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Epic Fighting Troper is insane, that's all he'd like you to know.


*Sigh*, guess I have really describe myself fully, innit?

Well I'm a 17-year old student in Singapore, long-time lurker and self-proclaimed Quantum Discordian Anarchist. My ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE is to become a famous writer/comic book maker/show director/game designer/whatever, than find a way to make myself immortal, since I believe in Living Forever Is Awesome.


My input is mostly limited to me recommending a few fanfics, correcting a few spelling errors, snazzying up a few descriptions and creating this page.

I'm also responsible for writing Fabulous Adventures Across the Magicaverse!, Madoka/Lucky Star crossover that I somehow mixed Nanoha, Harry Potter, Index, Sherlock Holmes, the Bible and the FRIGGIN' Merc with a mouth himself into as well (No, I am not joking, go see for yourself). I am most definitely NOT trying to promote my fanfic and get it's own page on TvTropes, no siree...

A few of the MANY THINGS I am a fan of include: Yuru Yuri (Funniest Anime of 2011, NO CONTEST), Lucky Star, The Sandman (Best first comic ever read), Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and MOAR.

I also created the War Arc trope. Make of that what you will.

You can do whatever you want below, it's not like I'm against vandalism or whatever...


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