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Given the ludicrousity of mating motifs, Asuka might become one of the Ree.
Then there's the shipping with Reeish!Shinji, along with half the cast most likely getting mad, and you can guess the rest for yourselves. Plus you know the other Ree and Lilith might be pleased...

The author of Hyperbole and a Half is one of the Ree.
  • Nice to know that someone else spotted that.

If we end up with the Everybody Dies ending, Kei will just make the Mimigas from Cave Story.
Then feed them red flowers, making them berserk, unleashing them on everyone and make the whole world miserable, and if Lilith is still intact (because the whole NERV facility got glassed to ashes in that scenario)... Kei will just end up using Instrumentality to screw everyone over (and quite literally too, god forbid if she tries to merge and... *shudder*). And we'll need a killer robot to hopefully stop her.

Nobody Dies is the past of Space Battleship Yamato

Convert the wreck of a 250 year old battleship into a Space Battleship with a Wave-Motion Gun set for a transgalactic voyage? Sounds like typical Nobody Dies Crazy Awesome to me! Clearly S2 energy is just another name for Wave Motion energy, and how else could the Yamato keep together except through the use of AT-Field mindf____ery!


Rei is an alternate universe avatar of Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z Abridged

The Ree habit of matchmaking is tied with Lilith's desire to create babies.
Isn't this canon already?

Rei and Go-Kun's relationship will be upgraded in Rei Does the Multiverse.

Rei and Go-Kun evidently were traveling for some time, what with all those "souvenoiurs" Rei collected and all the decals for Go-Kun, which only seemed like a short time due to Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Therefore, somewhere during their travels, Rei and Go-Kun will either have sex and/or get married. It just hasn't been brought up yet in the main story.

Rei will never, ever get it.

Why? Simple. She draws her power from Rule of Funny, and so, as a result, is bound by the same rule. And it's much funnier for her to be constantly frustrated in her efforts.

One of the Ree will go full-Angel

We know it's a possibility, and Kiko got very close. They have a tendency to push the limits anyway, with their breakouts, and eventually one of them will end up going too far. And it would certainly be interesting to see what a Lilithian, as opposed to Adamite, Angel looks like.

  • Note; this is based off the assumption that Rei isn't already an Angel who just wears a human shape (which isn't her true one) normally.

The Reego will return

Because those girls are to cute to have been a one-off gag!

  • Confirmed- they reappeared in 83, and now appear to be hanging around NERV again, starting in 84.
The Final Battle will not be up against the SDF forces and SEELE

That part's just part of the escellation. The real Climax will be against ADAM, and it will end with a Tear Jerker.

Not due to anybody dieing or anything, but because Ichi will sing, hopefully this song, which will culminate in The Ree, the Reego and the other Evas joining in. And through the powers of Love, Friendship and Rock, ADAM shall defeated once and for all!! [[supersecretspoiler:Okay not really, I was just listening to that song again and the idea came to me. It was too much fun not to mention.]]

  • Not quite Jossed, but it seems unlikely. Gregg HL has said as much that Kihl Lorenz is the one truly evil character in Nobody Dies, going so far as to indicate that ADAM may have reasons for being so angry. Kihl is 100% human the author has mentioned how much he liked the idea of the ultimate adverdsary being a fellow human rather than an Eldritch Abomination.
ADAM is bishonen and useless with girls

We know that the Ree give insight into the mentality of Lilith, which (as can be seen with Kei) even seeps through into their normal personality when they're trying to fight it. Hence, for the two Adamite Nephilim we have, we can use them as guides to ADAM's personality. That is to say, there's a good chance that any traits they share come from ADAM. And, in fact, there are two things there;

  • Being very pretty
  • Being totally useless with girls. And, yes, both Uri and Kaworu are abysmal; Uri had to basically be given a maid to seduce him, while the misadventures of Kaworu are legend.
  • I dunno. While it's true that Wuffles (being the only other male Adamite nephilim, Lilly being female) has not interacted with any females in an attempted romantic maner as of chapter 50, he doesn't seem like the type to be a verbal klutz. That being said however, there is no evidence against the idea that he may be a very very pretty specimen of a Sandalphim.
    • Possibly because the Angel-Spawn are actually not directly connected to ADAM; they're part of their progenitor species. Uri and Kaworu, by contrast, are to ADAM as the Ree are to Lilith, and so directly of him. The Nephilim are (as might be guessed by the mythological roots of the word), human-Angel hybrids. Neither Lilly nor Wuffles are Nephilim.

Annette is...

The current range of theories regarding Annette, Kaworu's maid whom he pretty much threw at Uri, are...

  • Armisael
  • Evangelion Mark 07
  • A flock of ducks in an Annette suit
  • No one with any tangential connection to the plot outside of being Kaworu's maid
  • Kaworu or a Kaworu clone in drag.
  • A ninja.
  • Arael
  • Kaworu's Mother figure and caretaker
  • The Key to a Cherubim-based Instrumentality.
  • [[supersecretspoiler: Shinji's cousin.]]
    • Confirmed.

