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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: A lot.
  • Archive Panic: The main story alone goes over 100 chapters, and then you've got all of the EU that's considered canon.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • There are two versions of Chapter 71. Only one is canon.
    • Chapter 102 is either this or an Ass Pull, but either way it was definitely something.
  • Badass Decay: T!Rei explains why this is averted with her.
  • Continuity Lock-Out: If you haven't read all the other Eva fics involved in Season 3's crossover extravaganza, you're going to be really confused as to what's going on.
  • Crack Pairing: One reviewer on apparently ships Mana/Wuffles.
  • Crazy Awesome: Several characters:
    • Rei practically rewrote the book on this trope. According to the author:
    Gregg: Rei isn't just a nephilem, she's of a batch of Nephilem created for the purpose of killing. Basically, she's a Nephilem super-soldier that Naoko made to murder two people and a lot of collateral. What Yui and Gendo have done is taken what's basically homicidal mania and focused it into being crazy awesome.
    • The Ree are like Rei, but with an extra helping crazy.
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    • Kensuke has picked up some of this due to his exposure to the Rei and the Ree.
    • Go-kun is piloted by Rei. What more to you need to know?
    • Gendo fistfights The President of the United States to defend his family's reputation knowing full well that it will get him laid.
    • Kyoko may be starting to develop this as her character development continues.
    • Xuan Do isn't even a Ree, and yet has generated more than a certain amount of people in the thread declaring their love for her.
  • Creepy Awesome: They call her Terrifying!Rei for legit reasons. Given this series' nature, however, it's usually played for laughs.
  • Dork Age/Seasonal Rot: Season 4 is...not regarded well by longtime readers.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Kei
  • Fan Nickname:
    • This version of Rei has been titled "Terrifying!Rei", as contrasted with Aeon Natum Engel 's "Creepy!Rei" or Shinji And Warhammer 40 K 's "Apocalypse!Rei". Additionally, Terrifying!Rei's sisters are referred to as the Ree, through an exceptionally dubious application of the English rules for pluralisation. Each has her own name.
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    • Mini!Sandalphon is officially called "Junior". The Ree demanded that he be named "Wuffles" and made their pet. In the forum thread, "Wuffles" has stuck.
    • The Nobody Dies version of Gendo has been (almost) officially named "Gendo McBadass" and his sheer awesomeness in comparison to his Canon self has set of several rounds of "Brofists" and Epic Hamminess from the forum goers.
    • MAGI-05 is GLaOKO.
    • A Blue-dyed Ritsuko after a Relationship Upgrade with Maya is affectionately known as "Reetsuko."
    • Zeruel has become known as Big-Z following his arrival on Earth at the end of Chapter 65.
  • Franchise Original Sin: The main complaint about the fic is that it got too silly to be taken seriously, but silliness was always a part of the story. Just look at this version of Rei and what she pulls off. The difference is the silliness was mostly limited to her and balanced out by serious and touching events that made those moments of levity more appreciated. Arguably, the cracks began to show as early as season two, what with more ridiculous events, the goofy antics spreading even into more serious chapters and the introduction of the Ree, a gaggle of girls whose primary purpose was just to be silly.
  • Fridge Brilliance: When Mari gets resurrected from the MAGI and is revealed to be the remnants of Ramiel, she is called Rami by other Angel-spawn, which is an anagram of her name.
    • Leliel joins up with NERV because, since she can go through many alternate universes through the Dirac Sea, she knows that she will die a horrible, gruesome death if she let events happen like canon, and has decided the best strategy is join them while there is time.
  • Foe Yay:
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the ND-verse, Stephen Colbert becomes president. Several months afterwards in real life, this happens.
  • Iron Woobie: Canon!Shinji. Gendo sums it up pretty nicely in chapter 44.
    Gendo: I don't know if this means anything since I'm not, technically, your father...but I am proud of you. I don't know if I could turn down paradise.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Kei started off as a particularly cold and calculating version of the former, but is slowly transitioning to the latter as things keep derailing her original plan and shaking her emotional balance.
  • Les Yay:
    • Aside from the obvious, there's also Asuka' Kiko in ch. 19.
