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If Nobody Dies is known for anything besides being over-the-top and awesome, it's for its love of Shout Outs.

Multiple references:

Zero Wing

Animaniacs / Pinky and the Brain

  • Chapter 3: Yui and Gendo pull an "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" exchange.
  • Chapter 10: "I'm waiting for an interview." "Why?" "Because I want to work here." "Why?" "Because it is interesting work?" "Why?" "Because I studied it in college." "Why?"


  • Chapter 6: Shinji unlocking the Magoroku prompts Misato to say that Unit 01 "went Voltron on the enemy's ass," which is referenced again in the next chapter as "Form Blazing Sword."
  • Chapter 55: The Ree start mixing Voltron quotes into the assembly sequence of Kei's Devastator knock-off. (Culminating with, "And I'll form the head.")
    • Apparently, Zyuu wanted their combiner mech to use lions, which is what they'll do "next time."


  • Chapter 1: Rei's first complete sentence in the story? "Come with Me If You Want to Live."
    • Again to Shinji and Asuka in Chapter 42 when passing through a post End of Eva universe.
  • When Mana is revealed as a cyborg in Chapter 22, she is described as having a Terminator-like endoskeleton.
    • Comes back later as a Body Horror nightmare in Chapter 33, when she peels half her face off (losing the fleshy eye) over a sink in a direct Shout-Out to the first movie.
  • Chapter 73: "Ah, our small army of A.I.s. When do we build Skynet, by the way?"
  • Chapter 90: GLaDOS Naok00 is nicknamed Skynet by Mana.
  • Chapter 93: Ichi's words when firing herself from the Eva launch chutes into an Angel, so she can try to punch it to death. "I'll be back." And she wasn't even in her Evangelion body...
    • ... and after catching fire and losing all her skin while doing so, her skinless avatar-body resembles the T-X.


  • Rei's line in the Stuff Blowing Up entry on the main page. Also, there's Mana's Machine Man reference in ch. 33.
    "Death to the fleshy ones!"
  • Chapter 62 reveals that Mana is "full of useful devices" which can, among other things, make other girls pregnant.

James Bond

The Simpsons

  • Chapter 14: "It's like I'm wearing nothing at all. Nothing At All. NOTHING AT ALL." "Stupid Sexy Maya." Said by Ritsuko of all people. Cue Squee from Maya.
  • Chapter 17: "Can't sleep, ADAM will eat me."
  • Chapter 50:
    Something Pieter realized about Kyoko years ago, and probably one of the things that drew him back to her after their years apart, is that the terminology gentle, cuddling, and half measure are foreign to her.
    With Kyoko, you strap yourself in and ride the Gees.
    • Chapter 71: Rei on Shinji becoming an unwilling Chick Magnet: "Every girl in 50 yards kinda wants to strap him in and make him feel the G's!"


  • In Chapter 6, Unit-01 dances to Higher and Higher in what's described as a "sympathetic reaction", similar to the red slime in Ghostbusters II.
  • Chapter 29: "(Yui) has given (Rei) strict instructions on what to do if her Eva asks her if she is a God."
    "YES! Yes, I am! Now go forth, my minion! Kill in my name!"
  • Chapter 44: Evidently firing two Positron cannons in two different dimensions at each other at the same time through the Sea of Dirac causes a controlled total protonic reversal.
  • Chapter 52:
    Mordin: Terrified. Beyond capacity for rational thought.
  • Chapter 61: Pieter calls Lilith "marshmallow girl," and Mana calls her "Staypuff."

