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  • Pretty much the whole series. Ranma ½ is about a boy who has been cursed to turn into a girl when doused with cold water and back into a boy when doused with hot water. The ridiculousness gets even funnier when it's noted that Ranma has a legion of women who are attempting to marry him for one reason or another and a ton of jealous, angry guys that are trying to kill him for it when in fact he is, surprisingly for a harem manga, a Chaste Hero. This is not to mention that everyone in the universe is humorously insane in one way or another, which further adds to the ridiculousness and hilarity of the situations.
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  • Upon learning of Ranma's curse Ukyo has fun turning him into a girl and back, often between shots. It's refreshing seeing one person take the transformation so lightly and having no problem pouring pot after pot of hot and cold water onto their fiance.
    "This is fun no matter how many times I do it."
  • "Saotome-Anything-Goes-Martial-Arts-Final-Attack: ready, set, RUN AWAY!"
    • Made even funnier by Ryoga standing stunned for a few seconds before giving chase and Akane's commentary.
    Akane: And you call yourself a martial artist!
    • Another point to this one is how Genma's voice-over initially makes it sound like some technique requiring lots of discipline and skill... then Akane sums it up in the most deadpan voice possible:
    Akane: In other words, run away until you can think of something better to do.
    • Running away is ironically what allows Ranma to ambush Ryoga with a different type of attack, as the latter is too busy being angry about the former's fleeing to think about surprise attacks.
  • What Soun does to Ranma when they learn how he's willing to reverse Akane's Laser-Guided Amnesia. It involves Ranma being beaten up, since Shampoo asked him to take revenge for her against "girl Ranma" (She didn't know they were the same person), and since Ryoga refused to help... he beats Ranma up. While crying Berserker Tears and screaming "you're an excellent person, Ranma! You love Akane so much you're willing to do that for her! Thank you, Ranma! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"
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  • Pretty much any Soun reaction shot, but his expression the first time he sees Mirror Ranma (in a fetish apron!) is a Funny Moment among Funny Moments. Especially contrasted to his serene face earlier on the page.
  • "Hey, look! Every jerk in the school is in the same place!" "There's only one thing to do now..." "BURY THEM!"
  • When Cologne is in a sinking boat with Genma (who is a panda at the time) she hits him and tells him to do something. Hitting him causes all his signs to fall out of his... Er, pockets and Cologne promptly uses them to build a new boat.
    • Also note that the signs in question were the ones he used in the previous episode!
  • In a three-legged race with Ranma, Akane, Mouse, Shampoo and while paired up with Ukyo, Ryoga starts running the wrong way from the starting line. The opposite direction in fact, to the one being taken by every other contestant and his partner who was understandably upset with him for being such an idiot and making them both fall over. Of course Ryoga ends up getting so lost that he wins the competition anyway, by winding up at the finish line from the opposite direction.
    • In the same episode, Ranma teams up with Akane during the race. Akane is flattered that he finally chose her for a partner, but Ranma merely wanted "the brute strength of an Akane." It doesn't end well for him.
    • Prior to that, Akane and Shampoo force Ranma to chose which person to join forces with by choosing which of the two possible bathhouses the path splits down. Ranma's response is to tell Shampoo "I cannot deny my true feelings." and goes with Akane. Shampoo runs away into the bathhouse, coming out a moment later in cat form as it was an ice-water bath house.
    Akane: Your "true feelings" wouldn't happen to be that you really hate cats, would they?
    Ranma: [shrugs] 'smy feelings.
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  • When Ranma is challenged to a ice-skating fight, Ryoga mocks him. Ranma of course won't stand for it and challenges Ryoga to solve it in the ice. Both laugh confidently as they prepare and walk up to the ice... only for them both to fall as soon as they step on it.
  • A bit later on, Ranma turns himself into a girl while in the men's restroom. When Ryoga shows up, she proceeds to turn him into P-chan in front of the two other men inside. Cue said men frantically pouring cold water on themselves trying to turn into something different.
  • In the anime's third season, a magical mishap sends Ranma, Akane, Shampoo, Genma, Soun, Cologne and Happosai back in time and across in space to when Happosai and Cologne were teenagers in China. We have Happosai vowing to teach his younger self to be good, Happosai wondering in horror that if he was this much of a pervert at eighteen; then what the hell is he now?!, the dumbfounded shock when everyone discovers that the gorgeous blue-haired girl is actually Cologne's younger self...
