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Game adaptations

    Infinity Moment/Hollow Fragment 
  • If you max out the affection of all the main girls in the Japanese version, you get the trophy, ''Don't cheat, daddy''. Then, almost as if in response to this, the English version's trophy is titled "It's Not What It Looks Like!"
  • The affection system applies to every allied character, which means you can bridal carry Klein.
  • Strea in general, who is even more of The Gadfly than Sinon and Lisbeth combined.
    • Take a drink every time Strea puts Kirito through Marshmallow Hell, spontaneously hugs him, or kisses him.
    • Kirito's many attempts to find out more about Strea. He's tried interrogating her, following her, bribing her, but every time it always results in Strea getting too close for comfort to Kirito while he finds out virtually nothing.
    • Strea meeting the harem for the first time, they're horrified to see Strea sitting on Kirito's lap. Klein then piques in and offers his lap if one of the girls wants to sit on it. Sinon tells him if he wants someone in his lap then he should get a cat. Meanwhile Asuna is ready to kill Kirito, about to make Kirito come up to her room. However Strea cuts in and wishes to visit Asuna's room too, not only knowing Asuna is Kirito's wife, but wants to ask Asuna about Kirito and visit her room too. This catches Asuna completely off guard and snaps her out of her Tranquil Fury to just utter confusion.
    • Special mention goes to a second party, where those who get the super-spicy slice have to command someone to do one thing for them - Strea, upon getting one of the two spicy slices, promptly commands Kirito to kiss her. Asuna is having none of that however, demanding Strea kiss her instead, which 'shockingly' (to her) Strea has few issues with whatsoever... the reactions from everyone are embarrassed/horrified fascination, as apparently Strea is applying the same amount of strength she displays in hugs to the kiss itself. After going at it intensely, an ashamed Asuna asks Kirito if she still wants him as his wife.
  • The size of Leafa's boobs get brought up a lot in the game and how impressive/jealous it makes the rest of the girls.
    • One time Kirito finds the girls talking about their hair. Silica remarks she's thinking of changing hers, to which Sinon tells Silica her hair looks cute. To demonstrate Sinon asks her to jump, to which her Girlish Pigtails bounce up and down in accordance. Silica notices Leafa's ponytail and asks her to do the same figuring that a similar thing could happen. However when Leafa jumps, something else starts bouncing instead...
  • In Hollow Fragment, when Kirito returns from the Hollow Area, he mentions that he met a female player in there. Everyone automatically assumes Kirito found himself a new girlfriend. The harem is having none of it.
  • Leafa, having been left out of the loop while her brother was trapped in SAO, is quite surprised to learn that not only are Kirito and Asuna married in-game, but they also have a daughter in-game. Yes, Leafa, you're an aunt.
  • In Hollow Fragment, when Kirito finds Silica dressed as a maid for a quest and she screams in shock, the translation given for one of the customers is "Hey, is that Black Man sexually harassing the maid?" Fortunately the translation for Re:Hollow Fragments was changed to get rid of the racist and sexual implications.
  • Klein's roles in the slice of life cutscenes, especially when a fortune telling event claims that his compatibility with Kirito is the highest, much to the horror of the harem.
  • After seeing a play put on by some players, Silica suggests doing a play of "Snow White". After the Kirito's girls bicker over who would play Snow White opposite Kirito's prince. The solution they eventually reach? Kirito as Snow White, Pina as the prince, and the girls as the eight dwarves.
  • One event has Yui asking if she can sleep in the same bed as Kirito and Asuna. When her parents agree she says she looks forward to "spooning", which Kirito doesn't wish to know where she learned the word from. Asuna and Yui then go take a bath together where you can hear the following conversation:
    Asuna: Yui-chan! Stop playing with my boobs!
    Yui: But it feels so nice playing with them! You like it too, don't you, Mommy?
    Asuna: L-Like it? Don't be silly, Yui-chan!
    Yui: Huh? You don't like it? I guess I need to play with them some more until you do!
    Asuna: Argh! Yui-chan you're being too rough!
    Yui: Did you like it Mommy?
    Asuna: D-Did I like it?! Argh! ...Ahem...
    Kirito (thinking): They sound like they're having fun.
  • Silica and Kirito run into a fortune teller player, who predicts a dark fate for Kirito unless he stays close to a woman at all times. Silica takes it upon herself to cling to Kirito's arm for the duration of the trip back to Agil's shop. Lisbeth finds out about this too and insists she 'share' the burden of keeping Kirito safe. Leafa and Philia then arrive, and upon also hearing the story are determined to take part in being in close proximity to Kirito, where it finally gets to the point where all four girls have covered every inch of Kirito. Sinon then shows up and informs them the fortune teller is a fraud, before deciding to give her own prediction that there is a dark future ahead and disaster will befall Kirito. Cue Asuna arriving looking for Kirito. All of the girls run off leaving Kirito alone to try and explain it's Not What It Looks Like. Sinon really did predict the future.
    Sinon: If you're looking for Kirito, he's somewhere buried in that mass of women over there.
    All the girls run off leaving Kirito at Asuna's mercy.
    Asuna: Kirito... I think it's time you explained what's been going on, hmm?
    Sinon: Oh, look. Something terrible did happen to you after all.
    Kirito: You really can read people's futures, Sinon.
  • The scene where Yui catches Kirito and Asuna in the middle of kissing and believes they are trying to make a little sister for her, much to the shock and confusion of Kirito and Asuna. Yui then remembers that SAO has no mechanisms of having children, which prompts her to ask if they're 'practicing' for the real world. Turns out the last time Asuna gave The Talk by telling Yui that kissing made babies has become problematic and she's forced to come clean. Yui is insistent on the truth, unable to understand what's so embarrassing about reproduction. Kirito and Asuna finally manage to quell her curiosity by explaining someone her age has no need to know the fine details as a child can't shoulder the responsibility.
  • Leafa gets terrified after hearing a male voice in her room. After coming to Kirito for help (while wearing a towel), Kirito finds the source, a recording crystal she got from Klein. Turns out Klein had heard Leafa had trouble waking up and had made her a personal alarm clock. But what message did he record? Basically him telling Leafa how cute she was and ending it with a kiss. As Sinon puts it, his alarm clock is more like a waking nightmare.
  • One time, Kirito visits Asuna's room where Yui proceeds to let him in. However unbeknownst to him Yui, Asuna, and Lisbeth were just taking a bath before he came in. This results in a very awkward moment where Kirito has to explain Yui let him in and he actually had no idea they had been taking a bath. Just as Kirito is about to leave Leafa shows up at the door, to which Yui lets her in too. Leafa is also under the impression Kirito was peeping on the girls, before Kirito and Asuna explain it's Not What It Looks Like. Yui then notices Leafa smells nice from the soap she had just used and drags Kirito over to smell her. When asked by Lisbeth what he was doing here in the first place, Kirito admits "I don't even know anymore." Then Philia and Sinon, shows up and the same process happens again, complete with Yui making Kirito smell the soap both girls. Finally Silica arrives, to which Yui still won't keep her mouth shut and for the fifth time explanation is required for the unusual sight. However in Silica's case the smell she bears isn't soap. All of the girls are curious and take turns in smelling her, except Kirito who is adamant about not being drawn in, until Silica finds out he already smelled all the other girls and insists Kirito smell her.
