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  • Why couldn't Checkmate enter Shogun Palast? He was raised in the dMp since he was a kid, while Kevin Mask and possibly Scarface joined in their teens. Also, while Ilioukhine was a bit of an arrogant jerk during the Choujin Olympics, what did he do to make him appear evil?
    • Ilioukhine was at least a Zangyaku (Brutal) Choujin who had several on-panel kills to his name. Barrierfreeman was "only" guilty of sexual harrassment, which, while certainly reprehensible, doesn't really compare.

  • Now, I know why Meat cryrogenically froze himself, but...just why? He was the youngest main character (14 at the end of the original series), plus, he doesn't wrestle (save for one match). 28 years wouldn't have made any difference to him, he could still be Mantarou's second at 42 without any serious mental degeneration, couldn't he?
    • Meat's own argument was he wanted to keep his mind at its sharpest. I guess he was afraid of any mental degeneration.

  • The way Pashango (Ricardo's trainer) reacted when Ricardo's overbody broke kinda bugs me. Sure, Ricardo was an Akugyou (Evil) Choujin by birth, but he had trained as a Justice Choujin under Pashango's guidance since infancy. Pashango could at least have tried to talk to Ricardo about it instead of immediately attacking him, which was probably the least sensible option available in such a situation.
    • The fact that Ricardo shows strong sadistic tendencies even before being revealed as having "evil blood" is also being glossed over, as is the fact that characters such as Purikuran, Destruction and even Jade are allowed to compete and not considered explicitly "evil" despite brutally killing their opponents.
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    • The original series was filled with Zangyakou (Brutal) Chojin that, despite receiving training as Seigi (Justice) Chojin were considered little more, if no better, than Akugyou Choujin. For example, we know from the anime that despite Warsman being technically a Zangyakou Seigi Chojin (thus allowed to compete in the Choujin Olympics), Mantarou and the new generation still considered him blatantly Evil and were able to remember him mostly for brutally beating Ramenman, and while Curry Cook and Ramenman himself are shown as fully redeemed instructors in the Hercules Factory, in the original series Ramenman was introduced as the antagonistic character who killed on-screen Brockenman and before meeting Kinnikuman wanted to become a Perfect Chojin (one of the blatantly evil factions) and Curry Cook was similarly refused by his own trainer because of his inability to suppress his rage and brutality. In the Kinnikuman lore, a Zangyakou Chojin is considered evil until he repents and embraces the friendship values of the other Seigi Chojin: Ramenman and Curry Cook did, Warsman did only partly (as, in Ultimate Muscle, Robin Mask lauds him as a good friend but Kinnikuman retorts how he never truly fit in the Muscle League, no matter how much he tried to help) and Ricardo started fitting only after the Choujin Olympics.


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