  • Happosai as "Santa" finally having a conscience moment and giving his too-innocent-for-their-own-good "followers" the advice of doing good deeds...and on prompted for the kind of good deeds they should do, literally exploding from the strain.
  • A good number of the chapters that feature Principal Kuno qualify.
  • The Fishing Rod of Love arc is one big Funny Moment. When Takahashi is on her game, she is on her game.
  • The following:
    Akane: Ranma, you do know what Romeo and Juliet are to each other, don't you?
    Ranma: Father and daughter, right?
  • In chapter 7, Ranma pouring boiling water on a dumbfounded dog.
  • Ranma tells Akane You're Cute When You're Angry and a while later she looks in a mirror, and thinking on Ranma's words, goes to smile... at which point Ranma pops his head in and asks if mirrors make her smile or if she's just testing her cheeks. She punches him out.
  • Ranma commenting on Akane's Panty Shot when he gets a look under her skirt which results in her kicking him.
  • Ranma in female form convincing Ryoga she was actually his sister born while he was lost. Made even funnier because Akane saw through the disguise with no problem but ended up being fooled because she didn't think that Ryoga could be that naive.
  • The ending of Bathhouse Battle. How did Happosai not see it coming? Then again, he may not have expected Ranma to sink that low to get revenge on him...
    • Earlier, from the same episode...
      Ranma: "I don't trust you, you'll splash me from behind."
      Happosai: "Aww. I'll just splash you from in front!"
  • Ranma who starts to use "Nekoken" after being exposed to too many cats, bursts into the school gym and attacks Kuno easily shredding the ground, and his kendo wooden sword. Kuno catching wise, gets Ranma to chase after the shredded sword, and declares victory.
    Kuno: Feh. The coward has turned tail and ran.
  • Episode 87: "Oh yeah? You and what sense of direction?"
    • "Oh uh..wait a minute....dont break-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"
    • Nabiki after finding out Akane was home the whole time and not missing and she spent the whole night looking for her. "I'm cutting school today."
    • Everyone acting grossed out and falling over after Akane offers them some of her pot stickers.
    • Ranma, after being offered some of Akane's cooking. "Akane? You wouldn't mind running away again would ya?"
  • In one of the earlier episodes Nabiki pours water on Ranma while he's sleeping to change him into a girl so she can take some pictures for Kuno and then turns her back. After Ranma wakes up he panics when he sees the water beneath him and thinks he wet the bed. How he fails to put the clues together and realize that he's been used as pin-up material is beyond common sense.
    • Nabiki was also able to put Ranma into ridiculous female costumes offscreen (only gone for a few seconds between costumes, arguing all the way) when all of Ranma's boy clothes are getting washed in the laundry room. How she gets Ranma in girl-form to stay still long enough to do this is beyond common sense!
  • Akari explaining why she'd only date someone who can defeat Katsunishiki.
    Akari (crying lightly):"My grandfather said, before he died..."
    Akari's Grandfather (flashback):"Akari, find a strong man to marry. I won't allow you to marry any man who can't beat Katsunishiki."
    Akari (gesturing to old man lying next to her):"This is my grandfather."
    Ranma:"Well, he certainly did say it before dying."
  • In one arc, Pantyhose Taro plans on dousing Happosai with water from the Spring of Drowned Pious Man. However, the Tendo Dojo recieves a call that Taro took the wrong water from Junsenkyo.
    Ranma: If he turns into a bug or a snake, we could just flick him out the window.
    Soun: If he turns into a tiger, he won't be able to steal underwear...
    Genma: If he turns into a monkey, he won't be able to do anything but steal underwear...
    Kasumi: Apparently, he'll turn into...twins!
  • In episode 34, Ranma tries to infiltrate the girls' locker room to get to the Spring of Drowned Young Man beneath it. As soon as he opens the door he gets splashed with hot water from a kettle above the door, which was to meant to keep Happosai out.
  • When the guide explains that Panthyose Taro's curse comes from the "Spring of Drowned Ox-Riding, Crane & Eel-Carrying, Yeti". This curse is so absurd that even other Jusenkyo-cursed characters are shocked.
  • One time, Genma answers the a panda. One Beat Panel later...
    Ranma: So why'd you pick it up in the first place?
  • The one serious battle between Ranma and Cologne in the manga, during the Watermelon Race. At one point, Cologne stands up over the sea, to everyone's shock. Soun, the only one not shocked, explains that a master can stand still and walk on just a small leaf... Then we see what she was actually standing on:
    Akane *unimpressed*: "It's a shark..."
