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  • As stated on its main and Trivia pages, there's four English dubs for The Mystery of Mamo... and each one has its own take on certain lines and bits of dialogue. A good example would be when the 10-wheel truck chasing Lupin and the gang runs Zenigata off the road...
    Zenigata: [Geneon subtitles] *triumphant laugh* What awesome power!
    Ed Scott: [Toho dub] *triumphant laugh* Did you see that driving power?!
    Zenigata: [Streamline dub] *nervous laugh* What am I laughing about?
    Zenigata: [Manga UK dub] Yeah-ha-ha-ha! You don't run me down as easy as that!
    Zenigata: [Geneon dub] *maniacal laugh* Watch out, Lupin!
  • When Lupin is wandering the island, he runs into Hitler, whom he greets appropriately...
    Lupin: [original Japanese] Heil Hitler!
    Lupin: [Toho dub] Heil Hitler!
    Lupin: [Streamline dub] Heil, mein Führer!
    Lupin: [Manga UK dub] Heil Schicklgruber!
    Lupin: [Geneon dub] Heil, mein Führer!
    • In the Toho dub, after Lupin salutes and Hitler walks off, Lupin remarks "You never know these days..."
  • Jigen's fedora is the butt of some snarky moments, such as when he and Lupin are escaping the pyramid on a motorcycle. Jigen catches his hat before it flies, to which Lupin comments that he needs to lose it. In a couple of the dubs, it's even speculated that Jigen's hat is hiding a bald spot.
  • During the car chase scene early in the movie, Fujiko offers Lupin and his friends a ride in her car, only for Lupin to hijack the car and ditch her shortly afterwards. In the dubs, Fujiko is sometimes given a rather hypocritical response...
    Fujiko: [Geneon subtitles] You thief!
    Margo: [Toho dub] Stop, thief!
    Fujiko: [Streamline dub] Damn! Stop, you lousy thief!
  • In the Toho dub, when Lupin is researching the Wise Man's Stone, he and Jigen (or Dan Dunn) share this gem of an exchange.
    Dan: Have you finished with your history lesson?
    Lupin: Don't be funny! I'm not studying cause I like it!
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  • Some of Goemon's Ice-Cream Koan lines in the Manga UK dub, such as "Nice asses turn men into asses".
  • In the first Italian dub, Zenigata drives a stake into what appears being Lupin's body in case he became a vampire and is thus immortal.
  • During the pyramid heist, Zenigata starts ordering the Egyptian police around, their chief protests... And Zenigata starts ordering him around. With a loudspeaker in the face.
    • Even better in the Geneon dub, when the chief asks "Who the hell put you in charge?", and Zenigata points the loudspeaker at the chief's face and yells "IT WAS THE GUY WHO INVENTED THE MEGAPHONE!"
    • Later the chief tries to take back command. Keyword: tries.
  • Lupin being chased in Paris' sewers by a helicopter.
  • After being captured by Mamo, how does Lupin leave his cage? Easy: he howls at the full moon and then falls asleep unresponsive, causing the guard to enter to take a look, leave surprised without noticing a half-asleep looking Lupin following him, and try to understand where Lupin has disappeared to when he turns back to close the cage, before being kicked in.
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  • Mamo's face when an elevating platform produces Lupin and Fujiko flirting and on the verge of starting making out.
  • When the USAF wrecks Mamo's island, Zenigata mistakes them for his reinforcements sent by the Interpol and tries ordering them around.
  • When Mamo tells the American president that he's launching his missiles, in the original the president calls him a madman and shouts him to stop. In the Italian dub, instead, he tells him "Come on kid, stop playing around" treating him like a child for all their phone call.
  • The results of Mamo using a machine to peer into Lupin's mind. He sees nothing but sex, Zenigata, and Pop Rocks.
  • In the Geneon dub, Mamo criticizes Lupin as not being a member of the human class, barely being a member of the human species, and quite obviously being a vulgarian (not necessarily in that order). Lupin's reaction is just classic.
    Mamo: Obviously, eternal life would be wasted on a vulgarian like that man there.
    Lupin: That's not true, I eat meat!
    Mamo: He's not even in our class—in fact, he's barely in our species!
  • Lupin and Zenigata running anklecuffed together while explosions ensue.

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