      • Around Kiko, no woman is safe...especially if she's carrying Soryu genes.
    • Claire Makinami's presence at NERV also ramped this up.
    • In the "Yomiko" AU, the Reego Una and the Keiworu 02-Ef A9 are secret lovers, which puts a whole new spin on "cybersex".
  • Magnificent Bastard / Guile Hero:
    • Rei and Hikari show signs of being heroic-examples-in-training of this with their awesome plot to blackmail the school principal and bolster Asuka's self-confidence simultaneously.
    • As of ch.35, Gendo has revealed his Magnificence. After all, one does not simply start a Bar Brawl at a state function, fight the President of the United States to a mutual KO, and then BS a convincing enough explanation to not only stave off death via angry wife, but actually get her in the sack, unless one is a true Magnificent Bastard.
      Gendo: (to Shinji) Watch and learn.
    • Misato has proven quite nicely that she can make a plan come together.
    • Comments by canon!Rei after talking with her counterpart indicate that T!Rei would have Asuka in her sights as well as Shinji were it not for her self-imposed restraint...for however much that counts. She also lays a huge kiss on Creepy!Rei, although that may have been more for shock value than anything.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • Terrifying!Rei again.
    • It has been suggested that Shinji would become an in-universe example after the events of chapter 35 due to being the only one conscious after the Function Brawl.
      • ...which has led to him starting to collect his own set of Chuck Norris facts...which got him clobbered by Hikari.
  • Memetic Molester:
    • Terrifying!Rei again. The act of being assaulted by Rei is commonly referred to as being Reiped.
    • Also according to forum posters, Lilith.
      "We nailed the mother of all humanity to a cross in an attempt to make her STOP CALLING US AND ASKING IF WE'RE EATING RIGHT AND WHEN WE'RE GOING TO FIND A WOMAN TO SETTLE DOWN WITH."
      Babies. Babies. Babies babies babies babies babiesbabiesbabiesbabiesbabiesbabiesbabiesbababies
    • Shinji becomes this due to being the only person conscious after the Function Brawl.
    • The Ree. Even among them, Kiko and Zyuu stand out.
    • It was barely implied in chapter 51, but the idea of Israfim/EVERYTHING has become very popular on the forum.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Terrifying!Rei (AGAIN!) has a short list of her own variant of Chuck Norris Facts, and has everyone on the forum (wisely) terrified of her and her feats, which include breaking the fourth wall and reality in order to threaten or, as she would would say, play with her new bestest best friends online!
    • And thanks to the forum: Nephilim Advice!!
    • And now someone made a page for her on Meme Generator.
      • Which has spawned such memetic gems as "[Insert Problem/Item/Event]? Drop the Sun on it," and "Eat Sandwich, [Insert Improbable Event]."
    • In-universe example: After Gendo started a bar brawl with the entire body of representatives of the governments in Geneva, Shinji was the only conscious person, sitting on his metal folding chair when the security arrived. Someone made a Shinji Facts website after news of the incident spread.
    • For some reason, Spacebattles has constantly mentioned a certain stage from Mega Man X2 ever since the beginning of the Asuka vs the WorlDINOSAUR TANK
    • Whenever Kaworu is brought up - Tabris is F___ing gay.
    • Babiesbabiesbabies!! BABIES!!!
  • Mind Game Ship: Annette's parents (Shinji's uncle and aunt, making him wonder if a fetish for intellectual duels runs in the family) first met in a chess park and after four hours of playing, got rather intimate.
  • Moe:
    • Part and parcel of Asuka's default personality.
    • Because of her tendency to malapropism, Iti doesn't like to talk much, because she feels self-conscious of her mistakes (not helped, and in fact caused by exposure to Kei's Grammar Nazi tendencies).
    • JA-tan, so, so much. Mana has issues with this.
    • Ichi shows this a lot when she's first introduced. Chapter 45 was her special day with Mommy. There's also Ichi's Birthday Party.
    • Believe it or not, the MP Evas, thanks to having fairly "young" Keiwaru as their A.I.s.
    • Yomiko Nagisa in Earth Scorpion's stories about her, especially when young.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Kei making the Everybody Dies scenario may count, especially if you're one of The Ree...