    Kirito: I told you I'm not a pervert!
    Asuna: How many times have we done this now? I think it's my turn to explain.
  • Kirito and Asuna go to a lot of trouble to collect materials to make a present for Yui to thank her for being such a well behaved daughter watching the tavern all the time. The present turns out to be a flower clown. However Kirito reveals he had secretly made one for Asuna too. But even more surprising, Asuna had also made one for Kirito. Now that they had three, Yui and Asuna want their whole family to wear the flower crowns together, Kirito doesn't get a choice in the matter.
  • When Kirito is caught in a dungeon with Lisbeth, he starts hallucinating the Boss monster as a scantily-dressed, attractive girl and has difficulty attacking it. A desperate Lisbeth devises a solution that resorts to taking Kirito's head and pressing it against her soft bosom to remind him what's real and what's not. This finally snaps Kirito out of his hallucination and when it's all over, Kirito thanks Lisbeth and remarks he'll never forget how soft she felt. Lisbeth is having none of it and tells him to forget this ever happened, even though she was the one who told him to remember this to begin with.
  • Philia's attempt to prank Kirito with extremely spicy food backfires when he shows no reaction. She then tries the food herself and learns the hard way that Kirito has an abnormal sense of taste.
  • The entire scene where Klein teaches Yui that guys like breasts, which Kirito tries to stop. That is until the girls arrive and Yui starts asking about it. What does Klein do? He leaves when the girls are surprised about Yui asking it.
    • Then Yui starts groping all the girls one by one, in the name of research, and tries to get Kirito to say who's breasts he liked the most. Kirito unable to make a choice without landing himself on hot water chooses Yui's breasts, but that only ends up digging himself deeper.
  • A game of "playing house" with Yui get really interesting. It starts with Kirito as the daddy, Yui as the mommy, and Silica as their daughter, with Yui playing the role of mother very convincingly. Then Asuna, Lisbeth, and Leafa arrive and serve as Silica's younger sisters. Lisbeth tries to take advantage of being a younger daughter to get intimate with Kirito, only for Yui to be motherly towards her, telling Liz to sit on her lap and accept a hug from her (to which Kirito notices the usually assertive Liz being submissive). Sinon then shows up to which everyone forces her into the game too as the baby. Yui promptly cradles Sinon and offers her nipple, to which Sinon suckles and gurgles (and wishes someone would kill her). Philia then promptly joins in where Yui has her be the pet dog, and is only allowed to make barking sounds, but she ends up getting the best part of the deal since Kirito has to pet her.
    • A similar event had Yui getting making all the girls roleplay being Kirito's sister so they'd know what it was like to be Leafa. Silica asks Kirito for help with her homework, and when Kirito immediately agrees, Leafa takes note of needing to remember that for the real world. Leafa notices Yui is merely calling her daddy "big brother" but otherwise acts exactly the same, prompting Yui to research some databases on how a sister acts. Lisbeth once again goes overboard in trying to get all sorts of favors from Kirito like massages and cake. After Yui gets back from acquiring data her research concludes sisters don't merely ask favors from a brother but must show their love to the point they want to marry their brother, leading Kirito to wonder where Yui got this information from. Leafa abruptly denies this, (despite ironically she had exactly this in canon). With the prompting, Lisbeth passionately shows her sisterly love to Kirito and even requests that she and Kirito get married despite being brother and sister. Of course Asuna is having none of it, stopping Liz before she can get any further. Kirito is then asked who was the best sister, to which Kirito replies none of them were his sister as that honor would always go to Leafa. As an alternative, Lisbeth suggests being Kirito's mistress was still an option, which inadvertently sets off Yui's curiosity and has her wanting everyone to play the "Mistress Test" instead, leading Lisbeth to have an Oh, Crap! moment.
  • There's an event triggered by Kirito giving Asuna a "his and hers" matching outfit set. She's so excited that she insists they change into them and go on a date. The next scene has commentary from lots of pedestrians jealous of/angry at the obnoxiously lovey-dovey couple.
  • One event has Kirito and Asuna's marriage data glitching so that it appears they are no longer married. When this is brought up to everyone else, Lisbeth is all too eager to point out that Kirito is single now and technically available, before Asuna has her behave. In order to test if this is a system glitch or if they accidentally divorced, the game allows Kirito to send proposals to any of the other girls. If you choose Lisbeth, she immediately starts contemplating how she and Kirito would make a fetching couple, before a furious Asuna makes her decline. If you choose Silica, she starts bringing up unpleasant memories of her weirdo fans sending her marriage proposals but then remarks she doesn't mind getting one for Kirito, before once again Asuna goes on the warpath. If you choose Sinon, when she is about to decline the proposal, she goes "oops" making it seem like she accidentally accepted, before revealing she was just messing with Kirito.
  • There's an event where Lisbeth gets the idea to invite Kirito to come shopping with the girls. One of the questions Lisbeth ask towards Kirito was 'What color do you think is suitable for Asuna?' Kirito thinks Asuna's color is white. Cue Asuna's blush reaction and later the rest reveal that they were talking about the color of underwear. Oh, Crap! reactions by Kirito himself when he finally realizes what the girls were talking about. Later, he sighs when he has to carry the bought stuffs and realizes the shopping has only just begun, and wishing he was taking on a Boss raid instead.
  • When Kirito is feeling sick, passing out from dizziness and fatigue onto his bed, he finds Strea in his room trying to make him feel better. Her solution is to lie down next to him and squeeze him tightly so that her boobs press against his back, as she's under the impression that boobs make guys feels better. Kirito wanting to get out of this, pretends he's recovered by leaping out of bed and putting on his equipment. This leads Strea to believe he really is better and that it was all thanks to her boobs!
  • Sinon and Kirito climbing up a tree for the former to practice her shooting skill. Kirito complains why the game reproduces the tickling feeling as at that time, Sinon's hair was near to his nose, which makes him sneeze, leading to an awkward moment between them.
  • The CG cutscene prior to the "Grand Quest: Gaiard The Volcano" event. Kirito returns to the Inn and upon his rival, Silica is overjoyed and rushes over to hug him, only for Yui to knock her out of the way and hug him in her place. Silica looks half-amused and half-jealous over Yui-chan stealing Kirito-san away from her yet again.
  • Pretty much anytime Kirito got accused being an Accidental Pervert moments with the girls.
    • Sinon got a few of this.
      • During one time of her training, Sinon and Kirito are on the tree, with the former trying to aim at her target. However, because they were so close, in which Sinon's hair ended up tickling Kirito's nose and he sneezed, causing the two of them to fell into the river. Both got drenched and Kirito ended up seeing Sinon's pants becoming transparent by the time he noticed this. Sinon, acting all Tsundere ended up using Kirito as her target for groping and seeing her butt.
      • Another moment when the two of them went on a quest together. Sinon ended up on top of Kirito while her armour was stripped in the process before this happen. Sinon was too worried about Kirito and acted normal that she did not notice her own appearance until Kirito mentioned it. Sinon goes all flustered and scolded Kirito not to look at her. Even though after they get up, Sinon accused Kirito of being a pervert.

