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  • Actor Allusion:
    • Kagome is voiced by Moneca Stori, who also voices Laura Haruna. When asked by Miroku if she will have his children, this is her reaction:
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  • Adored by the Network: Beginning its run in 2002, InuYasha always had a prominent presence on the schedule of [adult swim] for many years. New episodes were always heavily promoted by the block, usually being the flagship show of the anime block, and it would always seem to find a way to consistently remain on weekday nights in reruns until the end of 2008. You couldn't escape the hotheaded half-demon no matter how hard you tried. Even after Toonami came back in May 2012 and the show was pulled, it still found its way back to the lineup in November, where it remained until the rights finally expired in March 2014. It was the second most-aired show on the entire block in 2007, only behind Futurama (and even then, it probably only took first place because of a huge five day marathon that occurred at the end of 2007 when [as] was about to lose the rights to the series).
  • Casting Gag:
    • Kappei Yamaguchi (Inuyasha) voiced Ranma, and Noriko Hidaka (Kikyo) voiced Akane in the Ranma ½ anime.
    • The English dub followed suit by casting Richard Ian Cox as Inuyasha after he previously voiced Ranma in the last four seasons of Ranma ½.
    • In the Mexican Spanish dub, it's not the first time Enzo Fortuny (Inuyasha) has voiced a dog.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Jakotsu in all the dubs (except German) is voiced by a woman. Shippo and Sota are also voiced by women in both Japanese and English, as is Kohaku in the Japanese version.
  • Fan Nickname: "Fluffy," "Fluffy-sama," and Sesshy for Sesshoumaru.
  • Missing Episode:
    • To anime fans in Hungary, this series is the poster-boy for these tropes, as it's been canceled after episode 113, and the license for The Final Act was denied by the distributors because of this. For the last few years, so many fan-undertakings have tried to bring it back that they've even seen some media attention — though mostly in a negative sense. What makes this even more bothersome is that the base series has been fully dubbed in its unedited form, but those last episodes were never made available anywhere. Also of note, much of the same was true for the German release, but at least they seem to be rectifying it by finally dubbing the remainder of the series.
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    • The only legal streams of the show in Canada, Netflix and Crunchyroll, only include Episodes 1 through 54 (the first two "seasons") and the four movies.
  • Name's the Same: Hakudōshi's name is read differently but written the same as Shirodōji.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • The English version of the original series has:
    • And Inuyasha: The Final Act had these replacements:
      • Kagome Higurashi: Moneca Stori —> Kira Tozer note 
      • Sesshomaru: David Kaye —> Michael Daingerfield note 
      • Kaede: Pam Hyatt —> Linda Darlow
      • Kohaku (again): Danny McKinnon —> Aidan Drummond
      • Hojo: Matt Smith note  —> David A. Kaye note 
    • Fans were pissed...
    • According to this tweet, Stori didn't reprise the part due to the fans being unable to separate the character from her actress. This treatment also made Kikyo's actress, Willow Johnson, retire from voicework altogether after finishing the Final Act with all the unflattering feedback from fans.
      • She's since come back to her part for her cameo in Yashahime.
    • The Japanese version has Grandpa Higurashi: Ginzou Matsuo —> Katsumi Suzuki
    • Shako, Sango and Kohaku's grandfather, was voiced by Hideaki Takizawa for broadcast but was the part was redubbed by Hiroshi Isobe for the home video release.
    • Both Inuyasha and Kagome had different actors for a Shonen Sunday CM. They were Toshihiko Seki and Junko Iwao instead of Kappei Yamaguchi and Satsuki Yukino. Seki had previously voiced Mousse in Ranma 1/2 and later voiced filler villain Garamaru in the series proper.
    • The old retainer of Kagewaki Hitomi's was originally voiced by Wahei Iida in Season 1 but in his next appearance in Season 2 was voiced by Yutaka Nakano.
    • Young Miroku had three different actresses/actors. The first was Rieko Takahashi in Season 2, then Motoki Takagi in Season 4, and finally Chiwa Saito in The Final Act.