Doctor Who


  • Chapter 19: Ritsuko mentions having an Orange Box in her office when the Ree escape.
  • Multiple references in Chapter 57, including "The Cake is not a lie" and Naoko Akagi reciting GLaDOS' monologue from the beginning of Portal 2.
  • Chapter 77: Naok00 sings a variation of "Still Alive" to Yui and considers not gassing her with neurotoxin.
  • Chapter 83 is one long Shout-Out to Portal 2 as Shinji and Uri are put into a very Enrichment Center-like modular dorm system with Naok 00 watching over them until they can get along. Naok00 also keeps one of the Keiworu as an assistant after he passes through a live-fire course for androids. Naok00 reveals that everyone already calls her GLaDOS.
  • Chapter 84: Shinji and Hikari get trapped in what appears to be a Portal 2 co-op level.
  • Chapter 93:
    Rei: "An' just like Naok 00 says, when you got an experiment to run, you just keep on tryin' till you run out of cake."
  • Chapter 95: Naok00 now has turrets.
  • Chapter 95: Naok00 has an incredibly similar response to victims falling for her trap to GLaDOS in Portal 2, to the point where they both say that "If I’d known you’d let yourself get captured this easily, I’d have dangled a turkey leg on a rope from the ceiling.”
  • Chapter 97: Naok00 uses the "deploying smooth jazz" line from Portal 2. Misato comments that she's been abusing her video game privileges.
  • Chapter 110: Kokabel is pretty much a straight-up Expy of the Curiosity Sphere.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

  • Chapter 33: After Go-Kun's Dynamic Entry in the virtual sim, his description sounds like a certain blue-haired, hot-blooded badass.
  • Chapter 38: Rei and Go-Kun defeat the Iruel-possessed Rampel with a "GIGA! DRILL! BUH-REAKAAAH!".
    • Chapter 45: Used again against the insane Unit 04 in the Dirac Sea.
  • Chapter 64: S2 engines generate power "by using the power of perpetuating spirals to generate energy from nothing".
    • This is actually canon, if you count the N64 game.

Mega Man ZX

  • Chapter 8: Jet Alone Prime's boot-up sequence: "Biolink established. Meta Encapsulated Granule Awareness System: Online."
  • Chapter 14: Kaworu mentions a "Game of Destiny that his brethren must engage in."


  • Chapter 26: Evangelion Provisional Unit 05 ("Go-kun") is Liberty fucking Prime.
  • Chapter 34: New Vegas apparently exists in the ND-verse. Becomes important in chapters 63-65.

Mass Effect

  • Chapter 27: Mark 5:9. My name is Legion, for I am Many. This name is acceptable.
  • Chapter 33: "Child, do you think you've accomplished anything? Your world is dying, and it's by human hands. We 'Angels' are your salvation through destruction. Each one of us is a harbinger to perfection. We are the only hope you deluded Lilim have."
  • Chapter 41: "Limited creatures of blood and flesh. You are brought into my mind and you fumble in ignorance, incapable of understanding that which is before you. Unaware of what you have done."
  • Chapter 48: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy's presence, due to the effects of Rei Ayanami Does the Multiverse.
  • Chapter 65: Zeruel loves quoting this game: "You have FAILED. We will find another way. I am now assuming Direct Control."
    • This later gets re-used by Kaworu. And Zadkiel, Zeruel's son.
  • Chapter 98: Khalisa Bin Al-Jilani? Gee, wonder where else I've heard that name.
    • "Ah yes 'SEELE' The supposed collective of old men who somehow manage to wield enough influence to manipulate the UN. We have dismissed that claim."
  • From the forum thread:


Babylon 5


  • Chapter 14: Evangelion DA FLAMETHROWAH.
  • Chapter 34: "Engaging ludicrous speed."
  • Chapter 88: Kihl's safe combination is "the sort of thing an idiot would put on his luggage".

How I Met Your Mother

  • Chapter 34: "Did I ever tell you how I met your mother?"
  • In ch. 54, Junior recites from the Bro Code.


