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Here is a list of original characters created for the main story line. Characters from other Magical Girl works can be found on their own show's Character Sheets. Unless said character suitably deviates from canon to deserve mention here.


Good Guys

Akiko Yamaguchi/Star Reverie

The Magical Girl whose voluntary outing and attempted suicide reveals the existence of Magical Girls to the world and other Magical Girls.

  • Combat Pragmatist: She used cement trucks to kill a Monster of the Week.
  • Driven to Suicide: What starts the whole thing off is her very public skydiving without a parachute.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Subverted - Akiko stopped gaining powers when Damarri died. At the start of the story she's effectively fighting Season 3/4-level enemies with only early Season 2-equivalent powers.
  • Parental Abandonment: The Yamaguchis thought their daughter was becoming a drug-addicted delinquent, what with the unexplained injuries, missed school, being out all hours of the night etc, and basically kicked her out. It'll be interesting if they meet up again after Akiko outs herself as an MG and tries to kill herself on live TV.
  • Thanatos Gambit: Akiko's mindset as she prepaired to jump was this: If there are other Magical Girls out there, they'll save me, and help me. If there aren't... Then I won't have to worry about the Nightmare Factory anymore, and I'll have warned the world of their existence.
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  • Trauma Conga Line: Non-standard example in that the Nightmare Factory's entire plan actually revolves around purposely doing this to Akiko in order to push her into the Type C ending of this trope.
  • Triple Shifter: Deconstructed in that her Magical Girl activities, and such triple shifting, are a key reason why Akiko's personal life and mental state went to hell.
  • Willfully Weak: When she realized that the Nightmare Factory's nightmares were just as strong as she was, Akiko began scaling back on her abilities and became more of a Combat Pragmatist instead.


Akiko's familiar, a magical Tapir.


Shoutan Hikari
Daughter of Shoutan Himei and Shoutan Seiki. A Puella Magi contracted by Sanbei in the original version of Arc I. Time will tell if this is maintained in the new version.

The Yamaguchis
Akiko's parents and Grandmother. The former, Yuuki and Aki Yamaguchi, put her away in a home for 'delinquent children' when the side effects of her secret Magical Girl activities started to affect family reputation. The latter disagreed with the action.

A team of magical Girls based in Nagasaki. Lead by a Magical Girl by the name of Kasumi who has a special connection to Akiko Yamaguchi

  • What Could Have Been: Kasumi was supposed to be Akiko's teammate, but she moved away and Damarri died.

    Yuko Caddel
    A Magical Woman who discovered Team Kasumi in Nagasaki a few years ago, and is currently acting as a mentor to the girls.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Half-Japanese on her mother's side, half-Scottish on her father's.
  • Handicapped Badass: At the time of Arc I, is recovering in the hospital from an attack on their current enemies.
  • Religious Bruiser: A minister of the Anglican Church.

Bad Guys

The Nightmare Factory

  • Eldritch Location: The individual factories of the Nightmare Factory. Anyone that walks in will be scanned for what would make the most effect on their psychies. While the nightmares are prepped, the victims are subjected to Alien Geometries, Enclosed Spaces, and various haunting sounds to keep them off edge. The only way to survive going into one is to either have already dealt with your darkest fear(s) beforehand and be able to No-Sell what is given to you, or prey that the Nightmare makes a mistake in the middle of the act. The latter is how Vita was able to become the Only Sane Magical Girl during the botched first raid on the Nightmare Factory.
  • Mind Rape: Their modus operandi. Use of psychological warfare as their standard attack strategy makes them potentially one of the most dangerous single opponents the Alliance will ever face.
  • Mobile Maze: In the individual factories, anyone that breaks in will be subjected to an ever-shifting layout if they don't pay attention.
  • invoked Nightmare Fuel: Invoked. Their usual operation mode is bringing the deepest fears of their victims.
  • Shout-Out: This may not have been intended, but the factories work the same way as The Room in 1408.
  • Talk to the Fist: Subverted, sometimes this just makes things worse.

Questionable Canonicity

In the process to streamline and revise Arc I, certain characters are currently in the balance of remaining in canon, or being left on the cutting room floor.

The forgotten daughter of Queen Beryl and the brainwashed Prince Endymion.

A demon wearing the form of an Incubator he killed once.

  • Chew Toy: For Jasper after his plots were defeated by the Sailor Nothing crew.
  • Curbstomp Battle: VS Dusty, who easily thrashes the little rodent, even snapping his neck right at the start (not that this helps much); even after Jasper starts mutating into abominable forms to try and fight better, the old cat-familiar ''still' hands him his ass.
  • Manipulative Bastard