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Funny / Onani Master Kurosawa

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  • The hilarity comes very early with this
  • Kitahara's "self-introduction" in front of the class is this at first, until you realize she is forced to do it.
  • Kobayashi in general due to his general good natured lunkhead personality, but especially removing all of his clothes (except his underwear) before running a race at the sports festival, claiming that there's no rule against stripping down to your underwear before being corrected that there is one much to his shock. Made even funnier when his embarassed girlfriend wonders if it's time for them to break up in a completely deadpan manner.
    • Not to mention, in the scene at the school reunion when Kurosawa says he's leaving for 30 minutes or so (not mentioning that he's gonna try one last time to convince Kitahara to come), Kobayashi thinks he's gonna masturbate.

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