  • Chapter 77: Go-Kun gets a Transformer avatar body, doubling as Misato's car. Misato makes him say, "Transform, and roll out."
    • Chapter 106: "Miss Katsuragi? Why does your car sound like Optimus Prime?"
  • Several nods to the live-action movies:
    • Rei slides Go-Kun between the legs of a Trident and shoots it in the crotch.
    • During their Leliel-aided travels across several parallel universes, Go-Kun, who the author has stated would be voiced by Peter Cullen and who has uttered such lines as "Life is the right of all sentient beings", picks up some flame decals.
    • In ch. 55, Kei and the Ree turn a bunch of construction vehicles into Devastator.
    • Go-kun, ch. 78: "GIVE ME YOUR FACE!"
  • And to the original franchise:
    • "Four-Chan" has multiple faces, each with a different expression, which rotate on his head to suit his mood. In other words, he's a Quintesson.
    • The N2 reactor installed in Go-kun is modeled after the Matrix of Leadership.
    • Direct quote from chapter 39:
      Prime, as they have come to call Jet Alone...
    • Also, from chapter 41: "Life is the right of all sentient beings", not to mention "One will stand. And one will fall".
    • Chapter 68, SEELE 06: "The Angel must be stopped, no matter the cost."

Fan Fiction


  • Apart from the aforementioned game of Exalted 40K, anyone familiar with Exalted's backstory will find Kei's experiments in Chapter Two of The Kei Files to be quite familiar. She also hosts her vaguely threatening dinner party in what is clearly Malfeas.
  • Hikari regularly GMs games of Exalted with Rei, becoming versed enough in the game to start making references to it by Chapter 84.
  • Chapter 92: Annette's story of how she met the Keiworu in the MP Evas is called Epic Pony Saving Prana.

Final Fantasy

Assassin's Creed

  • "What. The. F____."
  • Chapter 58: Gendo's avatar in the Ree-written game is based on the main character.
    • The "initializing" area where he selects his avatar resembles the Animus.

Battle Angel Alita

  • The "little mechanical avatars" from chapter 19.
  • In Chapter 56, one of the life-sized avatar units generates a plasma jet from its hand.

Bungie games

  • Chapter 28: The opening speech of Shalgiel, the first "Cherubim", references the Prophet of Truth's speech at the start of the second mission of Halo 3.
    You are, all of you, Garbage. We shall burn the surface of this world until your carbon remains become like diamond glass.
  • Chapter 57: While in the game, Kei describes the Narrator's bizarre behavior as the program having gone rampant.
  • In chapter 100, Magi 28, 29, and 30 are named Durandal, Curtana, and Merchant, which are all AI's (or deliberate misspellings of them) from Halo and Marathon.

Star Trek

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Shinji's predicament in Chapter 71 is quite reminiscent of Xander's in the episode "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered."
  • Chapter 90. "Bored now."
  • Rei's Catchphrase is also Dawn's, asking this of numerous characters throughout the series.

Dragon Ball

  • Go-Kun pulls off a Big Bang Attack during a fight with ADAM.
  • In Chapter 87, Go-kun uses a Kamehameha.

Iron Man

  • Tali, when suiting up into her Cain armor in Chapter 51, uses a floor with moving parts and manipulator arms that put on the armor piece by piece. The suit also has a built-in chain gun like the War Machine suit.
    • Similarly, Mana's cyborg body is powered by an arc reactor, as is Jet Alone's hammer.

Scott Pilgrim

  • Chapter 72: Asuka Sohryu v. the World — Asuka is challenged by the Ree in the same manner as the Seven Evil Exes.
    • From Nobody Dies: The Ayanami Sisters Fight Crime: "Oh no." "Oh no!" "Oh No!" "Oh Yeah!"


  • Chapter 3: Rei prepares for a massive attack, then Shinji follows it up in the next chapter with a quip that they should "nuke it from orbit, just to be sure."
    Yui: Oh dear Lord, she's infecting him.
  • Chapter 81 is titled "It's the Only Way to be Sure."
  • Chapter 89: A Reego attacks Shinji like a Facehugger.

The Matrix

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  • Chapter 52: Two visiting characters from Mass Effect confront an angry Zwei.
    "This reminds me of a line from a famous Earth movie done by a comedy troop from the British Isles."
    "Which is?"
    "RUN AWAY!"
  • In Chapter 93, Mana and Zophael reenact the Black Knight scene.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • In chapter 14, Kaworu is forced by Rei to admit she's the ultimate life form. This gets a Call-Back in Chapter 93 when Rei does the same thing to Zophael.

