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Funny / The Wind Rises

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  • The way Mr. Kurokawa's hair moves when he walks in his "stern, military" of walking style. Can't help but smile amusingly at it.
  • Jiro getting inspiration for designing airplanes from mackerel bones.
  • While most of the engineering students are goofing off (perhaps in a lab period?), Jiro actually continues studying, even coming up with some intriguing ideas, drawing the attention of another student, who asks what he might be thinking about. Honjo merely quips without looking up from a leisure book, "shut up, Freshman... And give me a cigarette." The underclassman dutifully reaches for a smoke.
  • Mr. Kurokawa's description of Jiro when the latter and Naoko get married.
    • Kurokawa is a good source of these throughout the movie.
  • The first time we see Mr. Castorp. We get to see him dig in to a HUGE bowl of watercress leaves, and later a close up of his absolute joy of eating them.

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