    • As if what Iruel did to Ichi wasn't bad enough, there's also taking Asuka's fantasy where she was an empowered superhero and turning it into the girl's mother cutting her up for body parts. Thank God for Reip.
      Shinji: You have succeeded in doing what no other Angel has done. You have pissed me off.
    • It's revealed that the difference between this version and Canon!Yui is that she didn't cross it. That being said, due to certain revelations, she has gotten dangerously close to this, although we won't know for certain until her ultimate plans are finally revealed.
  • Nightmare Fuel: See here.
  • One True Threesome: One of Kei's demands when she took Tokyo-3 hostage included delivering Shinji and Asuka to her, wearing ribbons, and only ribbons.
  • Pandering to the Base: This generally sums up the main complaint about the fic, with the Pandering being cited as a fundamental reason for where things went wrong. The "Asuka vs the World" arc is generally considered the point where the fic's problems started becoming a glaring issue.
  • Paranoia Fuel: "I have cameras everywhere."
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Kyoko; the rescuing starts in ch. 37 and hits full stride in ch. 46.
  • Shipping: Out of universe, the Kei/Kaworu pairing (which would be called "Keiworu", had that term not been taken for something else) is the most prominent and is canon, thanks to Chapter 63, but there are also other ones:
    • Mari/Wuffles ("Muffles") (this one's been Jossed in-story)
    • Mana/Wuffles ("Muffler")
    • Kensuke/various members of the Ree
    • Kensuke/Turnip (canon)
    • Turnip/Everyone
  • Shocking Moments:
    • Present in almost every chapter, but one of the biggest would have to be the end of chapter 42: "Welcome to the Ashcroft Foundation."
    • And then in chapter 66: Shinji is a nephilim — complete with the blue hair and red eyes. In other words, he has become Kamina.
    • Misato, at the end of Chapter 106, when everyone explains the full situation to her, realizes that in the last half of the chapter, she figuratively mooned her HSQ as she went by, going at an appreciable fraction of lightspeed.
    "I fucking raced the fucking Stig and blew him up with my transforming super car which has a jet engine and an Evangelion AI."
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • The main reason why "Terrifying!Rei" is so terrifying, despite her general cheerfulness and friendliness. Well, that and the destroying-cars-with-squeaky-mallets thing. That and she's also an artificial being created by Naoko Akagi to kill least, according to Yui.
    • The Ree, or at least most of them, take this a step further through their behavior and personalities, which are even more outrageous than Rei's.
  • The Un-Twist: Oh come on, a name like Uriel, plus white hair and partially red eyes, and then we're supposed to be surprised when Uri turns out to be part-Angel?
  • What an Idiot!: Shinji gropes Asuka in order to get Uri to punch him, which would reset his core. It works, but Shinji expects Uri to calm down... which he doesn't.
  • The Woobie:
    • Asuka. You will want to give her multiple hugs before this fic is over. She's now the one who talks to the infamous doll, not her mother, asking it for advice and sobbing her heart out to it. And then it answers back...
      • Iruel actually calls her this when he reveals himself to her in ch. 37.
    • Of all people who would get a moment like this, you'd never expect one of the Ree. Turns out that the primary reason they're kept locked up isn't for the safety of human civilization, but because their S2 organs are unstable. Whenever an Angel appears, this condition is aggravated to the point where they would die unless given immediate specialized treatment, and that's just the best case scenario. Worst case, they turn into an Angel and start murdering everyone around them. Learning this puts their confinement into a whole new light.
      • They don't have to worry about this anymore. All of their S2 organs are stable now. RUN.
      • Even after this, Iti remains the most Woobie-ish of the Ree.
    • Gregg himself on why Mana is a great candidate for this trope.
    • Ichi gets some moments of this herself.
    • 00-Em has seen all his "siblings" deleted by SEELE, his sister is thinking herself to death, he's growing more aware of just how broken he and his sister really are, and as of the end of the story, he's seen his sister seemingly die, then transform into a monstrous Grigori/Angel/Nephilim hybrid, seemingly die again, and then be trapped inside the remnants of said monstrosity in a near-death state. If you don't feel a little bit sorry for him, then you have no heart.


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