    • The Latin American Spanish dubs of the movies were dubbed in Venezuela, rather than Mexico. Here's the cast:
      • Inuyasha: Enzo Fortuny —> Angel Lugo
      • Kagome: Ana Lobo/Leyla Rangel —> Leisha Medina
      • Miroku: Gabriel Gama —> Jhonny Torres/Rolman Bastidas
      • Sango: Liliana Barba —> Mayela Perrez Ferrer
      • Shippo: Laura Torres/Desirée Gonzalez —> Yasmil Lopez
      • Naraku: Alan Rene Bressant/Luis Alfonso Padilla —> Carlos Pinto
    • In The Final Act, most of the original Mexican Spanish cast returned to reprise their roles. However, Alan René Bressant voiced Naraku due to Luis Alfonso Padilla's death in 2012.
  • Overtook the Manga: The first anime ended without any resolution when it overtook the manga. After the manga ended, a second anime Inuyasha: The Final Act was made and continued the story from where the first one left off.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
    • Inuyasha and Kikyou's Japanese voice actors were also both Ranma and Akane.
    • Kelly Sheridan and Kirby Morrow.
    • Kagome and her mom's English VAs in the original anime series had previously worked together on the Hamtaro dub.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: On the revived Toonami broadcast and the official streams, the first and fifth openings and eight ending are replaced by music from the OST due to the songs coming from Johnny's Entertainment. This affects all releases of the series both internationally and even in Japan because this began with the Japanese rebroadcast of the show and this also means that an inevitable Blu-ray release won't have them either. Averted with the 2020 North American Blu-Ray release and the Channel 4 streams in the UK, which features them intact. Hopefully, this could mean that future prints of the series will also restore the song.
  • Similarly Named Works: The anime's sixth ending song, "Itazura na Kiss", has the same name as the 1991 shoujo manga Itazura Na Kiss.
  • Star-Making Role: Kagura for Izumi Oogami who isn't known much aside from this role.
  • Talking to Herself: Kagura and Kanna are both voiced in English by Janyse Jaud.
  • Teasing Creator: Similar to another famous work by Takahashi, she makes the main pairing of Inuyasha painfully obvious from early on, continuously giving them plenty of hinting or down right romantic moments, however, Inuyasha and Kagome don't share a single kiss throughout the entire content of about 550 chapters. Not. Once. And even when they're about to at one point, Takahashi infamously decided to have Kagome's little brother randomly barge in to interrupt them. The makers of the anime must have recognized the "unfairness" of it however, for they expanded a hug Inuyasha and Kagome shared during the final battle into including a kiss as well. The kiss in the second movie, while adored, remains questionably canon to the original story.
    • According to an interview, Takahashi apparently becomes so embarrassed by writing romantic scenes that she often prefers to go for the more comedic scenario instead, which would explain a lot of Inuyasha and Kagome's moments including the Almost Kiss.
  • Un-Cancelled: After the manga ended a new anime was made to finish the story.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to series director Masashi Ikeda, more popular characters were asked to be introduced earlier than they were in the manga. He refused, citing the manga's structured storyline.
    • The anime was originally meant to air on Cartoon Network's Toonami block. However, it instead ended up on [adult swim] due to content issues, making it one of the few [adult swim] anime shows that were meant for Toonami, until November 4, 2012, when the show has managed to avert this, finally airing on the revived Toonami block. It was initially Daylight Savings Time filler, before being officially added to the lineup on November 11th, replacing fellow [adult swim] show Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.
    • Jakotsu was originally supposed to be female, but the author decided she didn't want Inuyasha fighting and defeating a human female so she made him a Villainous Crossdresser instead.
    • At the end of the series, Takahashi contemplated back and forth on whether Kagome should stay in the future or the past, but ultimately went for the latter to make for a happier ending.
    • Takahashi originally planned for Sesshomaru to die in a Heroic Sacrifice to protect Rin, but decided against it when she found he was too good a character to kill off.
  • Wiki Rule: Inuyasha Wiki
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Takahashi has admitted she doesn't know where her stories are going, she just writes them as they go.


  • Through the entire series, Inuyasha never says his own name. The only time he did was in an anime-only filler episode "The Tragic Love Song of Destiny" where he says it to Kikyo. Otherwise, Inuyasha is a name only said by other characters, never from the actual dog demon himself.


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