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The fic stopped updating because the cast is busy visiting one of the Super Robot Wars universes
Shinji, Asuka and Rei fell through another dimensional warp and landed in the bridge of the White Base. While their mothers are looking for them and researching a way to bring them back, they are befriending Kouji Kabuto, Sayaka Yumi, Tetsuya Tsurugi, Jun Hono, Duke Fleed, Hikaru Makiba, Maria Fleed, the Getter team, Amuro Rei, Char Aznable, Kamille Bidan, Noriko, Kazumi, Kamina, Simon, the Voltron team and the rest... and getting a ton of tips. Kouji, Tetsuya and Simon are teaching Shinji to be manlier, Ryoma is showing Asuka the joy of cleaving dangerous things with a giant battle-axe, and Noriko is teaching Rei the art of obliterating everything and anything that gets in your way. Asuka is also learning all what they can about the technology used by the Super Robot army, and Rei is drooling at the thought of fitting her giant meach with a Chest Blaster and Eye Beams.

Shortly after the latest chapter, Shinji Asuka and Rei got accidentally warped into the Mazinger Z/Go Nagai universe
And Asuka's Eva accidentally merged with
Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter Robot. Therefore now Asuka rides a war machine that is almost indestructible and can easily burn, tear apart and blow up a planet. Rei pouted; but since Shinji now finds Asuka hotter than ever she kept quiet about it, hoping that they begin making babies soon.

Moreover, she is already planning merge her Eva with GunBuster, Ideon and Gurren Lagann anyway...

At some point of the crossover they will travel to the original and Rebuild universes. Butts will get much ass-kicking, Gendo, Seele and even Yui will get a reckoning, each Canon Shinji will get his red-haired girl and each Canon Asuka will get her not-so-wimpy-now Shinji.

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