    Lost Song 
  • Kirito's first meeting with Recon doesn't go quite as smoothly as it does in the anime. Recon confronts Kirito, accusing him of being intimate with Leafa, much to Kirito's confusion. Recon starts listing off things like hand holding and them going quests together, to which Kirito decides to clarify the misunderstanding and explains Leafa is his sister. Queue Recon having a Oh, Crap! moment, realizing he insulted the older brother of his crush. Kirito then asks if Recon was Leafa's boyfriend, which Recon is utterly flustered by, but also adds he hopes one day that could come true. In preparation he opts to referring to Kirito as "my dearest brother"... only for Leafa to show up who proceeds to kick Recon's head in.
  • When Kirito tries his hand at cooking stew, the end result doesn't even look edible. Asuna and Leafa are both too scared to try it, so Kirito has the first taste and enjoys it. The girls then have a go... and end up getting their mouths burned. Turns out they had forgotten Kirito's Bizarre Taste in Food and how much he can tolerate spice.
  • Kirito finds Silica and Lisbeth arguing over a helmet she made for Pina, with Lisbeth insisting it's perfect given she's an Ultimate Blacksmith while Silica finds it unfashionable. Lisbeth asks Kirito's opinion who finds it to be decent, however Silica points out that Kirito has no sense of fashion and will wear any junk so long as it has high stats. Kirito doesn't take too well to this remark, with Silica immediately becoming apologetic and starts tripping over her words as she tries to defend his fashion sense, which only proceeds to make Kirito even more uncomfortable.
  • In Asuna's festival event Kirito finds a stall selling strange meet on a stick. Kirito finds it delicious and that it Tastes Like Chicken. When Asuna asks what meat it is, he reveals it's frog monster. As in the same frog monsters that gave the Scavenged Toad Meat from the anime which Kirito tried to get Asuna to cook! Kirito did end up finding out what it tasted like after all!
  • Kirito and Klein going on a dungeon raid leads them to finding a gravure photobook of NPCs from ALO. Klein is all over it and is having the time of his life, however Kirito is unable to see it due to the images being blurred out for minors. Klein feels sorry for Kirito and offers to book to him under the challenge he could hack around the filter, which Kirito is tempted by despite not being interested in the actual content. Right on cue, Asuna and Yui walk in as soon as it's in his hand. Kirito tries hiding it behind his back, but Asuna sneakily snags it and sees it's a photobook, which would have be fine had Klein not decided to tell Asuna it featured images of sexy girls. Kirito knows fully well Asuna's going to kill him, where she smiles sweetly and tells Kirito to come with her to her room.
  • Lisbeth spends some time feeling up Silica's cat ears and tail (and since they're both girls, the anti-harassment code isn't violated), which leads to all the other girls doing the same. Then Silica gives Kirito permission to do so, just as Sinon and Yuuki walk in on this scene, which leads to Kirito telling them it's Not What It Looks Like. Sinon then threatens to send Kirito to the jail if he does the same to her...and then Strea decides to do so for him.
  • This is followed up with a scene of all the girls commenting how they'd love to have cat ears, so Agil decides to market his cat ear items. All of the girls try on the cat ears and get remarks on how cute they look, until Kirito is asked who he thinks looks the cutest. Once again wanting out of the awkward situation he's been put in, he goes for the least obvious answer and picks Agil, who everyone thinks looks awful wearing them. With the sale of the items ruined, Agil considers making Kirito buy all of them as a penalty. However Kirito's punishment doesn't end there, when all the girls try to make him wear the cat ears, with the final shot of a first person view of Kirito running away from the girls holding out cat ears to put on him.
  • Strea reveals to Kirito she also has a Navigation Pixie form in ALO. She tries to sit on Kirito's shoulder. However Kirito warns her that she should hold on before trying to shake her off. As payback Strea goes into Kirito's shirt, and Kirito is really ticklish. Kirito is forced to apologize to make Strea stop before she decides to permanently seat herself below Kirito's neck.
  • Strea gives Asuna a handmade set of underwear as a gift. She has Asuna show it off to Kirito, dressing in only her underwear, too. She then suggests making Kirito his own pair of lingerie.
  • Kirito and friends are all at a party for clearing a major quest. Alicia Rue and Sakuya are there too and start talking about renegade players, who left their own races and could be hired by other races. This then leads to Alicia and Sakuya taking an interest in Kirito and how strong he is, clinging onto him much like they did in the anime and offering to hire him. Alicia extends the same offers she did in canon, including three meals a day along with naps, to which Silica and Sinon pitch in how much Kirito loves naps and sleeps anywhere he pleases. Then the other girls all join in the game of trying to get Kirito to join up, with Philia offering to pair up as Spriggan treasure hunters, Lisbeth offering Kirito any weapons he wants, Rain also offering to make Kirito special weapons, and Strea offering herself up because she's both cute and strong. Among all the girls fighting over him, Kirito feels glaring daggers into him from behind, yep, Asuna is out to kill him. And of course, Klein tries to get in on the action and offering himself in Kirito's place, but no one seems to even notice he exists.
  • Alicia Rue manages to get Kirito on his own. What does she do? She summons up a Moonlight Mirror and has Kirito look into it, which looks on into Sakuya's personal room, where Alicia shows off Kirito to Sakuya, snuggling up against him while telling her she's on a date with him.
  • The event where Strea decides to make school uniforms for all of the girls. The uniform she makes for Sinon is a cardigan type outfit, which Sinon is very self-conscious about and worried it's too revealing on her legs. Kirito assures her all he can see are her thighs, to which Sinon reaches for her bow over Kirito gazing at her legs. The uniform Strea made for Seven is one that is worn by kindergartners, to which Seven is furious and proclaims that she's twelve. Finally when it's Strea's turn, instead of going into the backroom like everyone else, she unequips her main outfit while she's still in the main tavern, showing off her underwears. All of the girls immediately surround her and angrily glare at Kirito in case he had tried to get a peak. Made funnier by the fact, Kirito has many times in the past prevented Strea from taking off her clothes in public, but still ends up in yet another Accidental Pervert scenario.

    Hollow Realization 
  • Kirito and Strea had a bonding moment about Yui during a meat hunting quest... then this happened:
    Strea: Actually... that kinda makes her my big sister too, huh?
    Kirito: W-Well, technically speaking, I suppose that...
    Strea: Well then, daddy~!
    Kirito: C-Cut it out... That's embarrassing hearing that from you...
  • When Kirito, Silica and Premiere are out on a quest together, they fight through some mobs before resting. Out of the bushes comes a squirrel. Silica thinks it's cute. Kirito thinks it's adorable. Premiere?
    Premiere: Shall I slay the beast?
  • At one point, the crew comes across a waterfall with a sign that says "Fortune shall reign down on those that endure". Thinking they'll get a cool drop if they succeed, everyone except Agil, Sinon, Leafa and Asuna gets under the waterfall...only to discover it's ice-cold water that quickly soaks them to the virtual bone, and even Klein, Strea and Yuuki give up quickly under the torture. Kirito remains and screams that he'll get whatever awesome drop comes...and it turns out to be a bucket that conks him on the head, and not even a bucket with crazy stats.
