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Drinking Game / Inuyasha

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Drinking Game for Inuyasha:

  • Take a sip whenever Inyuasha yells "Kagome!" Or vice versa
    • Take two when another character yells someone else's name in a similar manner
  • Take a sip whenever Kagome says "Sit, boy" and causes Inuyasha to hit the ground, One more if she does it repeatedly.
    • In a related trend take a sip whenever Kagome trips when running from something
  • Take a sip whenever Sango hits Miroku for being a pervert.
    • Take a sip when Miroku asks a woman if she would give birth to his child(ren).
  • Take a drink whenever Sesshomaru abuses Jaken for being bothersome
  • Take a drink whenever Myoga the Flea gets slapped after sucking someone's blood.
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  • Take a drink when the poisonous bees suddenly show up out of nowhere.
  • Take a sip whenever a character uses a named attack
    • Take a drink whenever the attack has no effect.
  • Take a drink whenever the revealed yokai of the week has one or more Jewel Shards embedded in them inexplicably
  • Take a drink whenever Kagome uses contemporary or anachronistic tools or items such as bug spray, her bicycle, offering people potato chips, etc.
    • Finish the drink whenever the feudal era characters are completely unimpressed or uninterested
  • Take a sip whenever Kagome's Grandfather's 'ancient' practices, rites, or remedies are completely ineffective or useless
  • Take a drink whenever someone uses the well to either go to or return from the feudal era
  • For the English dub, take a drink whenever a character calls Kagome a "wench".