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Hi. My name's obviously not Brickman, but that's the name I go by most places online (just in case it gives someone the chance to recognize me from somewhere else). As I'm writing this I see that the last time I updated this page was three years ago, when I was still in college and living in a different city, and since I'm likely to continue neglecting it like that there's no point in much biographical info. But I'd say it's a reasonable bet that whenever you read this page I'm still going to have a BS in Computer Science Engineering, I'm still going to be male and I'm still going to be living in the United States.


Also, it's a decent bet that I'll still be using Othar Tryggvassen as my avatar on the forums, because I don't really get the whole appeal of constantly changing avatars. I'm trying to use that thing to recognize you, why do you people keep changing your face?

I've been a troper since, I'm pretty sure, before we even had a forum; certainly for at least four years. I don't have that much time to throw at it anymore but you'll still see me around the forums in certain threads or making additions to random parts of the wiki. At the moment you might be more likely to see me on the MSPA forums in the forum adventures board. You might even catch me making another attempt at running an adventure there! (Of the ones I've tried so far I'm only at all proud of the two "Aisleventures", which are both comedy).


Webcomics I like(d):

  • A Modest Destiny (I'm sort of reluctant to recommend this orphaned series due to the unhealthy amount of Cerebus Syndrome; by the time the author gave up on it the situation was so depressingly bleak as to overshadow the rest of the comic. The first book is definitely a keeper, and the second's good too. Third hits a good enough balance with its drama. I'd say just do not open the fourth book; there's no ending you can imagine that you'd like less than the current real ending.)
  • Eight Bit Theater (Very funny, even if you normally lack the strip's dark sense of humor. By now this comic has reached its conclusion, with a grand finale consisting of the mother of all jokes pulled on the audience.)
  • Freefall (Just in case you don't have enough to read. It's not as amazing as some of the others on this list, but still worth a read. Plot moves at a snail's pace however.)
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  • Girl Genius (If you aren't already: Read this. Now. That is an order. I've yet to see a comic with better art, and the plot and characters are both innovative and compelling. For a long time was my favorite non-dead webcomic.)
  • Gunnerkrigg Court (Also a good webcomic, with little humor but much plot. Recently the author has given some proof that he does know where he is going and answers to the story's biggest mysteries do exist, by answering a few of the biggest.)
  • Kid Radd (I cannot recommend this one highly enough. Good humor, good and occasionally thought-provoking plot, and the best fight scenes you can get in a webcomic, mainly because the entire thing ranges from half-to-fully animated in a way that's easy on both dialup and artist. It's finished its run, sadly, but at least the story had a proper ending, unlike an Orphaned Webcomic.)
  • Ms Paint Adventures — or more specifically, Homestuck (Has recently surpassed Girl Genius as my favorite webcomic. Humor abounds but does not get in the way (much) of what has developed into a truly epic plot with lovable and compelling characters. What's most notable about Homestuck is the absurd rate at which the comic is dished out—although there is less content per page than many other webcomics the author usually puts out anywhere from half a dozen to two dozen a day, and many pages include dialogues which dwarf a week's worth of content from the average comic. Pages almost all involve some kind of animation, ranging from a few looping frames to epic several-minute-long flash animations set to music, and there are even several interactive segments such as (at present) four segments in which you take control of a character to explore the environment. Usually if he goes more than twenty four hours without an update people assume a massive flash "page" is coming.)
  • Order Of The Stick (This webcomic is practically written for tropers, playing with every trope in sight. It's quite good.)
  • RPG World (Yes, it's an Orphaned Series, but it was good while it lasted and while it ended on the eve of the big finale it wasn't hard to see where it was going.)
  • Schlock Mercenary (Great gag-a-day comic with a slow but steady epic plot as well. An archive trawl will kill an awful lot of time, so don't think you have to rush to the present. I'm even willing to forgive the puns because they're done so well.)
  • XKCD (Another funny webcomic.)

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