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"It's a shard of the Shikon Jewel! And they're-- it's huge!"

- Miroku, upon first seeing Kagome bathingnote 

  • The first thing Kagome does when she sees (unconscious) Inuyasha for the first time was to fondle his ears.
    • Some episodes later, Mrs. Higurashi does the same thing when Inuyasha comes into the household for the first time (with Sota asking if he could as well).
  • Every single time Inuyasha and Kagome get into a banter, usually in front of the enemies who just watch as they keep flinging insults at each other. Episode 9 demonstrates it the best, culminating in everyone joining the discussion about whether Kagome and Inuyasha are a couple or not.
    Myoga: Rumors say these thunder brothers devour immediately the beautiful girls they kidnap.
    Shippo: Really?! So that means, Kagome is now-
    Inuyasha: You idiot, since when is Kagome pretty?
    Hiten: Give me all the jewel shards, if you want to save the woman you love! (dramatic lightning)
    Inuyasha: (dumbfounded) Hold on, who is this woman I love?
    Kagome: What?! Are you trying to leave me?!
    Inuyasha: Leave you?! Stop talking as if we had any sort of intimate relationship!
    Kagome: And what do you think matters more?! The jewel shards or my life?! If you dare say it's the shards, I'll go down there and rip your lips out myself!
    • The English dub kicks it up a notch for the same scene in episode 9.
  • During Miroku's premier after having stolen the jewel shards, he stops at a village's brothel for some fun, but he's shown to be very disappointed and turned off due to all the women there being ugly ganks.
    • In the same ep, Miroku first asking Kagome to "bear his child", Her reaction to being asked such a bold request was just priceless. Made better in the dub as Kagome made a sound that sounded like "heke?". Hilarious in Hindsight since Kagome's dub voice actress also played Laura in Hamtaro.
  • There are quite a few... pretty much anytime Miroku shows his perverted side, or anytime he's called out on it, or anytime Kagome shouts "SIT!" or...
    • A specific example being in episode 100, when everyone but Inuyasha is trapped inside a moth demon's soul-sucking cocoon, he's ranting at Kagome and telling her that she can't be weak enough to just give in to death so easily, so he dares her to tell him to sit. Being asleep and inside a cocoon at the time, Kagome didn't hear that. But at the end of the episode, he practically begs her to say it, instead of the 'thank you' he got. He...sat.
    • And earlier, when Inuyasha and Miroku are discussing the finer points of cheating on a woman. Miroku is in the middle of saying how "—if either woman were to find out—" when Kagome interupts with a rather forceful "SIT!!!" Miroku, without missing a beat, quips, "—that's right. Big sit."
    • One hilarious moment is when he and Sango are walking up a mountain that harms people who think impure thoughts. but poor Miroku has Sango's butt right in front of him the whole time and he spends the whole trip in agony trying to grope it.
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    • Of the funniest Moment Killer scenes with Miroku starts with Miroku reflecting on his limited life-span with Sango, informing her of how important she is to him. The moment is quite heartfelt and touching and it causes Sango to blush and turn away from Miroku, trying to think of what to say. Naturally, with Sango's back to him, Miroku notices what's been exposed. Cue the moment getting killed deader than a doornail.
    Sango: Can't you get your mind out of the gutter!? *Armor-Piercing Slap*
    • That one was even funnier in the Italian dub, where they found a witty and suitable translation.
    • Episode 88, "The Three Sprites Of The Monkey God", is full of comedy gold. One moment that stands out is when Inuyasha gets buried by the Sprites adding a second boulder to the one on his hand (which he'd been holding above his head). The dub version of the scene is particularly funny: as Kagome goes after the Sprites, she says "Don't move an inch, we'll be back for ya!". Rather than the "No, Wait!" From the Japanese version, Richard Cox delivers a beautifully deadpan (and muffled) "Sure.".
  • Any time Inuyasha ends up in the present time is guaranteed to have at least one funny moment.
    • Most notably: Inuyasha vs Bike. The bike won...
  • Totousai yanking out Inuyasha's tooth...and the scream that follows afterwards along with the expression on his face.
