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  • When the Hercules Factory is mentioned as a way to train the new generation, Kinnikuman comments that he hadn't heard of it. Then, Harabote explains why.
    Harabote: Of course you haven't heard of it. Heheh... your father, Mayumi mistook you for a pig and threw you out in the trash!
    Kinnikuman: That's right! I spent my youth alone, developing my own intensive training methods—
    Wolfman: Ohh, so that explains why there was that pig taking classes with us!
    Seigi Choujin: Bwahahahaha!
    Kinnikuman: Heeey... what's so funny??
    (laughter continues)
    Kinnikuman: It's not that funny!
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  • The final exam of the Hercules Factory pitted the new generation of the Seigi Choujin against the old generation of the Seigi Choujin. Mantarou gets matched up against none other than Kinnikuman himself, who despite being frail and scrawny now, enters the ring as muscular as his younger self, complete with an Ass-Kicking Pose. Mantarou notices that it isn't logically possible for him to get so muscled in a short time and after tickling him, his secret is found out — turns out he was just simulating his old physique by flexing his arms and legs... and holding it in place using a girdle and push up bra, causing the old generation to explode with laughter.
    Kinnikuman: This isn't going well...
    Bibinba: Oh, just shoot me!
  • It turns out that thanks to Kinnikuman burning any videos or photos of his wrestling matches in his prime, Mantarou believes that his father fixed all of his matches. Mantarou's not alone in believing this — the new generation of Seigi Choujin also believed this and once you find out why, you'd understand — when they had to teach the new generation about Kinnikuman, the Hercules Factory had to use pictures of Kinnikuman for visual aid. The only problem is that they had to use photos of when he was still a total loser, and the photos are very candid.
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  • Hilarity Ensues when Mantarou thinks he's figured out why Kevin Mask ran away from home:
    Mantarou: Oh, I get it! Kevin, your parents found your stash of porno magazines, right?
    Kevin: What?
    Mantarou: I know, it's embarrassing. But running away from home because of that? You're such a square — Just loan your dad two or three issues and he'll—
    Kevin: Th-That's not it!
  • When Mantarou first enters a public wrestling arena and sees the dMp attack a pair of non-Chojin wrestlers, he suddenly goes quiet. He starts growling angrily about the villains and Meat smiles, believing that he's finally seen what they are capable of and is ready to beat them down. Cue Mantarou running over to them and trying to sign a t-shirt merchandising deal with them.
  • After his victory against Seiuchin, Maxman/The Pumpinator is asked by a group in the audience to perform his gimmick (which is to transform into a sneaker) again. The really funny part comes when it turns out that the group is a group of shoe collectors, who push his Berserk Button when he's asked if he still has the shoebox that he came in.
    Collector: Mr. Maxman? Do you still have the shoebox?
    Maxman: WHAT?! Y-You speculating, money-grubbing losers! You want my body with the box because it'll fetch for a better price?!... Yeah, I still have the box, but I'm not looking for a quick sale! If I hold out for a few years, hardcore collectors will pay some serious money for me!
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  • When Mantarou fights Tel Tel Boy/Dialbolic he puts him on a Mount Punch, the punches calling a restaurant. Mantarou actually orders food for everyone and charges it all to Dialbolic. And in the Dub, Dialbolic joins in on ordering, but is ignored.
  • In the dub, Dialbolic calls a psychic hotline to ask how the match will turn out. When the psychic declares he'll win, Mantarou flips out.
    Mantarou: I'm doomed! The Psychic Friends Hotline is never wrong!
  • In the Dub, after Scarface/Eskara is defeated by Mantarou in the tournament, he calls Kevin Mask a squealer. Then, this internal monologue happens:
    Kevin Mask: That's not necessary. So what if I betrayed my father to Mars then betrayed Mars about the betrayal. I know two wrongs dont make a right, but I have three wrongs. That's equal to one right with a remainder of one wrong. That should reverse everything. I'm in the clear.
  • In the "Ultimate Choujin" Tag Arc, the Time Choujins' plan was to get the Complete Bulbs that grew from the bottom of the trophy fueled by 548 teams of 140 Million years ago which was considered the strongest in generation just so they can eat them and become the most powerful Chojin in the world and use its power to time travel endless. So wait a minute, why did the New Generation and also the fans alike never learned about the bulbs that were attached to the trophy in the first series?! Well... Meat explained with the updated history books that Kinnikuman was washing the trophy immediately after pulling it out to get rid of the dirt... along with the bulbs! Kinnikuman just tossed away the greatest power any Choujin could want!
    Meat: And so, the incident where the "biggest idiot in Choujin History" Kinnikuman tossed out the trophy bulbs went down as the greatest blunder in the universe.
  • When Barrierfreeman is facing The Tatooman for one of Meat's body parts, he gets the upper covering Tatooman's eyes with a black bra he stole from one of the ladies in the audience before the match.
  • EVERYONE's reactions when Dik Dik Van Dyk/Gazelleman FINALLY wins a match in the anime.


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