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The blog:

  • On the official Instagram, the hashtags on Shunsuke's profile include "#HelloKittyIsNotACat" and "#HelloKittyIsAGirl."

The manga:

The game:

The anime:

  • Episode 1:
    • Kouta casually introducing himself as the guy who just got stabbed to death.
    • When Kouta and his friends come across a lost girl, despite of the painfully obvious risk of being Mistaken for Pedophile, Kouta musters up the courage to approach in order to help...but not before worryingly asking his pals whether they would vouch for him.
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    • What is the favorite part of the Pompompurin bag the little girl has with her? Well, it is the butt of course. Then she proceeds to insert her finger into it. There is some Truth in Television though, as Purin's butt is said to be his most charming point.
    • When Yuu is chasing Kouta through the hallway, they are suddenly stopped by Minamoto. After he briefly lectures them about running in the hallways the two of them slowly walk away (with wide, exaggerated steps), and the moment he turns his back the two of them immediately rush through the nearby corridor, leaving just two clouds of dust behind them.
  • Episode 2:
    • Yuu is very persistent to get Kouta to talk with him.
    • Kouta makes several funny faces through the episode.
    • The vending machine in Kouta's school offers mackerel cola, of all things.
    • When Kouta says he would like to be more like Yuu, Shunsuke says that he wouldn't like it if there were two Yuus.
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    • Kouta desperately tries to hide his love of Sanrio from Yuu, except that Yuu is reading him like a book.
    • Kouta having a silly tantrum after realizing he has been outed by Yuu and Shunsuke. It gets even sillier when his mother enters his room.
    • Shunsuke actually menages to make Yuu lose his cool.
    • There is something amusing about how shocked Kouta is when he is approached by the student council president Minamoto again, except this time Minamoto is shirtless with his muscular upper body shown in all its glory.
    • While looking for the misplaced Pompompurin, the Yuu and Kouta try to and fail moving a large refrigerator, even with their combined strength. Cue to Shunsuke effortlessly lifting the fridge on his own. All Kouta can do is look in disbelief; Yuu even applauds Shunsuke's physical prowess.
  • Episode 3:
    • Yuu lures Kouta into a football bet, only to reveal that he was having the upper hand from the very beginning as he was playing football since elementary school.
  • Episode 4:
    • In the absence of the female admirers at the training field for the soccer club, Yuu offers to dress up Kouta as a girl. Hilariously, Kouta doesn't shown any reaction to the offer, not even for a moment.
    • Kouta is pretty Adorkable around Shunsuke when the latter refers to him by his first name. In return, Shunsuke has a Not So Stoic reactions that borders on Tsundere.
    • At the end of the episode, Kouta's old pals lament how much Kouta has distanced himself from them, except that only Yamato is talking, Tadashi isn't listening at all.
  • Episode 5:

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