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Roleplay / Meow Quest

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What an understatement.

My name is Amy Percival Venticus Akemi, but you can call me Homura for short.

Your name is Amy Percival Venticus Akemi (Homura for short). And you have just been hit by a car.

For most cats, that would be the end of your story. But not for you. A girl with pink hair made a wish, and you were alive again! She took you in and fed you and played with you and loved you almost as much as you loved her. And for one month, you were a very happy kitty.

And then the giant upside down girl came and made everybody dead. But that's okay! You made a wish with Bunny Cat, and then time went backwards and everyone's alive again. Yaaay!

From Sufficient Velocity comes the story of a kitten in a world that is horrible, as it fails to notice just how bad the things going on around it are. You can read it here. Warning: contains lots and lots of cat gifs.



  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Despite being aware of magic, Kyouko has some trouble swallowing the idea of a magical cat.
Narration: Catnip Cat hurt Pink girl. Catnip Cat hurt Pink girl. CATNIP CAT HURT PINK GIRL.
  • Cats Have Nine Lives: One of the mechanics in the quest is that if Homura dies nine times, the quest is over.
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  • Christmas Episode: The 2015 Christmas Special. Overlaps with Bizarro Episode.
  • Color Character: The main cast is primarily known by their hair color followed by the word "Girl". Pink Girl, Blue Girl, Green Girl, Yellow Girl, and Red Girl.
  • Telepathy: All the magical girls can do this. So can Homura.