  • If you think Bridal Carrying men in Hollow Fragment is already funny, then how about doing the same thing on Eugeo, who even had a bed scene too!
  • Yuuki teaches Kirito how to sew. When Kirito sees how many ribbons Yuuki has made, he suggests Yuuki should try one on. Afterwards, Yuuki complains it's not fair only she had to wear a ribbon and she decides Kirito should wear one too, picking out a cute frilly one for him to wear. Kirito freaks and begs Yuuki not to make him do so.
  • While Kirito and Asuna are having a contest on staying awake so they can watch over Yui, when Asuna starts getting nodding off, Kirito awakens her by saying he could see up her dress.
  • Klein and Agil get caught at a cafe sharing a couple's drink (two straws in one glass). They start becoming all flustered and defensive when Kirito and Philia sees them together, and insist they had no idea the drink would turn out this way. Kirito is willing to dismiss it as being the default way on how they serve said drink, but Philia won't drop it and congratulates Agil and Klein at being a couple.
  • The fact that Premiere and Seven have pillow talks at all. When you realize how old these girls are supposed to be (Seven debuted at the age of 12), the fact that they're sleeping in the same bed as Kirito means he could get arrested!
    • Seven's pillow talk is also quite funny. Although she's feeling hungry, she decides against eating in VR as she needs to feel hungry back in the real world since she's a growing girl. But then she starts dreaming about food and Kirito's arm is right next to her mouth, leading her to think it's a tasty sausage!
  • The very concept behind Zero, an NPC you encounter after completing the third part of the Abyss of the Shrine Maiden DLC. She's another clone of Premiere and Tia, meaning she's a Blank Slate for others to influence, and Premiere immediately wants to become her friend and takes her under her wing. Though heartwarming, it soon becomes apparent that Premiere's time with the party has exposed her to very...questionable subjects, something she has no qualms with talking to Zero about.
    Premiere: ...have you heard of a "harem"? I was taught that it is another word for friends.
    Zero: Harem... I see...
    Kirito: (It's amazing to watch this, but at the same time, I'm starting to feel uneasy about it...)
    • Talk to Zero afterwards and you'll find that she's become a borderline Genki Girl with an insatiable curiosity about the world and a knack for spouting random quotes. While this is funny enough already, the fact that she's identical in appearance to Premiere gives off the impression that Premiere is the one saying these things. Here are some standout ones:
    Zero: Slacking off is most excellent.
    Zero: Official waifu status will one day be mine...
    Zero: The four emotions I can currently experience are happiness, anger, sadness, and curry.
    • The truth behind Zero's personality is more meta than either Premiere or Tia. Shortly after the Japanese release of Hollow Realization, fans were able to take part in a project that allowed them to interact with Premiere as an AI and shape her personality, with the promise that this personalized version of Premiere will be available in a future update. Zero is that personalized Premiere, now given free reign in the game, which means that we have the fans to thank for this.
  • Sinon's moment with Kirito
    • One of the moments involved the duo going to a dungeon with strong monsters. During one time, both of them fell into a trap. In the midst of the moment, Kirito ended up groping Sinon's right breast and she realised this, which make her scream. However, Kirito not realising where his left hand was, puts his other hand to cover her mouth because there are enemies nearby. It was not until Sinon try to point out what is going on during the struggle that Kirito realised he just grope her.
    • In a DLC, in which to train Sinon skill fusion, she and Kirito went to an accessory shop. There, Kirito suggested her to try on a headband with ribbon in which Sinon was reluctant to wear it but only agree to wear if Kirito did not laugh at her if it does not look good on her. When Sinon puts it on, Kirito was stunned that he is at a lost of words and said it is a new look. Sinon got all worked up and asked Kirito to be honest if it looks good on her or not. Kirito said it looks good but Sinon is not buying any of that since it felt forced. When Kirito said she looks cute with it, Sinon goes all flustered and decide to take the ribbon headband off her.

    Accel World vs Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight 
  • Remember how Strea thinks of Kirito as her daddy? She's now apparently taken to think of Asuna as her mommy too!
  • When Strea first sees Kuroyukihime, Strea immediately assumes she's another girl Kirito has picked up before commenting that she's rather on the small side and more "Silica-class".
    • Later on, Strea, Leafa, Fuko, and Kuroyukihime are all gathered together, to which Strea notices all the girls present are well-endowed except for Kuroyukihime, which leads Kuroyukihime to demand the other girls to tell her how they raised their "bust stats" so high.
  • Silica makes her debut in the game when the gang hear someone calling out from inside a barrel. Turns out Silica was hiding inside to avoid some monsters but ended up being unable to get out.
  • Asuna, Lisbeth, and Sinon talk about the guy-to-girl ratio in their group, where there are almost twice as many girls as there are guys, despite most MMO players supposedly being male. The reason:
    Sinon: Kirito runs around attracting girls like some sort of superpowered lady magnet.
  • Klein does not take finding out about Ash Roller's real identity well. When it's revealed Ash Roller's standard avatar is a shy little girl called Rin, Klein passes out in shock, unable to believe his cool larger-than-life bro is actually a little girl.
  • Doubling as fanservice, Lisbeth makes a mace from a new rare mineral. However its so heavy she has trouble carrying it. When Asuna goes to help her out, both of them fall over onto the ground. The next scene shows both girls are naked on top of each other, unable to understand how it happened. Turns out it can destroy armor, which includes all of their clothes. Also, Kirito was in the room the whole time watching the entire event unfold.
  • As a Call-Back to the time Kirito grabbed Sinon's tail, Asuna decides she wants to have a feel of a Cait-Sith's tail too. Since Asuna is a girl and can't trigger the anti-violation code, Sinon is at Asuna's mercy as she strokes her tail.
  • Kirito and Leafa run into Alicia and Sakuya, who invite them into an alliance for a specific quest. There's then a repeat of the scene from the anime, with Alicia and Sakuya cuddling up to and trying to seduce Kirito. Leafa even says the same line Sakuya did on Alicia "wearing" Kirito.
  • Strea makes an AR dress up machine that can automatically change the outfits of whoever is on a stage. All the SAO girls get on the stage while Kirito and Haruyuki control the outfit changes, until he finds a selection saying "Animal Fur Suits: S Line", with Kirito not sure what the "S" stands for. Turns out the S stands for "Sexy" and all of the girls get changed to revealing stripperific animal outfits. Once Kirito amends his error, the girls are all out for his blood along with Haruyuki.
    Sinon: No excuses! Now get down there and beg for forgiveness!
  • Leafa, Kirito, and Asuna wonder about how they are faring 21 years in the future during the Accel World time period. Both Kirito and Asuna reckon Leafa will be exactly the same as she is now, practicing Kendo and devouring snacks. However Leafa gets even by predicting their future, saying that Kirito and Asuna would get married. She then adds that when that happens she can finally call Asuna her big sister. Asuna and Leafa then start gushing how they would be legitimate sisters, while Kirito watches and feels like he's just a means to an end.
  • After the many times Silica has been caught by Naughty Tentacles, Kirito decides to take the initiative to remind her about these traps... only to step on a vine trap himself. Now it's Silica's turn to rescue Kirito from the vine that has snagged him by flying up to slice the vines. However she's still subjected to the danger of a panty-shot due to the angle Kirito is in. When Kirito tries to warn her, she accidentally kicks his face in panic.
