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  • Semimaru and Natsu's Manzai acts.
    Semimaru: Aloha 'oe, Aloha 'oe, when you hear aloha, you think of hawaiian shirts, right?
    Natsu: 'oe...
    Semimaru: What are you doing, vomiting!?
  • The entire situation when Ryo and Ango initially encounter Team Summer B. The entire team being made up of carefree, relaxed people who have no sense of preseveration of the shelter's food, no proper means of survival or a nightwatch. Matsuri rides down a hill on what looks like a tablet, Natsu and Semimaru are practicing their Manzai act, Botan is half-naked and diving with Hotaru and Chimaki is grinding up insect scales for paint.
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  • A flashback shows that Ango and Shigeru, both in the same bed with fever, having their first erections. Shigeru, in particular, freaks out.

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