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  • The sheer You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! in Yoshi's voice when she encounters Marcus brawling with Agumon and asks "Is he fighting with a Digimon?"
  • Marcus fears that Agumon's memories have been erased by the Data Squad only to find him stuffing his face at the Damon household dinner table:
    Masaru: How can you just sit here eating with all that's going on!?
    Agumon: Because if I eat standing up I don't feel good.
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  • The American dub version of the BomberNanimon/Citramon episode, and that's all I'm gonna say.
  • Agumon being put in a box, it's a good callback to Tamers but made even funnier when you realize Agumon has the same voice as Takato.
  • In the dub of episode 10 Gaomon's casual remark of Marcus being run over by a car and being squashed by an oil tanker.
  • Digimon Savers has one that's a callback to Adventure, or rather the first movie: Koromon's first action upon hatching is to latch onto Masaru's head!
  • Marcus in the dub of the semifinal episode: "King Drasil is a PC?!" Probably not meant to be funny, but it caused a lot of "Digimon runs on Windows" jokes.
  • Half of what Lalamon says about Yoshi. In particular, whenever she talks about her partner's laziness.
  • Agumon and his digimon pals were in a glass box cage. His solution for breaking out? Use Pepper Breath inside, the way his pals reacted were priceless.
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  • The sketch of Kurata in Episode 31.
  • Outtakes featured during the credits of the movie. At one point, Algomon falls from his perch after catching on fire himself.
  • Kristy's and Thomas' reactions to the unspecified scare in Episode 7, mainly in how opposite they treat it. Thomas, the teen who fights otherworldly monsters without flinching or psychological damage, was visibly panicking. Kristy? She was having an absolute blast.
    • Earlier in the same episode, after Kristy stomps Thomas at an arcade game, Gaomon tries to lighten the mood that at least Kristy isn't like her brother. Thomas responds that she's exactly like her brother with how she derails his plans.
  • In the Japanese version of episode 31, when Masaru and Ikuto deal with a swarm of Gizumon XTs:
    Masaru: All right, that's gotta be all of 'em this time.
    Ikuto: Wait!
    (Another swarm of Gizumon XTs coming, Stock Footage ensues)
    Masaru: Who cares, let's deal with 'em!
  • In both versions of Episode 23, Yoshino's comment on Gotsumon's evolution.
    Yoshino: (awkward silence) ...He just changed colors.
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  • Masaru getting his Stock Footage interrupted in Episode 45.
    Yoshino and Lalamon: (put their hands above the port of Masaru's Digivice) WAIT A MINUTE!!!
  • Everytime Ivan opens his mouth, especially when he talks to himself, with Nanami reminding him that everyone can hear him.
  • In Episode 28, Marcus tries to punch a Gizumon XT, but it dodges. Cue Musicalis Interruptus, with Agumon going "Hey boss, ya missed!".

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