  • Klein's latest All Love Is Unrequited shenanigans involve the Accel World girls from the future and he asks Kirito and Agil for advice on who to date. When Kirito hears the candidates he's just relieved that Klein left out Utai and Yuniko, as he recalled Klein has a thing for Seven, to which Agil adds that would result in a forced logout and permanent account suspension at best. Klein is flabbergasted that his bros would think that of him and elaborates that his interest in Seven was strictly as a fan and that he had no interest in children. Going back to the candidates Kirito points out that they're from the future, but Klein doesn't care as he would cross time to be with the love he had chosen, only for Kirito to point out again that Klein hadn't chosen. Agil sees right through Klein's act and states it wasn't about who Klein liked but who Kirito and Agil thought was most likely of not turning Klein down. The final icing on the cake, Kirito points out that even though Klein said he's not into kids, he's now trying to date girls that haven't been born yet and are basically negative years old.
  • Klein wants to try out the Ash Roller's training from Fuko (to get closer to her), despite Ash's warnings that it would be too much for him to handle. When Kirito finds him he finds a delirious Klein who looks like he got put through a meat grinder, wondering if he was in heaven. When Kirito wonders what kind of training they just did, Klein suggests Kirito try it out, but Kirito cautiously declines.
  • After Klein's first traumatic experience upon discovering Ash Roller and Rin are the same person, Rin has taken to hiding herself from Klein whenever she appears. So when Ash Roller's avatar times out, he runs off to Haruyuki just as he changes back into Rin, who then hides behind Haruyuki while he gets rid of Klein. Then after Rin and Haruyuki talk it out, Ash Roller goes back into control and becomes murderous when he suspects Haruyuki of having a moment with his sister.
  • The "Say it Strea" segments, which has Strea-sensei (dressed in a teacher outfit) hosting an information segment to give a load down for SAO fans with no knowledge about Accel World and Brain Burst, with Kuroyukihime dragged along as her (unwilling) assistant.
    • In one segment Kuroyukihime demonstrates Acceleration by Burst Linking and explains it, all the while Strea has frozen in time. When Kuroyukihime Bursts Out, Strea is extremely disappointed she missed out on the explanation and decides to Accelerate herself, and it works! Strea has just Accelerated even though she has no means of doing so!
    • In the final segment, when Kuroyukihime addresses Haruyuki who is watching the show, Strea manages to perfectly imitate Kuroyukihime's voice. This also serves as an Actor Allusion as both characters are voiced by Sachika Misawa.

    Fatal Bullet 
  • At one point Klein is caught flirting with a female Type-B ArFAsys NPC and trying to ask for her number. When he's asked about it, he states his theory that asking her out 1000 times may trigger a special event, and he's currently on 500.
  • In the "Death Gun" event, Kirito uses an alternate account to infiltrate BoB (his canon GGO avatar). Unlike the anime, his friends are shocked that he looks like a girl. Klein wonders why he's using a girl avatar and if his face was always this cute.
    • After the end, Rain wants Kirito to use the cute girl avatar, to which Kirito outright refuses to ever touch it again.
  • Lisbeth, Silica, and Sinon take Yui swimsuit shopping, to which they all try on new swimsuits. However Yui reveals she invited Kirito to come over and check them out. Queue a Mass "Oh, Crap!" among all the older girls, with Yui unable to understand what everyone's so flustered about. Immediately Lisbeth and Sinon label Kirito a perv for agreeing to come, when it was Yui who invited him in the first place. While Silica is secretly disappointed Kirito-san can't see her.
    • Made even funnier is the fact that in a previous game, Lisbeth and Silica already took part in a swimsuit contest with Kirito as the judge, where that time Lisbeth had been the one pushing Kirito into doing it.
  • One event has Strea trying out being a dealer. It comes with a very revealing outfit which Strea has no problem wearing. When Kirito tries to subtly point out it's inappropriate, Strea misinterprets it as him not wanting anyone else to see her because he wants her all to himself. However Strea then adds on that she will do as Kirito wishes because he's her daddy. This causes a lot of confusion and assumptions from the surrounding players, leading Kirito to grab Strea and bail.
    Strea: You don't want other people to see me like this, do you? You want to keep me all to yourself. Well, aren't you greedy! Still, if that's what my dear Kirito wants of me, then how can I say no? You're my daddy after all.
    Player: What?! That guy's the dealer chick's "daddy"?
    Player: GGO isn't the kind of game parents would play with their kids, either... those two must be...
  • Klein watches Kirito's harem fight over him and trying to be the one to go questing with him, while in the same room Kureha and Zeliska are fighting over the Player Character. After all this Klein can't take it anymore, having an outburst on why every girl they come across ends up falling heads over heels in love with Kirito while he never gets any love. Kureha and Zeliska who are unfamiliar with him get concerned, but Lisbeth and Kirito brush it off as Klein being Klein and advise them to ignore him until he returns to normal. After everyone leaves where only Klein, Agil, Rei, and the Player remain, Klein starts moping over his lack of luck in getting the ladies. The Player Character then advises him on "being him", which somehow gives Klein the idea that to get the girls he should act like Kirito. When the girls are next back and talking excitably about some new cake, they notice Klein's lack of enthusiasm. When asking if he's okay, Klein acts all brooding, responding that he's a lone wolf who wants to be left alone. The girls respond with what amounts to "sure whatever" before ditching him again. Poor Klein's plan had yet another Epic Fail.
  • Argo asks Kirito to come along as a bodyguard on an errand to exchange information. However turns out to be a trap with several thugs ready to spring Argo. In order to allude the thugs and their scanning device, Kirito tells Argo to take her clothes off and jump into the river. While the plan works, Argo notes that Kirito is the first person to acquire the exceedingly valuable information of seeing her in her skivvies. Being the money hungry infobroker she is, she bills Kirito with an exceedingly large amount of money. As Kirito cannot afford this, she accepts this as a longterm loan which she will have him eventually payoff, leaving Kirito remarking he never imagined accompanying Argo would leave him indebted to her.
  • Argo's pillow talk event has her trying to get Kirito to try out a so-called love potion which had never been tested. Kirito is thoroughly against it, with Argo constantly teasing him on why that is, suggesting he's worried he might cheat on Asuna by falling for Argo. She then blackmails Kirito into doing it by pointing out the only other males she knew were Klein (who would be concerning even without a love potion) and Agil who's Happily Married, leaving Kirito no choice but to be the guinea pig himself. After actually taking the potion, Kirito has no memories of what occurred, with Argo mockingly implying a love-struck Kirito made love with her. Kirito refuses to believe this as he would never do such a thing, but at the same time cannot get Argo to spill the truth and is worried on what he did do.
  • For Alternative: Gun Gale Online character events:
    • After Pitohui notes how lucky the Player Character is in acquiring an ArFAsys and her own lack of luck in general. In order to test her theory, she proposes a game of Russian Roulette between her, M, and the Player, with M getting forced into it unwillingly. No one manages to get the bullet to fire, leading Pito to say everyone lost and the objective of the game was to have the gun fire. M tells her that's not how the game works.
