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I can see you.

Some people call me the Space Cowboy, to other I'm the...

No, wait. That's someone else.

Anyway, hi. Taker Foxx here (obviously). Lover of stories and proud of it. My personal preferences are stories that can swing between bright and funny to shocking and dark at the drop of a hat, making me a big lover of properly executed Mood Whiplash. Which is also why the Elfen Lied blinking eye has sorta become my logo.

Not much else to say except that I'm also writing a Touhou Project story called Imperfect Metamorphosis and a Puella Magi Madoka Magica story called Resonance Days, which have made the associated fanfic recommendation pages here and here, and they have their own pages here and here. A big thanks to everyone whose added and contributed to them! Anyway, if you're interested, check it out!

Also currently working on the trope page for Cherry Weapon, a new but very promising web series. Both the series and the page are a work in progress.


Feel free to graffiti here:

Makuta9999: You're very much welcome.

I posted on your page. Now my short-sighted obsession is slightly more complete. -Your Abhorrent Admirer, RenaTheArchmage

  • I'm starting to wonder if you're getting creeped out by all the adoration. Rest assured that it's purely the love I have for good literature, and the fact that all other stories burst into ash at the sight... Nay, the EXISTENCE of Imperfect Metamorphosis.. Even Usually Dead, though his burst into really big, well-described piles of high-quality ash.

Jiven was here. And he has fallen into madness.

You bastard. You amazing, awe-inspiring, incredible bastard. -RenaTheArchmage

Oh, and... You can come out now, Yuuka. I think we really know who BEN is. You don't have to hide it.


Timeskipper was here too. For no particular reason other than expressing his admiration and, uhm... saying how awesome it would be if someone made an Animated Adaptation of Imperfect Metamorphosis...


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