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Drinking Game / Ranma

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  • Every time the cold water is a little too contrived.
    • Two sips if it's the Tendo Koi Pond.
    • Two sips for convenient rain.
    • Two sips for the old lady watering the street.
    • Extreme Rule: Every time someone with a Jusenkyo Curse changes.
  • Every time Akane says "baka"/"jerk".
  • Every time somebody uses a Megaton Punch (or kick).
    • Two sips if it's Akane.
    • Two if it's on Kuno (does that make three or four if it's Akane on Kuno?).note 
  • Every time a battle scene is resolved with Hit Flash into a Fight Unscene.
    • Extreme Rule: Every time Hit Flash is used. This one will kill you; don't be fooled by the slow start.
  • Every time Happosai gets Hoist by His Own Petard.
  • Every time Happosai says, "what a haul!".
  • Every time the Happo Fire Burst is used.
  • Every time a named attack is used.
    • Two if it's an ultimate attack which...isn't.
  • Every time Ranma gets caught being an Accidental Pervert.
    • Two sips if it's Akane who catches him in the act
  • Every time Genma or Soun cry.
  • Every time Genma pretends to be an innocent panda.
  • Every time Girl!Ranma's assets are on show.
  • Every time Pig!Ryoga gets Marshmallow Heaven.
  • Every time someone says "An opening!"
    • Two sips if said opening turns out to be no help at all.
  • Every time someone pulls a microphone out of nowhere
    • Two sips if it was Genma or Soun
    • Two if it's to confess something


Alternative Title(s): Ranma Half


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