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  • Daisuke having a dream about Satoshi and Dark accusing him of being in love with Satoshi.
  • In episode 14, Satoshi performing CPR on Daisuke and Daisuke's flustered reaction to it.
  • The CPR was used a second time in the manga when Daisuke nearly drowns again, which means Satoshi has to give him CPR again only Dark takes over Daisuke's body before Satoshi can, and punches him. He then has a fit over the implications.
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  • In episode 6, Daisuke's mom reveals that when she was in school, she was one of the most popular girls and had many boys asking her out, which she did occasionally accept. However, she never actually had a boyfriend because:
    Emiko: All right, but you have to promise me we'll have a boy. (Cue a series of reaction shots of guys who asked her, including a group of three)

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