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Something about Nobody Dies that makes you scratch your head? Tell it here. Otherwise, see the forums.

  • What's up with Aruel's (I think that's the right name) Verbal Tic?
    • You mean how Arael [Helios (Isis {Idun})] says one thing [and another (and another {then the truth} thing) thing]?
      • Yeah, it's like she's channeling multiple incarnations of the same being, or even speaking like it is burning away the falsehoods of its own when speaking.
      • Your second interpretation is basically what I read it as. Basically, she seems to be making a statement, and then breaking apart the statement as she's saying it, and revealing her inner feelings.
  • Why do I get the feeling a certain diagnostics team will be the people that will determine Director Lorenz's fate, and one member is just going to pull the plug on him, unless he has villainous protection?
    • Jossed, I'm afraid. Lorenz got smothered to death by Kei, only for it all to have turned out to be a dream and for him to still be alive. They could always turn up later, however, awesome as that would be. ;)
  • If Stephen Colbert is President of the United States in this reality, does that mean John Hurt is the Prime Minister of England? Or is that going too far?
    • That's kinda like laughing at Jerry Louis as Secretary of Defense. According to 1950s! Doc, he serve under Ronald Reagan in the 80s.
  • What ever happened to half of the story arcs, anyhow? Why did Bardiel go dormant for so long and not reappear? What happened to Arrmisael in the Amazon. Why are all they boys of Tokyo 3 infertile?
    • They were 'forgotten'. Seriously, they were 'forgotten' due to the shear size of this fic.
      • The infertile subplot was name-dropped in 92, and implied that they were working on figuring it out. The second subplot seems to mostly be resolved.
    • Lesse then... Bardiel finally shows up in a recent chapter, and was dealt with by the Ree in an... unconventional way. The Armisael sublot, as mentioned above, seems to be resolved. He was actually involved in a recent battle that resulted in his almost-death and his apparent upgrade. The boys being infertile hasn't been mentioned, but it was pointed out in-story as being looked at, meaning that it could still be important enough to make an appearance later. However, none of this could apply anymore since the last seven weeks were apparently a dream caused by Arael. Meaning that everything since Zeruel may very well have not happened. However, Armisael showed up in his new form after the dream ended, so it's up in the air whether Bardiel has been dealt with, and whether the boys really are still infertile.
  • Sorry if I missed the explanation in the story, but where did the "Survived The Heat Death of the Universe"!Asuka come from?
    • She's from Taking Sights, one of the other Evangelion fanfics involved in the long Leliel crossover story arc.
  • Given that Rei keeps a dead Angel in the closet, where does she keep her clothes?
    • Her dresser, most likely.
  • The whole Arael caused the characters to dream the last 30 chapters bugs the hell out of me. It really felt like a way to fix the problems that were beginning to really plague ND, without actually having to bother fixing the problems. It really wasn't foreshadowed particularly well at all, and simply lasted far too long.
    • To be fair, Season Four was the one where things got really out of hand compared to the others. The author may not have come to that conclusion until late into the season, and after all that, there wouldn't have been a way to reasonably backpedal all of it without another dozen chapters and even more radical changes. Making it all a dream might just be his way of saying "Okay, I screwed up. Let's fix this up and get back to the good stuff."
  • Alright, I know this is already there under Art Major Physics, bbut I gotta go over it again: plasma focusing crystals? how can that POSSIBLY work? I guess you could say that it's simply a crystaline solid with vents running through it that focus the plasma into a coherent stream, but that causes a whole bunch of other problems!
    • Simply, the author has no real grasp of physics.
    • Same way that construction machinery was welded together into a giant robot: AT Field.
  • So what exactly did Chapter 102/71 invalidate? As in, what has no longer happened? Everything was already getting very complicated, and now...
    • it semi-invalidated the events of chapter 71-through-102. However, there were plot threads and hints that not the entire world was immersed in the dream- South America under Armisael was unaffected, and had the author not quit the story it would have been revealed Australia (Six A.I.s, One Continent) was unaffected as well. Basically, places affected by a strong AT Field (Armisael, Baraqiel) were able to resist Arael.