    • LLENN and Fuka find a machine in the ruins. Fuka explains that it was broken at first but her technical ingenuity managed to make it work again, to which LLENN elaborates what actually happened was Fuka kicked it in frustration before it started making noises. However it keeps spouting robotic gibberish, so they ask the Player's ArFAsys to help translate. However what ArFAsys translates is "Baka Baka! Go away!", turns out the machine is mad at Fuka for kicking it around and keeps spewing insult after insult. LLENN gets really ticked off for wasting so much time getting a machine that was useless, to which the machine responds again. Upon asking for translation, the machine said "You chibi! How dare you!". However this remark leads to LLENN being overjoyed, happy that even a machine called her "chibi"!
  • Some character banters in-game can be rather chuckle-worthy at times:
    Arfa-Sys/Rei:Kureha! I finally found a way to not get lost again! Want to hear it?
    Kureha:Really now? Something more solid than "Make sure not to get lost",I hope!
    Arfa-Sys/Rei:Uh.....okay...maybe I should get back to the drawing board.
  • In the True Ending, when the Player, Kirito, Sinon, Kureha, Zeliska, and ArFAsys get back after their Death Game experiences, it's revealed they have special seats at the table at their returning party. Except Yui reveals these aren't seats for the guests of honor, but actually the "worry seats" designated for the selfish people who made their friends worry by putting their lives on the line and will be in for a scolding from Asuna. One of the lines the Player Character can choose to respond is "I wouldn't mind getting scolded by Angelic Asuna."

Mobile Games

    Memory Defrag 
  • In "Pop Star Online", the Kirito and the girls try out the new VRMMO April Fools event and compete as idol singers... except Kirito who isn't allowed to compete due to being a boy and is forced to be the idol group manager.
    • Then a year later, PSO returns with the option of forming bands of four that allows male members. The SAO gang rock paper scissors to decide who ends up in a band, and Kirito loses not once but twice, being rejected from two bandsnote  After moping around for ages where he's practically in tears, he's finally overjoyed when Klein and Agil arrive along with Premiere to form a band. Kirito's band immediately soars up the rankings, because as the girls realize, Kirito is "the best at any game he tries within 5 minutes" and having him on a team is practically cheating.
  • In "The Sacred Treasure in the Sea", while hunting for a Divine Object, Kirito and Eugeo get swallowed by a Leviathan. Inside it's revealed the monster secrets an acid which eats through armor and Kirito gets hit by it. By the time Alice and Asuna figure out how to get the boys out, Kirito is completely naked. Alice then proceeds to grill him over standing buff and how his body is a twig.
  • In the 2017 Halloween Event, after conquering the Demon Bastion Tower, Kirito, Asuna, Eugeo, and Alice are made lords of the Bastion and must defend the demonic tower against other players in a PvP event. The key to victory lies in capturing a garden of pumpkins which are antidote to a poison both sides are using. Kirito decides to roleplay and plays the hammy evil villain, declaring all the other players would be cruelly slaughtered while giving an Evil Laugh. Which leads all of Kirito's friends (Sinon, Leafa, Yuuki, Silica) to get pissed off and beat down Dreadlord Kirito with no trouble at all. That's right, Invincible Hero Kirito is a Not So Invincible After All villain. Pretty much everyone calls Kirito out on how dumb he was for his Evil Gloating and causing all his opponents to gang up on him.
  • In "Beware the Kobold Trickster", while Kirito and Leafa were logged out, Kirito had actually walked in on Leafa in the shower. When Yui asks why Leafa was so mad, Kirito explains but begs Yui not to tell Asuna. Yui jokingly states she had to report this to Mommy, nearly giving Kirito a heart attack. Pity Asuna and the other girls forced the story out of Kirito anyway and he was left kneeling in front of them begging for forgiveness while they glared daggers at him.
  • In "Inherited Tradition A Priest's Will", Asuna tries to get Kirito spill the beans on what's been happening with Sinon. Avery reluctant Kirito explains that Suguha invited a friend to stay at their house so they could try out at a new job together, but fails to tell him it was Sinon. This leads Kirito to walk in on Sinon while she's changing, while a bumbling Kirito awkwardly asks if he should address as "Shino" and what she was doing in his house. An angry Sinon tells him to shut the damn door.
  • In "Flowers in the Wilderness":
  • In "A Dark Plot Against Fliers", while Kirito, Sinon, and Leafa, are pursuing some guilty circus members through a forest. Leafa gets wedged in a branch and stuck. Sinon proceeds to ask if she's been going to hard on the snacks, to which Leafa angrily points out it's impossible to get fat in VR. Turns out Sinon was trolling her.
  • In "Awesome Newbie", when the girls try to get Kirito's help in training Waals, Kirito declines as he's not much of a people person. The girls call him out on always having to be an antisocial solo player. Not only does Kirito not deny this, he seems proud of it and cheerfully wishes the girls luck.
  • In "School Life with Friends", Yuuki longs to be able to go to a school normally and wear a uniform, as she's only able to do so through the VR probe that Kirito made. Asuna then gets the idea to make a virtual school in ALO where Yuuki could wear her uniform. Strea ends up making a uniform for Yuuki based on photos Kirito had sent her. When Kirito is asked who the uniform belonged to, he says it was Asuna's and that she lent it to him. However Strea still brings up a lot of close-up shots that Kirito had sent, to which Yuuki calls Kirito a perv.
  • In "New Breed!? Tremendous Dog Fairy", Kirito, Leafa, and Sinon get polymorphed so they have dog and bunny ears. Asuna is overjoyed at the sight of them, immediately trying to stroke and pet their furry features which Sinon is thoroughly annoyed by. At the end of the event when Sinon tells Kirito to change back to normal, Asuna tries to stop them insisting they're too cute and must stay that way forever! Sinon and Asuna bicker over this, with Asuna trying to find every excuse to prolong her friends being kept furry.
  • In the 2018 April Fools Day event. The mobile game was allegedly hacked and showed off the featured the "MORE DEBAN" meme by having chibi versions of Lisbeth and Silica holding up "More" and "Deban" signs all over the game: being on the login screen, the town event banner, and in-battle dialogue.
  • In "Fairy Squad Jam", after Kirito's friends are asked to help organize and ALO version of Squad Jam, Kirito notes that the buffs and effects they've been putting in place have caused Kirito's melee attacks to be useless and he's now nothing more than a distraction. When Kirito whines about wanting to be a "DPS melee", Leafa tells him to "Deal with it!" and it was perfect payback for Kirito always stealing the last kill bonus from them all the time.
  • In "Asuna's Great Adventure", Asuna gets hit with a debuff that deages her into a child. Kirito, Yuuki, and Yui are overcome by how adorable Asuna-chan is and start being overprotective of her, with Yuuki forbidding Asuna-chan from holding any sharp weapons or going near dangerous monsters. Back at home, Yuuki had brought a number of cute outfits so she could play dress-up with Asuna-chan, but Asuna flatly refuses. When Lisbeth and Silica arrive, they also get hit hard with Cuteness Proximity, wanting to hug and squeeze Asuna-chan and play with her. Even Yui can't resist, as Asuna-chan is now younger than her, and she wants to be Mommy's mommy. Asuna all the while is fed up of being treated like a child, especially at Yuuki who was trying to be her big sister. Then it's revealed Asuna being kidified has made her ''think'' like a child too, as she goes out on a dangerous solo quest to prove she's tough. Yuuki is forced into Swapped Roles and playing the big sister, having to tail her and take out dangerous monsters before Asuna reached them, all the while making sure Asuna doesn't know she's there. In the end, after Asuna attempts a quest that will allow her to remove the debuff and return to her usual age, Yuuki expresses disappointment as she wanted to play with Asuna-chan some more.