  • Episode 160 full-stop. Notable moments include Inuyasha's attempt to fix a bicycle, which leaves it a twisted wreck of its former self. Even funnier is when he thinks the bike is trying to kill him. Then he starts destroying everything around him, and to top it off, Kagome's friends decide to pay her a visit and know the violent, two-timing thug she's been dating. It goes surprisingly well.
  • The fight against Goshinki, a horrific demon, was pretty intense, especially since he knows the team's weaknesses and even calls out what would happen to them should they try their planned out attacks which would lead to their deaths. However, when he glances at a frightened Shippo, he just shrugs him off, not bothering to tell him his weaknesses since Goshinki doesn't even view Shippo as a threat. Shippo gets angry and insulted at Goshinki's blatant dismissal of him.
  • A demon, which turns out to be Myoga's fiancée, starts possessing the heroes, causing them to attack each other. However, when it's Inuyasha's turn, instead of attacking, he acts like a total lunatic, bouncing and laughing, and by the end, things start to get.....weird.
    • He then proceeds to chase after Shippo, and there's no way around it—Inuyasha tries to seduce him.
    Shippo: But what about my dreams of falling in love with a woman, not a possessed male half-demon?!
  • Jinenji's mother whacking Inuyasha over the head with an entire tree...and he doesn't even flinch.
    • Subsequently, Inuyasha is startled to learn that she is Jinenji's human parent.
  • Sango scaring off some bullies picking on a little girl by using an experimental invisibility spell and Kirara's kitten form.
  • Kagome's school play and Inuyasha's clueless intrusion into it, forcing Kagome to ad lib wildly to keep her classmates from realizing what's going on. This culminates in the arrival of a huge watermelon youkai and Inuyasha blowing a huge hole in the roof with the Wind Scar, after which he and Kagome make their exit as though it's All Part of the Show. The crowd loves it.
    • Aside from being able to see Kagome ham it up, she names Inuyasha Hannabart Pokopen. She also apparently skipped 7 pages worth of dialogue before Inuyasha even gets there.
    • Also during the play, after seeing Inuyasha onstage, Hojo improvises and challenges him to a duel. Inuyasha simply goes "fine with me"...and then pulls out the freaking Tetsusaiga.
    • Immediately after this, Inuyasha and Kagome find the last of the youkai that were loose on the school grounds. It's an enormous fish flopping helplessly around on the roof, unable to do anything.
    • It gets better. After finding it, the two decide to cook it for the school banquet. When it's presented, it's still flopping.
    • The whole episode is made of funny.
  • The Last Banquet of Miroku's Master. First Mushin gets the heroes to clean his temple, a process which features (among other things) an Imagine Spot from Kagome in the form of an infomercial about using Miroku's cursed hand as a glorified vacuum. Then he sends them to a particular mountain to fetch him some magical sake, and all of them get drunk from the sake mist - Shippo and Hachi shape-shift into Kagome and all three start singing and line-dancing, and Sango hits on Inuyasha while Miroku can only look on in horror. And to cap it all off, it turn out that Mushin isn't dying in the first place.
    • Don't forget Inuyasha's priceless reaction in the background for that scene. You can tell he is thinking "what the hell am I watching?!" when he sees the three Kagomes laughing and singing as they do some line-dancing.
    • Inuyasha dusting.
    Inuyasha: Man, how the heck did I get roped into doing all the DUSTIIIIIINNNNNNG!?
  • Sango groping Miroku's butt in order to make sure he isn't Shippo. What goes around comes around.
  • "ONIISAAN! Aw, he made a really mean face at me. And, Inuyasha, so are you."
    Inuyasha: Hearing it made me feel kinda sick.
    • His response is even better in the English Dub:
    Inuyasha: That just sounded really wrong.
  • In one episode, Kagome explains to Inuyasha the concept of "family reunion". Cue to Inuyasha thinking of he and Sesshomaru ''eye-zapping'' each other over sushi.
  • Also the episode when Shippo is challenged by Soten (Hiten and Manten's little sister). Fullstop. Among many other things we have Kirara falling for catnip and Shippo and Soten performing a "Diagonal Cut-like" slash on each other with kendamas....
