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  • Actor Allusion:
  • Ascended Fanon: Many, many elements of the story (usually minor gags, but sometimes whole plot points) are the result of suggestions in the discussion thread.
  • Creator Backlash: The response that followed the reveal of the sort-of retcon of thirty or so chapters was quite unhealthy to the author's opinion of the story:
    Gregg: I am hesitant to get back to Eva writing in the first place, as Nobody Dies needs to die in a fucking fire.
  • Defictionalization:
    • There was talk that a fan and three friends would be Cos Playing as Gendo, Kozo, Yui and Rei and re-enacting the Driver's Training scene from chapter 19 at Mechacon 2010. Unfortunately, Gregg announced that it fell through.
    • Rei now has a GameFAQs account. Appropriately named Terrifying!Rei. GameFAQs shudders.
  • Dueling Fanfics: With Shinji And Warhammer 40 K to an extent. They have a lot of similar themes and came from similar nails ("Make Shinji's childhood better" vs "Save Shinji's mom") and the execution is similarly over-the-top for both fics. The main differences between the two are that (1) ND's nail changed a good chunk of the Eva-verse's backstory while S&40K only changed Shinji's childhood and then went from there, and (2) 40K has a more consistently epic scope while ND tends to stick somewhat closer to the Original Flavor, invoking just as many Crowning Moments as 40K does but also balancing them with moments of shock and horror that could've been pulled right out of the source material.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Kesuske: Man!Rei, Kensuke Igor
    • Unit 04 is also known as Four-Chan, and his church/cathedral/whathaveyou is called Four-Chan's Magic Castle.
    • Unit 00 / Naoko Akagi: GLAoko, Naok 00.
    • Given the Keiworu logical naming scheme means that their "names" are strings of numbers and letters, the two most seen, 00-Em A9 and 02-Ef A9, have been dubbed Hansel and Grettel. Something made so much worse by the pictures.
    • Zeruel: Big Z.
    • Leliel / Lilly: Aunt Lilly, the Happy Fun Ball.
  • Lying Creator: Gregg. Word of God for this series is not very reliable. Exhibit A — Ichi Ikari.
  • Schedule Slip: After ch. 110, the fic went into a months-long hiatus as Gregg first got distracted by Mass Effect 3, then apparently getting caught up in planning out and writing the next section of the fic. He repeatedly said that it was not dead, though.
    • Gregg saidnote  he knew how he wanted to proceed, but it will apparently tie into the Rebuild!ND plot and we'd have to wait for that one to get caught up first before new chapters would have been posted.
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    • This was put on hold due to excessive spamming in the beta thread.
  • Word of God: There's a lot of side information that isn't spelled out in the story but has been confirmed by Gregg in the discussion threads; a lot of ideas and theories have also been Jossed as well.


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