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Heartwarming / Battle Fantasia Project

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  • More of a Retroactive one, but the first arc starts with one. Akiko Yamaguchi, after years of going through what can really be best called Magical Girl Hell: Her Familiar is dead, her parents have kicked her out, she is friendless and has been facing enemies who give her Mind Rape and Mind Screws that make the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion (both TV and Movie) look like amusing sleight of hand, every night. And so she decides to attempt suicide to end it all. But before she does that, she gives out a heartbreaking plea to the world, just in case she really isn't alone. And she's not.
    • Fate's determination to save Akiko, even knowing that she risks life imprisonment for doing so.
    • "It's too late to tell me to go away. Even if you scream for me to leave, even if you cry for me to go, even if you beg me to be silent... I'll just say — 'I'm here'."