  • There's an episode where a prince proposes to Sango. Kagome, however, does everything in her power to bring Miroku and Sango together. She even has an Imagine Spot with both of them wedding and gets a hysterical outburst out of it, so powerful that Kirara trembles in fear. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Inuyasha: YOU NEED MORE FIBER!!!! [rams tree down the demon's throat]
  • Any time Jaken finds himself in an awkward position.
  • The closing credits for one of the OVA's showed Jaken trying to ride and crashing Kagome's bike. She blames this on Inuyasha.
  • The conclusion of the "Fateful Night In Togenkyo." Inuyasha has apparently fallen to his death from a cliff, leaving Kagome, Miroku, and Shippo to stand at the edge and mourn. When Inuyasha, coming up behind them, takes exception to Kagome calling him an idiot for dying, it takes the rest of the cast an extra line or two of dialogue before they catch on. "Shut up and sit!"
    Shippo: Now he's dead.
  • Inuyasha's reaction to Dog!Sesshomaru's growling in episode 7:
    "Yeah, yeah, 'roar roar' to you too, buddy."
  • Episode 45, Sesshomaru returns to Rin and Jaken, and a happy Rin begins to run towards him. Sesshomaru senses something and orders her to stop moving. Rin freezes in mid-stride on one leg as Sesshomaru leaps over her and finds Kagura. After a two-minute conversation, Kagura leaves and Sesshomaru looks back... to see Rin still standing perfectly still. He tells her she can move now, and Rin just smiles and thanks him.
  • Episode 69's first scenes has Koga as a climber in Kagome's friends' Imagine Spot shouting "I LOVE YOU!" at Mt.Fuji and Miroku as a host saying his infamous line. That's after they somehow pegged Kagome as a two-timer.
  • In chapter 350, Kagura is injured and her body is being washed down the river. Rin tries to rescue her... and then Jaken tries to rescue Rin... ultimately forcing Sesshomaru to fish all three of them out of the river.
  • Rin's first meeting with an injured Sesshomaru involved her dumping a bunch of water on his face.
  • Rin's interactions with Jaken are usually good, especially since Jaken clearly has no idea how to handle a little girl.
    • Rin asks Jaken about Inuyasha's relationship with Sesshomaru. Jaken replies that it's a long story and begins to recite it, only to realize that Rin's walking away with disinterest, because "I don't like long stories."
    • *singing* "Poor Master Ja-ken/ he has been forgot-ten/ and now has been left be-hind!"
  • Episode 90. Inuyasha shouting "Banzai!", InuYasha's reaction to Kagome's world, Sota asking what love is to Inuyasha... Seeing the normally grumpy half-demon getting caught in all these silly situations is always good for a giggle.
  • Sango shouting "Sit boy!" when Inuyasha's making an ass of himself. It doesn't work, but the sudden look of terror on Inuyasha's face is priceless.
    Sango: No good. I guess it only works when Kagome says it.
    Inuyasha: Y-you're just figuring that out now, stupid!?
    Miroku: (in thought) I was kinda hoping that would work...
  • When Inuyasha and co first enter Mt. Hakurei, the mountain that purifies all youkai, Miroku comments that even as a human, a purifying mountain still feels uncomfortable for him. Kagome and Sango however points out that they feel just fine, causing Inuyasha to sweatdrop and ask Miroku "You're actually impure, aren't you...".
  • Whenever Inuyasha and Koga meet. Cue some of the most hilarious Cock Fights you'll ever see.
    • A particular mention should go to the first time they encounter Koga, where he kidnaps Kagome and ends up falling for her, later yelling to Inuyasha that she's "his woman." Cue an absolutely terrified look from Inuyasha, who later winds up subtly asking Kagome if she and Koga slept together. No points for guessing Kagome's reaction.
      • Not to mention Koga's hilariously stunned face when Kagome slaps him.
      • Kagome's reaction to Koga verbally laying claim to her at Inuyasha.
    • After Koga's fight with Ginkotsu who nearly had him killed, Kagome and the others takes him to a cave for him to recover safely. Upon awakening, Kagome ask how he's feeling, to which he replies that he's "...somewhat... really pissed off", because his body "stinks of dog!" When told that it's because Inuyasha carried him there, he first proceeds to beat up his comrades for allowing that to happen, before a soaked Inuyasha enters, explaining how he had to take a bath to get rid of "the disgusting wolf smell!"