    • It's especially funny considering a few events ago, Asuna was the one giving out the Cuteness Proximity to Kirito, Leafa, and Sinon when they got polymorphed with puppy and bunny ears.
  • In the Beach stories:
    • Asuna is busy helping out with the Undine staff, Kirito once again misses out on spending time with his girlfriend. Silica then suggests that Kirito could pretend that she and the other girls (Lisbeth and Yuuki) are Asuna, before realizing the implications of what she just said and stopping herself.
    • Kirito and the girls find a Dating minigame that assesses a couple's compatibility through their heart rate on a date. Kirito notices Agil and Klein are already there and foolishly invites them to join in. Klein is onboard with this, but Agil bluntly points out that there's no way Liz and Silica would be willing to go on dates with grown men like them. So Agil suggests the alternative of having both girls go on a date with Kirito. At least Asuna gave them the all clear so that Kirito will survive this time round.
    • When Silica and Lisbeth partake in the Dating minigame with Kirito, their heart rates both register very high. However the device indicates it wasn't due to romantic feelings, as Silica's heart rate came from Fear from being scared senseless by a creepy cave, while Lisbeth's heart rate came from Greed over finding tonnes of rare materials in the ocean and having so much fun foraging she forgot all about the dating. Both of them get disqualified.
  • In "Helheim Invasion -Confrontation-", while the heroes prepare for the demon invasion of Spriggan territory, Klein meets Rechka for the first time, and Klein being Klein feels the urge to make a move on her. Rechka takes it in her stride and tells him if he wants to hit on her than to go ahead, but informs him that she has a husband in heaven. Klein is shocked at this revelation, but nonetheless adds as a man among men it was his duty to help a grieving woman to heal. Sinon who is watching adds she won't even going to bother to snark this time.
  • In "Staged Halloween Party Part 1", Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, and Lisbeth attend the player run Halloween party using custom costumes made by Asuna and Liz. However things get problematic when real demons from Helheim show up at the party pretending to be costumed attendees, before they abruptly start attacking players, including the main gang. But turns out clothes intended for costumes have no stats on the defensive side, so they shred like paper without any trouble. So all the girls start getting exposed and instantly blame Kirito for peeking at them and hit him for it. Now Kirito is forced to simultaneously fight off the demons, protect the girls who can't fight, and all the while not look at them lest he wishes to be hit again.
  • In "Party Crashers", Kirito and the girls visit a hot spring in Asuka Empire. But with Kirito alone on the guy's side, Yuuki invited 'the Slashers' (a group of boys who were taught by Yuuki's sister Ran) to give Kirito company. Trying to break the tension, Kirito channels his inner-Klein and goads the boys into a sparring match with mops and sticks in the baths (complete with an improvised Starburst Stream). After a lot of commotion, in which the girls worry about what's going on, Kirito attempts to Wall Run in his duel against the boys, only Suza had coated the wall with soapy water... leading Kirito to slip as he ran upwards... and fly right over the wall into the girl's side! Needless to say poor Kirito is in for the biggest Pervert Revenge Mode of his life.
  • The 2018 Valentine event "Angels vs Demons" continues the Running Gag of Kirito getting the short end of the stick. Kirito, Sinon, and Silica join the Demon side and form a three person Player Killing party as part of the events PvP format and gain quite a fearsome reputation. Kirito is revealed to have chosen the Demons side on the chance that he could acquire a Demon avatar like Makoto and Thokk, where his enthusiasm leads him to roleplay a Evil Is Hammy demon who is eager to slay the angels. All goes well with the trio using an ambush pincer tactic of Silica charging from the front, Kirito cutting off the escape from behind, and Sinon putting arrows into them once they're surrounded. However this comes to bite Kirito hard when it's revealed that any demon who kills more than 50+ angels gained access to a limited edition, overpowered demon avatar, and as he had left most of the kills to the girls they both get the avatar while he doesn't. Then to further rub salt into Kirito, turns out there was a cap on the number of demon avatars given out and Kirito missed out. He spends the rest of the event moping how unfair it was that he wanted the demon avatar more than anyone yet didn't get it.
  • For the 2019 April Fools event, Team Deban are back! This time with Lisbeth and Silica being opponents in a quest where they wield their "More Deban" signs as weapons.
  • Also included in the April Fools event is the event "Sleeping Together Online", which is filled to the brim with ridiculous laugh out loud dialogue:
    • Kirito finds himself trapped in a VRMMORPG where the objective is to sleep with as many players as possible to get "Sleeping Together Points". To complicate matters further, Eugeo, Alice, Tiese, and Ronye have somehow been trapped there as well. Hilarity Ensues with the awkward situations of characters sleeping next to each other, including NPC versions of Asuna and Leafa who were created from Kirito's player data but having no memory of Kirito and wanting to eagerly sleep with him. Goes without saying Kirito is at constant mercy of Eugeo or Alice threatening to tell the real Asuna of how many people he's been sleeping with.
    • Part 2 then reveals an NPC projection of Yuuki also ended up in this world and gets incredibly jealous of how Asuna enjoyed sleeping with Kirito more than with her, which leads her to challenge Kirito to a sleep off. After discovering Quinella of all people is present and responsible for putting everyone under a trance to drain their STPs like she does with Eugeo. So Yuuki tries to feign she's already under Quinella's spell and gleefully asks the Administrator to reveal her Evil Plan. The day gets saved by Ronye and Tiese putting Quinella to sleep with a lullaby and breaking her spell over everyone else whereby they get sent back to their own worlds. And then... Kirito awakens and finds out it's All Just a Dream and one which Alice is disgusted by.

Character stories:

  • Promise at that Time - Asuna: Kirito does not realize that Kyouko, Asuna's mother, decided to login using Asuna's avatar to assess Kirito for herself. Kirito is shocked that he met Asuna's mother without even realizing, while Asuna pouts at him for not knowing it wasn't her. Even funnier is the fact that Kirito (still ignorant) confessed to his mother-in-law to be rather than Asuna herself.
  • Illuminating Weeping Willow- Asuna: Kirito and Asuna followed an NPC and was brought to a VIP seat to watch the fireworks. When Suguha and the others whine how those two missed it, there's an announcement that only two players were able to get VIP seats, to their chagrin.
  • I'm not a kid - Asuna: Kid Asuna's hilarity continues on into her personal character story. While Asuna is at home with Kirito and Yui, Kirito brings up how he's in a very difficult position given that he's now dating a girl younger than four. Anyone who sees the situation would immediately be getting the wrong idea about Kirito.
