed Derpy" ( and whenever she dubs it, she acquires the help of Keikoandgilly (The Doctor), the things in the blog should become relevant sometime in the series. Some may even doing an adventure on Hearts and Hooves Day considering they were seen together then.
  • The "And Assistant" universe of Episode 7 takes place during Hearts and Hooves Day, though not necessarily on the Adventures universe. In the third Q and A set, Derpy (weakly) denies any sort of feelings she has and says that the only plans she had for Hearts and Hooves was showing the Doctor around and giving him fruit punch. Sure Derpy. Love ya, girl :D
  • Starting episode 7, Derpy gets a running gag of babbling incoherently and rather adorably whenever her feelings on the Doctor are questioned.

  • Confirmed

Possible 2nd companion in future
On the Whoovesnassistant tumblr, the Doctor mentioned a character named "Cuckoo Clock" stating that he'd never forget the name, possibly referring to a future important pony/companion (Possibly blue unicorn?)

The Pegasus Doctor from "Sonic Rainboom" will be explained in a later video.
  • They already explained the Filly Derpy from "The Cutie Pox" in "Apples and Arguments", so…

Time Turner will be a Line-of-Sight Name, just like John Smith was.
Ditzy will be improvising just like Jamie was in The Wheel in Space.
  • Time Turner was used in episode 5.
The Doctor is the reason Derpy hasn't been in any season 3 episodes so far.
  • She's off adventuring with him. It will even be acknowledged if or when this series gets to season 3.

Ditzy is one of Clara's incarnations.
  • Clara and Ditzy both have the same idiosyncratic reaction to seeing the inside of the TARDIS. Use of the same words is a recurring theme between Clara's incarnations. There could also be parallels drawn between the souffles and the muffins.
    • The Name of the Doctor reveals that Clara's incarnations were created by her scattering herself along the Doctors path through space-time, so it makes sense that with the extended stay in Equestria, Clara would have found her way there.
      • This would also explain some of her idiosyncrasies. She doesn't have too much to do with the main events of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, except for being the one assigned to get the birds from the south and wrecking the... City hall, was it? It's because her purpose was to be with the doctor. Also, the wall eye and special psychic paper resistant powers are the result of the doctor's timeline running through this alternate world. Since they're in a magic world, it also granted her super rump powers.

In Call Upon the DocDerp Part 2, The Doctor will run into three familiar sirens

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