    • Another part where Kagome hugs Inuyasha out of relief that he's alive after a battle while Kouga watches, causing him and Inuyasha to throw more insults at each other. This is especially hilarious in the Japanese dub as they eventually resort to simply screaming "BWAAKAAAA" at each other. Kagome who was just crying is fighting the urge to start laughing instead.
  • While in the modern era, Inuyasha visits Kagome's house before her entrance exams (which leads to another funny moment). They get back from getting groceries when they see a cockroach, which Inuyasha attacks with his Wind Scar. The look on Kagome's face guarantees there may have been a "Sit Boy!" off screen.
    • Don't forget Inuyasha filling the house with a bunch of pigeons when he tried to help make dinner and the Koi Fish he stole from a neighbor's pond.
    [Kagome returns home and is greeted by flying pigeons.]
    Inuyasha: [Proudly as he held tightly on a pigeon's tail to keep it from flying away.] Oh, Kagome. I heard we're having a huge dinner. I got some ingredients for you.
  • The end of the first movie, "Affections that Transcend Time", had a couple of golden moments with Miroku:
    • First, Hyouga has unleashed a massive army of youkai on the area.
      Shippo: I think we might be outnumbered here.
    • Second, Kagome throws herself off of Kirara, forcing Inuyasha to catch her as she falls. When he berates her for this, she merely says that "I knew you'd catch me anyway, so I just took the quick way down!" Miroku watches this, then looks up at Sango, still on Kirara.
      Miroku: Sango! Do not be afraid! Come, leap into my arms!
      *Sango throws a piece of her armor at his head*
      Miroku: (completely deadpan) Ow.
    • Earlier on in the movie, Kagome gets the idea to use a Sacred Arrow on the roots that are infesting the well. She shoots and Inuyasha is a little too close to the well when the arrow explodes out on the other side. He is caught in the blast and is very pissed (and covered in soot) when he gets out of the pile of pieces of the well and blown-up roots. Cue Kagome and Inuyasha arguing over it.
  • There was also the time Inuyasha and Kagome got into an argument because of Koga, resulting in Inuyasha sending Kagome off while she gave him the biggest 'Stupid!' of human history, Inuyasha gets so scared about it he starts hugging a rock. And after said argument, this exchange happens:
    Inuyasha: I never told her to go home! She was all 'I'm going home! Stupid!'
    Kaede: That imitation was pathetic.
    Inuyasha: (Falls over) I'm a demon, not a comedian!
  • Just about anytime Miroku is mistaken for a toilet by a little toddler... Miroku is the one who ends up running away with the kid to a bathroom yelling "You know better than to pee there!", "Just wait! This isn't the toilet!", or "The toilet's over here!".
  • In the final, Kagome calls Sesshomaru "big brother". This causes both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha to glare daggers at her. The real kicker is when Jakken starts ranting about how Kagome was being disrespectful, Sesshomaru tells him to shut up about it.
  • There are two episodes where the cast gets drunk. The first one involves Kagome, Shippo, Hatchi, and Sango.
    • The second one is where Inuyasha gets dunked into a vat full of Sake.
    Inuyasha: [After getting dunked in some sake] I ain't drunk.
    Kagome: You are drunk.
    Inuyasha: I ain't drunk! Why are there three of you now?
    Kagome: Right, yeah yeah.
    • In the manga, Myoga claims that he can see Sango fighting the demons in the sake, which prompts Shippo to take a sip. Being the equivallent of a 7 year old, he instantly gets drunk and claims he can see her too. Kagome is trying to get him off of the stuff and says it's just the drunken-ness talking, but then Inuyasha chimes in that he can see her too (while his entire body is in the jar). It's never made clear to the reader if they can indeed see her, or if it's just because all three are drunk off their asses (although it's heavily implied to be the latter). It gets funnier when Inuyasha refuses to come out of the pot.
  • Upon hearing that Miroku asks every women he meets to "bear his child", Sango realizes that he never asked her such a question. Miroku immediately clasps her hands and apologizes for never asking her.
  • The dub has a funny moment in episode 132 when the gang is eveasdropping on Miroku's marriage proposal to Sango:
    Kagome: "He's going to propose!"
    Inuyasha: "He poses a what now?"