At some point, Zeruel and Go-kun will fight for Rei's hand.

Just because. Looking at the possible contestants;

  • One is a giant robot with a drill arm and a personality based on Optimus Prime.
  • The other is a Giant Tentacle Monster Kamina.
  • Clearly, this can only happen with a Rock Off, that with just one chance will rock your socks off.

Zeruel and whatever angels are left will pull a Big Damn Heroes / Heel–Face Turn during the final battle.

Word of God has stated that Khil and ADAM are the only true Bad Guys, and Zeruel is probably the only one that can hope to match ADAM in raw power aside from Lilith. And besides, we all know that would be AWESOME!

The Mystery Rei in Unit-01 is...

The current range of theories around the Not ND!Rei in Unit-01 with Shinji in chapter sixty-six onward are...

  • The ninth Ree.
  • Bardiel.
  • Iruel.
  • Shinji's subconscious.
  • Ichi's subconscious imprint on the core.
  • Lilith.
    • Also confirmed as Yui's unborn baby girl
  • Remnants of Yui's subconscious imprint on the core.
  • Yui's spleen.
  • Creepy!Rei.
  • A Time Lord.
  • Lain
  • A fragment of Raziel.
  • An unnamed Cherubim.
  • Arael.
  • Armisael.
  • Canon Rei.
  • Eo E!Rei
  • Racer X
  • Yui's pancreas

Rei and Go-Kun have a son.

During their dimension hopping antics, the two of them got bored, then got busy. The result was a humanoid abomination with untold power and passion, with a moral center from his father. His name? Simon.

Dinosaur Tank was built by...
  • Lorenz
  • Kaworu
  • Kensuke
  • Gendo
  • Aoba
It has now been confirmed in the story that the Dinosaur Tank was created by Iruel. Take that as you please.

Maya will turn out to be Gendo's illegitimate daughter.

She isn't affected by Shinji's "sexy field" which is explicitly stated to only not affect family members. There is an assumption that it is because of her and Rits, but given how closely canon!Maya resembles Shinji it isn't beyond the pale that Gendo might have strayed and this is the first evidence of it. A WMG on how Yui will keep from slaughtering him if this is the case is still Up for Grabs.

  • Except, Maya's over 30. Gendo and Yui have been married for a little over twenty years, meaning Gendo would have fathered Maya before he met Yui, possibly back during his early college days. Now, the bigger questions would be if Gendo knew, and got Maya the job out of a displaced sense of nepotism.
    • No. Maya can't be over thirty. That would be putting her at the same age group as Ritsuko and Misato, and she's obviously younger. The implication, from the fact that she's a First Lieutenant, and her general demeanour, is that she's probably in her mid-twenties. Which fits the timeline nicely for Gendo having fathered her while in his own twenties, while at university, but before he met Yui.
    • Actually, Yui and Gendo have only been married 17 years, and according to the Flashback Episode of the Anime they met in '99 and married just before Second Impact. Plenty of time for Maya to be in her mid-twenties and still be Gendo's illigetimate daughter.
    • You forget that Nobody Dies started two years later than canon, in 2017. And New Vegas was going to be their anniversary, so they've just passed the twentieth anniversary.
  • Except, Maya's a lesbian. And therefore is not attracted to Shinji or affected by his "sexy field."
    • You question the depravity of Lilithian Nephilim?
      • Given that Pieter has proven that one can resist the Sexytime Aura, and Yui notes that it doesn't affect family (although there's a reason for that), it makes sense that there's limits. It's quite possible that one's sexuality is one of them.
This story is the Alternate Universe version of the Eva Anime

In 1994 in an Alternate Universe, Hideaki Anno, rather than being a borderline depressive, was at the total opposite end of the mood spectrum, and so made New Destiny Evangelion to deconstruct the at the time notoriously depressing Giant Super Robot genre, showing just how awesome the idea could be.

It was insanely popular.

Skip ahead fifteen years to today in that same Alternate Universe, where Gregg Landsman, a total Jerkass, decides to write what would be the most depressing fanfiction for the show ever, called New Genesis Evangelion, taking a cue from the Multiverse Jump Arc. In it, Yui and Kyoko both were absorbed into Units 01 and 02, starting Gendo on a Start of Darkness that develops abandonment and Father Issues in Shinji and Asuka, Rei is an emotionless doll and The Ree are mindless, souless bodies that only show up in a single chapter towards the end, Ritsuko is revealed to have a really squicky relationship with her Boss, and Pieter is erased from the continuity because Alt-Gregg just didn't like him.

Gregg is doing this to see if he can start a cult.

The type Earth Scorpion goes to on weekends.