  • Sparkling Teen Idol- Leafa: Leafa whines over why she's the only one of the group that got singled out and made into a gravure idol. Kirito knows the reason but refuses to say it aloud, knowing she'll get mad and probably slap him. The still oblivious Leafa demands she tell him, to which he tries to cushion it up by explaining the role was based on her imported ALO avatar. Leafa finally catches on and goes all tsundere on him.
  • Innocent Puppy- Leafa: Kirito and Leafa, in their Cu-Sith (dog-fairy) forms, are with Asuna completing a very difficult quest. However for the final part of the quest they are meant to compete against each other. Asuna is greatly disadvantaged due to the Cu-Sith high physical stats. So to hinder the Cu-Sith, Asuna picks up a stick tells them to Go Fetch, and it works! Kirito and Leafa can't fight their canine instincts and chase after the stick while Asuna takes the lead.
  • Dangerous Kiss - Sinon: Sinon playing the role of Snow White leads to an assortment of funny moments. First she gets attacked by an NPC huntsman and is annoyed upon finding out she has to let him beat her, only to be annoyed at how weak he is and waits for ages for her HP to be lowered to half. Then she comes across the seven dwarves who also speak in very corny dialects and argue amongst themselves, before they finally give her residence and make her do chores upon chores, where she very nearly contemplates killing the idiots herself. By the time the evil queen shows up as the apple seller, Sinon has had enough and holds the crone at arrow point, before accidentally killing her. Kirito then arrives and was supposed to be playing the prince, but was confused when he saw the quest was cleared when he never did anything. Sinon then realizes that if she had let the fairy tale play out the way it was meant to be, she would have ended up kissing Kirito. She gets flustered by this while Kirito remains completely oblivious to why she's reacting like this. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Victory Girl - Sinon: Sinon is surprised to discover she has a fangirl, who is very keen on impressing her idol. Alicia, who had noticed Sinon intently watching a video feed of Asuna and Yui wearing cheerleader outfits, secretly tells Sinon's fan that a good present for Sinon would be a cheerleader outfit. To Sinon's shock, her fan gifts her with exactly that. Not wanting to upset her fan Sinon pretends to love the gift, only for the fan to request Sinon puts it on. Stoic, "Ice Sniper", Sinon is forced to put on a girly cheerleader outfit, and Alicia is dead meat.
  • Summer Sunshine- Lizbeth: While the SAO gang are playing Ordinal Scale and helping Lisbeth collect materials, Kirito notices that one of the items is located in the girls' changing rooms. Suguha and Sinon immediately assume an obsessive gamer like Kirito was intending to go into the girls' changing rooms himself, which he adamantly denies. Later on, Kirito and Asuna notice a thermal pool and Kirito suggests just the two of them take a dip in private, which Asuna agrees to. Sinon and Suguha announce their presence and their disgust at the lovey-dovey couple. Kirito tries to change the subject and get back to collecting materials, only to see the next one is in the thermal pool. Sinon immediately cautions the two of them not to start giggling and playing splashing water at each other when they were in the pool, to which Kirito is once aghast at the accusations.
  • Blessed Breath - Silica: Silica hears from Argo about a spell that Cait-Sith can learn which can allegedly make someone fall in love. Silica immediately has a daydream about using it on Kirito, having him fall in love with her and asking her to marry him. Turns out the spell only works on NPC tamed animals as a means of helping to train them, to which an embarrassed Silica gives to Alicia under the guise that was always her intention. Later confronting Argo leads the infobroker to apologize for the misleading information, but also revealing she knows who Silica has a crush on. Silica demands Argo not to sell this, even though Argo offers to cut a share of the royalties if she did.
  • Glittering Youth- Strea: Strea is eager to make her own cheerleader outfit, but as soon as she drew up the design it got deleted by the system. When she asks Asuna and Yui on why that's the case, they suggest sending a query to the GMs, before they see the design for themselves and realize it got deleted because it's too revealing. When Kirito finds out he shares the same view as Asuna, but also contemplates that a nicely worded query could get it passed. Asuna immediately suspects Kirito only wants to see Strea in said outfit (despite numerous occasions in the past where Kirito was keeping Strea clothed) while Strea wants Kirito to send in the request anyway. In the end, Kirito had Strea adjust the outfit to get it passed, to which Asuna approves as it would keep creeps from looking while using Kirito as an example, much to his protest.
  • Spartan Teacher Strea: Everyone becomes suspicions of Strea when she plays OS and is able to things like jump on data or do things that normal humans are incapable of doing. Kirito tries to inspect Strea's inventory by coercion, but Strea whines and calls out that Kirito is sexually assaulting her.
  • Born in Sakura Season - Yui: Yui wanted a sailor uniform like Strea. Strea did manage to make it but the uniform inflates and deflates when Yui wore it, causing Strea to laugh hard and Yui is not amused. Yui was not pleased either when Strea expect more hilarious things when they work on another uniform in the future.

    Integral Factor 
  • When two dialogue options are offered, there's often a 'less polite' choice with either the Player being perverted, brutally honest, or The Tease. The ones where they flirt with the girls in the game can be particularly funny, leading Koharu to restrain them and keep them behaved.
  • During the 2019 Valentine Event:
    • Kirito discovers the NPCs for the event is modeled after popular male players of SAO, and guess which popular male player was chosen? That's right, it's "Mr Kirito", who is a large chibi Kirito giving out the quests, and the real Kirito absolutely hates it. The reactions of several other characters are pretty amusing:
      • Asuna compares the NPC Kirito to the real Kirito and nearly lets slip that she finds the real Kirito handsome.
      • Yuuki finds the NPC Kirito to be cute and wishes she had a NPC modeled after her.
      • Alice is under the belief that the NPC Kirito is an imposter from Dark Territory and very nearly kills it before being stopped by the others.
    • Later, Asuna has made some Chocolate and is uncertain of who will get it, so Yuuki insists she get it because she loves Asuna the most. While Alice feels a measurement of love is preposterous and feels as though she should get it since she killed the most enemies to acquire the chocolate. The two powerful girls very nearly duel each other before being interrupted by Pina.
  • The 2019 April Fools event ended up being one giant spoof of Detective Conan. The Player and Koharu somehow ending up in an Amusement Park called "Kirito land" run by versions of Kirito and Asuna, as well as Kibaou as a security guard, with none of them having any recollection of the main characters. However, trouble is soon amiss at thanks to a villainous version of Yuuki dubbing herself Phantom Thief Y (complete with the attire), who causes Kirito and Asuna to get deaged into children wearing detective outfits. Phantom Thief Y also kidnaps the amusement park's NPCs, Mr Kirito and Miss Asuna (the same large chibi ones from previous events) along with the Kirito Statue. The event continues taking a turn for the whacky when Phantom Thief Y's Evil Plan is revealed to be turn everyone in the park into kids so they can eternally have fun, as kid Kirito and Asuna had previously discovered they are unable to resist the urge to play. She had brought Mr Kirito and Miss Asuna to a dancing hall while turning the Kirito statue into a giant robot with Kirito's hair. While almost pulling a Heel–Face Turn using a Heroic Sacrifice to save the heroes from a Heroic Sacrifice, it's revealed to be a farce and Phantom Thief Y pulls an escape... only for it to be revealed to be All Just a Dream with the Player waking up to Koharu trying to get their attention, except the Player still has an Amusement Park ticket.

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