  • Definitely the time Miroku offered Kagome a piggy back ride. It is complete with both of the monk's hands twitching in excitement, hoping to grope Kagome.
  • At one point, Kagome catches a cold and Inuyasha gives her a concoction that his mother used to give him as a kid. With one slight difference:
    Inuyasha: When she made it, she used to use dried ingredients. *smiles* But I used fresh stuff.
    Kagome: Fresh stuff? Fresh what exactly?
    Inuyasha: Well, fresh-
    *Sota freaks out, gesturing to Inuyahsa not to tell Kagome the ingredients*
    Inuyasha: Uh, who cares, so long as it works!
  • When the gang (minus Inuyasha) are poisoned, Myoga helps cure them by sucking out the poison (and bloating huge as a result). When they wake up, Inuyasha gives them all "medicine" that smells of blood, telling them it's from Myoga and that it will help them recover their strength. Unfortunately they later find out why it smells like blood: Myoga had drank too much of their blood in sucking out the poison, so he was trying to replenish their blood with blood from sucking it out first, rolling around to mix with the spores of fungi he had eaten, then regurgitating it into a bottle for them to drink. Miroku comments that he'd rather drink fresh blood instead while Kagome and Sango cry in disgust...
  • All of the Momiji and Botan episode. But if there's one moment to be singled out, it's when Kagome attempts to scream "SIT!" to take out Inuyasha's giant double. Unfortunately, it only affects regular Inuyasha, which leaves him open to attack from the duplicate, which proceeds to stomp on him. Cue a massive "Stop Helping Me!" from Inuyasha.
  • Episode 136 has a scene where Shippo attempts a technique to make himself invisible. It works, but only for a short time. He decides to go prank Inuyasha (not realizing that Inuyasha can see him) by eating his plate of snacks and stuffing a couple of fish in his nostrils. Shippo then decides to kick Inuyasha in the face (leaving pawprints in it) until Inuyasha smacks him into the house's pond.
  • Any scene Inuyasha has with the family cat. Either holding him by the forelegs or scratching his belly while cooing at him. It's both hilarious and adorable. Especially when Buyo tends to make absolutely no response whatsoever, like he just doesn't care.
    • Also with regards to Buyo is the first episode where Kagome's grandfather tries to give her an "authentic" youkai hand. Kagome promptly gives it to Buyo with orders to eat, the grandfather falling over in shock as Buyo ambles away with hand-in-mouth.
  • Upon using the dragon-scaled Tessaiga, Inuyasha's hands and face get burned. Totosai's reaction to seeing these burns is to slap his giant tongue in Inuyasha's face.
  • Sesshomaru goes to the border between worlds intent on killing Naraku. But first he punches Inuyasha in the face.
  • In Episode 153, Miroku and Sango are having a touching moment, much to Inuyasha's disbelief.
    Shippo: Miroku is finally giving Sango a shoulder.
    Inuyasha: Touching her shoulders? He's not touching her butt?!
    Kagome: You're an ignorant, Inuyasha. Even if Miroku is depraved, he knows there's time and place for everything
    Inuyasha: Hmph. If you take the depraved out of Miroku, what's left of him?
    Shippo: The curse Naraku's left him.
  • Sango's jealousy reaches its peak in Episode 161, when she finds out there's a woman who gladly accepted to bear Miroku's child before her. After catching Shippo playing a prank on Miroku, Sango drags the fox out before shooting a Death Glare. Even better, Miroku is absolutely enamored with her glare.
    Sango: (thinking) Drop dead, idiot.
    Miroku: (also thinking as he sighs lovingly) It's as though her eyes were saying to me "Drop dead, idiot".
  • The show's ultimate Take That!:
    Kaede: Kagome has gone back to her world, hasn't she?
    Inuyasha: Yeah, she had to go back to face this weak demon called "Entrance Exam."
    Kaede: Is it safe for her to go alone!?
  • Sesshomaru's Mother has proven to be quite the Drama Queen in her first and only appearance.
  • In The Last chapter season, the heroes stop at an inn that actually a training ground for young kitsune to practice their pranks... except the heroes are veteran demon slayers and don't even react to the pups attempts to scare them, Kagome even asks a kitsune disguised as a ghostly flame to move closer to give some better reading light.