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Funny / Whisper of the Heart

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  • Seiji singing Shizuku's butchered version of "Country Roads" while riding away after accusing her of eating like a pig induced giggles.
  • The students pouring out on the rooftop eavesdropping on Seiji and Shizuku, and then running off in a panic.
  • "Concrete Road", Shizuku's parody of "Country Road".
  • Stupid jerk! Stupid jerk! Stupid jerk! Stupid jerk! Stupid jerk!
  • One of Shizuku's classmates loudly proclaiming she has a male visitor and the resulting cacophony.
  • Shizuku gives us this moment in the library:
    Has he checked out every book in the library? I wonder what he's like... (imagines Seiji with a smug grin on his face) No not him!
    • Then, after noticing everyone staring at her, she buries her head in her book out of embarrassment.
  • Random junior high kids in the background, near the beginning, suddenly discovering the basic principles of education:
    Kid 1: "I don't know how I'm gonna pass this"
    Kid 2: "Well what you gotta do is read some books!"


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