Gregg and Earth Scorpion are merely two sides of the same being.

Both write fics that get more then a little depressing at time. Both manage to flesh out creatures way beyond our understanding. Both tend to be a fountain of Memes. But while Earth is full on Lovecraftian Horror, Gregg is the more Ree like Lovecraft Lite aspect, the one who deals with humans.

  • The sheer amount of Earth Scorpion's work which has been canonised for Nobody Dies suggests that there is some kind of personality bleed-through between the two beings. Obviously, at the end of Nobody Dies, the two sides will remerge.
    • And that will be our Third Impact.

The Ree edit TV Tropes.


Mana will fail in her attempts to reconcile with her own femininity

And no, it won't be played for comedy.

  • Confirmed- at least for the moment. JA-Tan has stated that given Mana's amount of self-loathing, reconciliation is currently impossible. She just refuses to cope with who she is.

Tying into the earlier WMG's about Zeruel
Recent chapter Spoiler alert.

So we know that units 6, 8, and 9 were built way too fast to be normal Evas. We also have the in universe WMG that unit 6 is a lobotomized angel. We recently found out that the elder Ikari (Yui's dad) has some use for Zeruel. Ergo, Zeruel will be regrown into unit 8, with Asuka as the pilot. How else could they get an Eva awesome enough to face down ADAM if not by using the most badass angel as the base? There could also be an incident with Asuka unit 8 much like Shinji had with unit 1, turning Asuka into a Zeruelian Nephilim. This would happen because otherwise Asuka would be the only pilot who isn't part or completely angelic, and we can't have that. Plus it adds something new to Shinji and Asuka's relationship.

President Colbert will got to battle in Evangelion Mark-x codename Metal Wolf
And its AI will be the one of his predecesor Michael Wilson

Sandalphon was lying his (figurative) ass off about not being attracted to Mari
He saw just how violently Pieter reacted at the accidental suspicion, and in order to maintain both his friendship with Pieter and harmony between Mari and her father, he plans to ignore his attraction. At some point, Mari will figure this out, and there will probably be a very trippy wedding scene in the bowels of Terminal Dogma.

Kensuke has been Corrupted by the Ree
Ever since they they shoved a turnip up his ass, among other, far more disturbing things that he actually enjoyed. He's been acting more and more like one of them as time passes. Sooner or later he'll hit terminal corruption and become a full-on Ree. Much to their universal delight I am sure.

"Chail Gun" was a typo
But then Gregg realized how awesome such a combination would be.

Rei is how Canon!Rei 1 would have grown up
And how Rei 2 would have become had not Gendo caught her in time and done something to prevent it.

as punishment for his cimesKyubey will be thrown to the Ree!
Alternate reality be damned.

Kei's favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.

  • Youngest daughter of the family? Check.
  • Realizes just how limited her realm of experiences is, and desires more? Check.
  • Willing to do whatever it takes to see what the outside/surface is like? Check.
  • Seen as weird for doing so and wanting such? Check.
  • Held back by a loving and devoted parent that only wants to protect her? Check.
  • Catalyst is a pretty boy about her age? Indeed, check and mate.

The fic stopped updating because the cast is busy visiting one of the Super Robot Wars universes
Shinji, Asuka and Rei fell through another dimensional warp and landed in the bridge of the White Base. While their mothers are looking for them and researching a way to bring them back, they are befriending Kouji Kabuto, Sayaka Yumi, Tetsuya Tsurugi, Jun Hono, Duke Fleed, Hikaru Makiba, Maria Fleed, the Getter team, Amuro Rei, Char Aznable, Kamille Bidan, Noriko, Kazumi, Kamina, Simon, the Voltron team and the rest... and getting a ton of tips. Kouji, Tetsuya and Simon are teaching Shinji to be manlier, Ryoma is showing Asuka the joy of cleaving dangerous things with a giant battle-axe, and Noriko is teaching Rei the art of obliterating everything and anything that gets in your way. Asuka is also learning all what they can about the technology used by the Super Robot army, and Rei is drooling at the thought of fitting her giant meach with a Chest Blaster and Eye Beams.

Shortly after the latest chapter, Shinji Asuka and Rei got accidentally warped into the Mazinger Z/Go Nagai universe
And Asuka's Eva accidentally merged with Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter Robot. Therefore now Asuka rides a war machine that is almost indestructible and can easily burn, tear apart and blow up a planet. Rei pouted; but since Shinji now finds Asuka hotter than ever she kept quiet about it, hoping that they begin making babies soon.

Moreover, she is already planning merge her Eva with GunBuster, Ideon and Gurren Lagann anyway...

At some point of the crossover they will travel to the original and Rebuild universes. Butts will get much ass-kicking, Gendo, Seele and even Yui will get a reckoning, each Canon Shinji will get his red-haired girl and each Canon Asuka will get her not-so-wimpy-now Shinji.
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