Team Fortress 2

Red vs. Blue

  • Chapter 54: "I am Mari Illustrious Makinami! And you will fear my LASERFACE!"
  • Chapter 64: During the Cherubrim attack on New Vegas, Touji, Hikari and Rei face down Kei (who they believe just pulled a Heel–Face Turn). Touji's weapon of choice? An orange safety cone, referencing Grif's classic "Protect me, cone!" line.
    • And earlier, her utter manhandling of the Section Two agents starts in much the same way as Tex's.
  • Chapter 93: "Oh, son of a Bi-"

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

  • Chapter 71 reveals that Zyuu sees Shinji as the Old Spice Guy.
  • Chapter 97: "Is on a Horse".


  • Chapter 23: "Fastball Special!"
  • Chapter 50 & 71: "OPTIC BLAST!"
  • In the latest snippet of Rei Ayanami Does the Multiverse, Rei, Asuka, and Go-kun end up in the X-Men universe...where Go-kun promptly gets blasted by Cyclops.



  • "Kool-Aid!" *CRASH* "OH YEAH!"
  • "Roaches check in. They don't check out."

Anime and Manga

  • Chapter 9: Rei's plot to blackmail the school principal is very similar to Haruhi Suzumiya's method of computer acquisition.
  • Chapter 19: The random schoolgirl who hits on Shinji is named Kaname Chidori.
  • In chapter 31, Rei's finishing speech towards the virtual Sachiel is a direct rip of Domon Kasshu's Shining Finger Sword, ending with Rei using Go-Kun's left arm to grab hold of Sachiel's chest and fire its cannon point blank into its core, ending, naturally, with a Shining....FINGAHHH!!!!!. Fuyutsuki questions if Unit 5 was built for such a thing, while Pieter simply replies that anything Rei does is impossible to plan via paper.
    • Rei and Go-kun pull it off again in chapter 42 against ADAM.
    • Again with Go-kun in chapter 68, only this time it's the upgraded version, "Burning GOD FINGER!"
  • Iruel's "Dating Sim" in Chapter 31, 32 and 41 has "Stick it in" as the fourth option in every dialogue choice. The dating sim in the fourth episode of Excel♡Saga has "Put it in" as the third option in every dialogue choice. It's also the title of chapter 94.
  • Chapter 33: During the battle against Iruel, with some prodding from Asuka, Ichi turns into a 200' Pikachu (in her color scheme).
  • Chapter 34: The bodies of the Reigo/Reichigoma bodies sound awfully familiar...
  • Chapter 64 & 87: Go-kun opens its chest and uses a MEGA SMASHER attack.
  • Chapter 72: Hatchi. "DIVINE... BUSTAH!!!"
  • Chapter 74: Pieter and Yui watch Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and wonder why they hired a studio filled with insane deviants.
  • Mark-09's activation sequence at the beginning of Chapter 101 closely follows the ones used by Alucard.

Comic Books



Live-Action TV


Tabletop Games

  • Nana, one of the Ree, repeatedly uses the phrase "Boom for the Boom God!".
  • Jet Alone Prime's High Impact Acceleration Hammer is named "Sigmar" after Sigmar Heldenhammer.
  • Chapter 105: Hikari plans on using ideas from a conspiracy theorist classmate for her Shadowrun game.

Video Games

Web Original

Web Comics

Western Animation

Combined References

Real Life

  • In chapter 1, Rei refers to Ritsuko as a friend of Gendo's "in a Ugandan way". (Funnier, because she's not in this continuity.)
  • During chapter 30, Misato notes after a long night of drinking that the devil on her shoulder is bigger and taking food orders, a reference to Larry Miller's classic "Five levels of drinking" stand-up routine.
  • The robot avatar of Unit-02 is the Big Dog.
  • In chapter 81, the robot that serves drinks and then falls down the stairs is a reference to the Honda Asimo and its infamous press conference.
  • Chapter 98: The Roswell incident was a cover-up of Xavier Spencer's dad crashing an experimental jet fighter, which was just done to avoid embarrassment.
  • Chapter 108: Part of Mana's problem synching with JA-tan is OS incompatibility. The fix for this is to install Boot Camp.