    Soun: It is, isn't it?
    • Also doubles as Moment of Awesome, as Cologne has summoned a Great White Shark from nowhere and commandeered it.
  • In the final chapter of the Mushrooms of Time arc, Akane catches chibi-Ranma picking on a then smaller Ryoga. How does Akane respond? She gives Ranma a spanking!
  • This dry line from Kasumi, about Akane, is classic: "She's really a very sweet girl. She's just a violent maniac."
  • The Gambling King arc. The Gambling King's Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance is humorous enough, but then after all that buildup, when it turns out that he's actually a terrible gambler and how obvious all of his attempts to cheat are, it becomes ridiculous. For bonus points, in spite of what a terrible gambler he is, Ranma still can't see past his techniques.
    Soun: The players are both equally matched!
    Kid: Or more accurately, they're both equally stupid!
  • In one scene from the manga, Ryoga hugs a telephone pole while fantasizing about Akane. The pole has a sign on it that reads "Please do not hug pole." When Akane shows up a moment later, Ryoga flinches and accidentally breaks the pole in half. Between panels, the sign has changed to read "Please do not break pole."
  • In one occasion Ranma disguised himself as Ryoga's sister Yoiko. Thing is, Ryoga has no sister... So Ranma told him she was born while he was lost, just like the puppies of his dog. He fell for it.
  • In the Hiryuu Shoutenha arc, wherein Happosai uses a pressure-point technique on Ranma to make him as weak as a baby note , there's one particular moment in the manga version. Ranma demands that Happosai cure him, but Happosai replies that he doesn't know how. They initially don't believe him, but then he asks them why he would have bothered to learn a technique that could actually help someone; this is what convinces them that he's telling the truth.
  • It's hard to top the "Curse of the Scribbled Panda" storyline for sheer silliness — the basic concept is "a doodle of a female panda comes to life and falls in love with Ranma, forcing him to take her on a date". But, the anime manages to top the storyline with two key elements.
    • One: The demonic figures from the other scrolls also come to life, causing Soun, Genma and Happosai to grow into giants and battle them to a stand-still. Throughout the episode, there's shots of them stomping around in the background like something from a kaiju movie.
    • Two: Towards the episode's climax, Ranma tries to coax the panda doodle to go back to her scroll by dramatically pointing out they can't make it work, as he's a human and she's a panda. The panda promptly transforms into a gorgeous human girl in a flowing dress, lightly glomps onto him, and cheerfully announces that now they can make it work. To which a clearly attracted Ranma mentally agrees. For added laughs, Nabiki and Akane are watching this whole affair; Nabiki comments that she Did Not See That Coming, whilst Akane goes into jealous meltdown mode.
  • When trying to stop Pantyhose Taro from getting at Happosai (because they don't want him to unwittingly duplicate him with Spring of Drowned Twins Water) Ranma gets the idea to stop him from charging in with his massive cursed form by putting Happosai in the middle of a public bath. Pantyhose Taro bypasses this by paying to use the public bath. Hijinks ensue.
  • In the second movie, when Sarutoru uses his Shadow Fall technique on Ryoga, to make him incapacitated with despair. Anybody who knows anything about Ryoga knows exactly where it's going.
  • The Happo Fire-Burst storyline's climax is hilarious; all that build-up of this dreaded Kamehame Hadoken technique that is supposedly Happosai's mightiest attack, and it turns out that it's nothing more than Happosai tossing around homemade bombs. The kicker has to be Soun & Genma's outrage over the fact that they've spent so much time living in terror of a glorified firecracker. This outrage turns into utter terror once Happosai whips out giant firecrackers out of nowhere, and especially after demonstrating their effectiveness on Ranma as revenge for severely injuring him and leaving him for dead.
  • Akane has baked animal crackers, but they don't look like they should. Cue Ranma guessing what they're supposed to be and an increasingly frustrated Akane correcting him.
  • In episode 124, Sentaro somehow manages to hide within Akane's coat, while she's wearing it. How does she find out? He pops out of her chest as if she suddenly grew an extra head there. Akane and Ranma's faces are just priceless.
    • Both Akane and Ranma are understandably and appropriately freaked out by this, but after pummeling Sentaro, they then both go about their day as if nothing happened.
    • The next time they hear his voice, a panicking Akane immediately checks the inside of her coat.


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