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Fanfic / Fairy Tail Redux: Salamander's Time Traveling Escapades

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Fairy Tail Redux: Salamander's Time Traveling Escapades (often shortened to FTR), is a Fairy Tail fanfic written by Fox On Pie. It starts off with all of Natsu's friends being killed by Zeref, but because of his desire to die, Zeref uses his magic to send Natsu's memories to his two-year younger self as a way to get Natsu strong enough to kill him and save his friends.

The story keeps the majority of the characters in character, including the ones from other shows.


The story has 103 chapters, but was never finished. The author lost interest in writing the story, so it was officially discontinued on June 16th, 2014. However, an explanation of what was to happen will possibly be released.

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